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Radical Movie Night this Wednesday

Radical movie night Wednesday NOV 27th at the Empty Shell (24th and Alberta)
Wednesday Nov. 17th INCIDENT AT OGLALA will be showing at the Empty Shell (24th and Alberta behind the Star E Rose)

RADICAL MOVIE NIGHT! Benefitting Portlands Native American Youth Association < http://www.nayapdx.org/>
November 27th 7PM at the Empty Shell (24th and Alberta-behind the Star E Rose)

Directed by Michael Apted, this film documents the repression of American Indian Movement members and primarily the court case of Leonard Peltier.

The film paints a picture of a tense, jumpy community in the months after the occupation of Wounded Knee (1973), the scene of an 1890 US Calvary massacre of Indians. There was tension between traditional and activist Indian groups, many shootings and much violence, and then, in June, 1975, two FBI agents were shot dead at an Indian village near Oglala, SD.

Who killed them, and why? The witnesses in this film have many theories, including the possibility that the shooters didn't even know their targets were FBI agents. A chain of evidence was constructed, which seemed to link four Indians to the murders, and unconvincing att3empts were made to link Peltier to gun casings found at the murder site. One of the suspects was released, and two others were acquitted in jury trials, but eventually, in April, 1977, Peltier was convicted of murder. Peltier is currently serving two consecutive life sentences.

1 or 2 dollar donation requested. All the FREE popcorn you can eat.
Vegan baked goods and hot cocoa for sale.

Tables set up by Portland Books to Prisoners, Anarchist Prisoners Legal Aid Network, Portland Antifa, and Portland Anti Capitalist Action.

Portland Anti Capitalist Action:  pdxaca@ziplip.com