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You Know Your Bohemian Club Satans' Candy When...

Don't Go To The Bohemian Grove, a nice Redwood Camp where daddy elitist says he'll make you a career fit for pauper to prince/princess. Stay Away From Local, County, State, Federal, Global Elitists. They are Molicks ears, but you DO NOT have to be in Molicks Belly. Scared, good, Murder Needs OUTED, Basic Human Rights Loss Needs OUTED. This is Outed. Molick heard by clairaudient means by under 18'ers is not Outed. Cool it if your an underage invitee. We're after adult elitist despots. Goshawk Rules! (they eat owls) Don't let the university professor types, up to no good, that go by 'goshawks' spoil your owl defeating.

If you're:

a child or young adult under or over legal age,

new to just 18 gay porn modeling,

new associate professor,

new teaching assistantship,

new K-12 teacher,

university student,

any kind of school jock,

glbt youth,

brown in any ethnic color,


Hollywood-bound child actor (the many Milo(s), successful or unsuccessful);

then please be advised about the Bohemian club and its outreaches near you. Do not go. You are the candy of political and wealthy Satans. You are the most targeted of groups. Here is why in reference also to above article.

Article Comment:

The murder described in 1984 is not isolated. This murder was executed in front of club members to remind/terrorize/extort them of the 'efforts and extent' that other club members go through to bring them adult and child prostitution and protection of same and pedophilia at their respective home areas. The rest of the ethical club membership fear for their wealth, lives, loved one's lives in having seen or heard too much.

Daryl Cherny's and Judi Bari's sufferings of attempted murder and frames upon them were partially plotted at the grove and else where among Bohemian Grove members. Reservations in MN and generally across the US are predominantly Republican and anti-environmental and were sought after by the Bohemian Club members by force, extortion, bribe, and alliance making by tribes new found wealth to play with the club members doings. Mathew Sheppard's murder also had a Bohemian Grove connection among both reservations and Bohemian clubs social engineering for a cute young gay martyr to further gay rights, which Lambda Legal was somewhat aware of before the murder. This is to say almost anything impacting on American political life usually has some connection to the Bohemian Club because this is where, in relaxation or refuge from turbulence, our nation's and some of the globe's political elite reflect on social engineering unchecked in crime or dollars. We do not elect them, they chose each other and ultimately are responsible only to each other is their general opinion. With combined wealth of the globes wealthiest assassinations are very possible. Paul Wellstone's murder was such a plotted murder over diner at the clubs restaurant, a rumor heard back to the early 1990's in serious premeditation and back to the pre-Rio conference in 1984 in lesser hoped for premeditative manipulation of people's lives.

Many of those who know these rumors, who work for the federal government or are reservation confessionaries because Native Americans have no power and won't be believed, suffer constant attempted murders usually by druggings and associated drug-rapes.

In general, political party ties of rank and file electorate and/or pre-gay/ GLB or T youth experience invites to the grove since before the sexual revolution of the 1960's up to today. Ruined lives, extortion from home, families, town underground of pedophilia within the establishment mainstream force child that report or are absent from home during midsummer and other times to be sex traded at the grove or elsewhere. I know of children in NE Ohio, N. Calif. and WI that have been cajoled or forced to participate in sex trading with Bohemian club members. Most report horror, fear, loss of constitutional liberty taking, impending murder looming, grief at others killed and new kids extorted to go to the grove or local hotel by parents and political corrupt local/county/state authorities as an infiltrated union.

Universities across the USA ply this Bohemian club encouragement to protect and participate such political corruption, as local K-12 school district child abuse reporters end up in psychological evaluation periods for reporting such suspicions to infiltrated government child protection services. School Districts K-12 also have their honorary adult Bohemian club members that silence and cover-up well as any organized crime group, but more efficiently because of political party support among other polis authorities. The universities cajole the uninitiated children invitees that they will assure a place for them in higher education, and therefore job markets, to alleviate any concerns of ruined lives, but not ruined basic human rights.

What's great about Bohemian Club terrorism is that it makes the University system kids are connected to look like saviors needed in a good sex libber underground intellectual proletariat vs. bad child sex-murder elitists, which could be true, but for the fear of kids when they find out how gutless universities are in attacking elitists and specifically the Bohemian Club, and likely the universities have a very old partnership as two-faced Daniel Websters. Universities have always been political while repressing faculty, staff and students politics; therefore untrustworthy hypocrites with suspicious faculty pre-mature deaths. To single out any one university is for 'child-become-adult' victims to do and I don't find it fair to do so in an article until I'm repressed again by a Bohemian club participating university like the one I left last spring.

XY youth, familism pedophilia ranks of all classes, boys next door, those brought already into the justice system by fraud/frame as refuse-nicks or participants in like home area activity & punished under different less shameful crimes may apply for Midsummer's July 15 festival of Luciferian Bacchus and get a chance to meet international known porn stars and elitists, if you survive. The ethical elitists feel duped similarly in being lied to about the grove and club's activities until they see something worthy of being murdered over.

Common children make-up these participants also and perhaps predominantly, with jokes yet to terrorize them that they can be killed because they only be ugly when grown and of no use if neither smart nor wealthy. You can image what the town of Monte Rio, California suffers and how the power structures of Sonoma County deal with this reputation of un-prosecution of the world's most powerful in their midst. Like other areas of the country, once enough local sex trading has been done, the elitists then visit those targeted home areas. There likely is not an area in each of the 50 states not affected. Anyone who reports this is usually deemed of diagnosis'ed 'delusion beliefs' at best and medicated. We must protect our freedoms everyday and just not on Election Day, so write if you can about this or any issue. The politicians only wish to count on your vote.

Tribes in WI and MN have suspected that many of there 'Missing Children" were kidnapped and ended up dead after sex slavery or sold into the Asian sex trade at the direction and/or influence of Bohemian Club members, which include politicians many people trust in power now and past. Something they say they cannot help due the organized and barter/bought seeking help they inspire or hire indirectly and directly. Native American tribes across the US have suspected the same. Also I've gotten comments of suspicions of this child-sex slavery and/or murder kidnappings from many points on the globe; specifically I've heard rumors of children with citizenships that resided in South Africa, Thailand, Indonesia, Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, other African countries, all central American countries, Romania, Former Yugoslavia, Russia, and especially quick kidnaps from Mexico when 'exotics' are not acquirable on time. As you can see the new US Hmong community and Native America are easily targeted for prostitution, foreign sex slavery, and sex-party snuff murder due availability and racism in the US.

There was the one reported time that white supremacy groups extorted the Bohemian Club. The Bohemian Club responded by hunting down and murdering black youth while wearing KKK-style robes and yelling 'run nigger run'. This appeased the white supremacy groups and likely occurs periodically, but the most familiar rumor is right before and right after the 1984 murder to prove predictions wrong.

Now I was supposed to tell the readers how very important the cremated stag was in symbolizing the elk on Native American Tarot card as a symbol of Heteronormativity disliked but inescapable. Male Gay culture should not be so impugned, but for the only partially history of being the very lap dog leaks in every other oppressed classes' struggle through being subjects of kidnapping, slavery, two-faced suck-up betrayal with the bigoted polis, sadio-masochism gay fetish support. Not all or even most GLBT are such participants to bringing down basic human rights for themselves, other GLBT community members, and the kids abused in association with the Bohemian club taking advantage of an already existing all-classes hidden family pedophilia most GLBT'ers escape from by GLBT identification. This very escape and identification into GLBT is the primary insult, reason, abandonment for hate-murder against GLBT'ers from the predominantly family-ism hidden pedophilia heterosexual psychos and their bigoted mainstream support.

So do not expect me to ass your Bohemian elitist asses about such a positive anti-heteronormativity symbol in the burned elk or stagg. All the underage boys that your club processed that I know are too scared to be anything but straight's used homosexual slaves, than part of a respected sexual diversity social change movement adult or xy mvt.; though some try, but usually returning to 'underground corruptville' of straight-fakers that have more gay sex than most gay persons, but with few civil and basic human rights intact.

GLBT Community Part You Can Skip, Not!
Foolishly GLBT culture responds like a gay murder mystery rag as business expected. Poorly once environmentalist radical faeries have replaced environmentalism with nature aesthetics plus an infiltration of domination-leather-S&M fetish take-over in attitude for the Bohemian Club inspired social change of spreading and lending acceptance of pedophilia by the brutal straight's belt's, beatings, and terrorism variety. The elitists have absolutely no advantage to legalized such things as now they control everyone involved from their position of status and bribe; and its appears extensive in political two party system and economy.

Bohemian club/grovers are not interested in GLBT because Gore lost and that lisp of his is shamanistically sent just as it is toward GLBT community members. The lisp is called 'minstrelling' or 'Nellie' voice sent to ID, embarrass, and/ or pull the upwardly mobile queer rats back into the queer bucket by Nellie defeated (read shamanistically defeated) queer bucket rats some gay persons not wanting Nellie voices and Gore not wanting Nellie voice in his support of GLBT causes. Its an old/ancient insult to masculinity wore turn tacit by the defeated as a GLBT community identification.

Bohemian club members and bigoted Native American reservation members were somewhat responsible for that in regard to Gore, specifically. This insult causes more hate crimes in both straight and GLBT communities than anything else in reference to closeted straight and bisexual males of any ethnicity or race; and its shamanism that causes it by everybody, not Native Americans per say. Which is to say the elitists will likely never change until 'outed'.

The real harm here and the impetus for this article is not gay hating, but everybody's stupidity in being silent about our political leadership, especially Bohemian Grove.

Get some adult porn, if you have to and you do have to, and stop screwing basic human rights and children those of you among: mainstreamers, two party system, whitehouse, capital hill, universities, school districts, child protective services, psychiatry/ psychological detainers, reservation tribal councils, law enforcement agencies, judges, parents. - Or make it legal. You're disgusting. And the ethical don't deserve any of repression economically or otherwise that they suffer. Get the hell out of my country short-timers.

Now go re-read the whole thing and see if I should have pandered to these wicked evil screw-balls that run our economy and government. Hell no, but like you I don't want to be murdered.

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...semi-literate rant... 16.Apr.2004 10:48


your paranoid, delusional ravings were interesting but you are hardly a fittins spokesperson to make the case against the Bohemian Club whatever their transgressions may be.