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Security Culture Training, this Saturday Nov. 30th at Liberty Hall (311 N Ivy)
Organize Smart! Don't get caught!

This Saturday from 11 am to 3 pm at Liberty Hall a comprehensive Security Culture Training will be held.

Learn what NOT to do and what TO do. Learn about cointelpro and the tactics that were used in the 60's to disrupt organizing. Learn how to deal with thest problems effectively.

Its time we take ourselves seriously. Lets not end up another history lesson.

Donations askes for not not neccessary. this is an open training for anyone intersted. Please come!

PDX Anti Capitalist Action  pdxaca@ziplip.com
other resources? 25.Nov.2002 21:30


Are there or will there be any resources available for people who can't make it to the workshop? A website to refer to, perhaps?
Thanks for putting this on, I'm really interested, but can't make that day/time.

Here are some resources 25.Nov.2002 23:29

Not part of the security culture

Here are some resources for those who either cannot be at the event or would like to do some preparation.

The easiest, though not only site for this material, on the Web is Political Research Associates. Go to their website, then go to the section for "Activists". The portion titled "Security for Activists" has a number of articles and further readings. Also has PDF materials from the National Lawyers Guild, notably "Know Your Rights" in English, Spanish and Farsi, among other languages.

If you are only going to read one book, go get a copy of War at Home by Brian Glick. Available at Laughing Horse Books, Broadway Books or you can order it via Powell's. The bibliography and resource list, though dated, will be helpful.

I generally think that the anonymous leaflets and flyers circulating under the title "Security Culture" are worthless and should be re-cycled. If you are going to actually say something useful about stopping state repression, then by all means sign your name or at least pick a cool nom de guerre.

Also useful for an interpretation of USA PATRIOT is Nancy Chang's book, Silencing Political Dissent. It covers the newer stuff post 9/11/01 that is not in Glick's book. In other words, a lot of what was done illegally under COINTELPRO (counter-intelligence programs) is now legal. The recent provisions of the Homeland Security Act are not covered, but you can figure it out if you put your mind to it.

That's a start.

And, by the way, it is legal for the state to monitor this site. But if you're reading this, you were probably of interest to them anyway.

If you still have questions after this, contact the Anti-capitalism folks at the email on the first post.

thank you! 26.Nov.2002 21:36


great resources, thanks.