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What will it take to destroy corporate rule!?

Current progressive activities are not effective! - More powerful means are necessary and it's time to formulate a plan with a chance and act...
It's painfully obvious that current activist efforts are not effective, it's time for a discussion with the goal of formulating a plan that will bring everyone together, educate the masses, and not rely on a system that depends on corporate sponsorship. Let's be honest about what is needed and the practical implications. This cannot wait any longer - the longer the progressive/activist groups are divided and dependent on current methods of enacting change - the further we go into slavery.

We need real plans for the future. I personally, don't know all the answers (thank god.)
More Communication and Passive Resistance 22.Nov.2002 10:36


One cheap easy means of getting the message out, which I ran into recently, is to use those cheap blank business cards and print a short to the point message on each side - and then hand them out.
Tell a friend - keep a summary of points in your pocket and get them down cold so that you are prepared for the nitwits who are going to support Gestapo tactics in the name of "Security". (Cowards - Freedom for Security?)
Passive non-traceable resistance - just don't cooperate. Let people who do know how they are being traitors to the ideals of the Country's founding and to themselves, their neighbors, and their familiy.

Don't go into agreement and resign yourself to being a slave. Challenge the lies and be absolutely bold about it - this will encourage others.

brownshirts loosed 22.Nov.2002 11:45

Uncle Mort mortski@easystreet.com

Ron Dugger's essay in the current Nation urges "Ralph Don't Run." Locally these Greens are in the minority, and will need prodding from above to back off the national campaigns. It's significant that their candidate in MINN came in a distant third even after Wellstone's crash. Most progressives can now see a clear difference between a Gore and a brownshirt. If Gore is breaking free of his handlers he will be hard to outflank on the left anyway. Let's work together against these brownshirts.

Keep going... 22.Nov.2002 13:44

The Ghost of Bill Hubbard

You confidently assert that, "current activist efforts are not effective" Be more specific, support your argument. How are efforts failing? Why are efforts failing?

Your post is a good example of why the efforts are failing, because we are all good at saying, "This is broken." But we need to go beyond that vague complaint and learn how to fix what is so obviously broken.

I highly recommend Alvin and Heidi Toffler's 1994 book, War and Anti War, which has many valuable insights. One thing they mention is that since government oversight has become a dismal failure, coordinated knowlege sharing between NGOs and watchdog groups can create a forum for accountability. Cross regional and international cooperation is also needed. Identify what pisses you off most and make a committment to helping the cause. But don't get frustrated because the greedy warmongers are still in power (it's going to take a lot to get them out).

The point is that we can't expect a quick solution. There isn't some superhero that will make this better for us. It will take time and we need to build integrated structures of resistance that will evolve and grow. We all need to learn how not to just stare at our broken leadership and whine. We need to learn how and why it's broken and help fix it!

RE: Keep going.. 22.Nov.2002 14:35

Sean Henderson lohan1@msn.com

Ghost of Bill Hubbard - it's pretty evident - Bush is in power - what more evidence do you need. My goal here is to start a debate.. and generate new ideas, because they are definately needed - or are you happy with the ways things are going (to the right.)

Speaking of which, I have a few ideas...

1. The GOP is popular with many Christian groups, if we can demonstrate to them that the GOP values conflict with Christian values.. there are alot of Christians in America, we might as well accept this and use it to our advantage.

2. Farmers, same thing here with the farming community..

We need to be peaceful, but also it's helpful to think about sabotaging the efforts of the GOP, democrats, and corporations - how to use their strengths against them.. after all - this IS war - and our lives are very much at stake.

Good Ideas 22.Nov.2002 15:03


Sean; You're ideas are what I have thought about for some time. Let's debunk the myth that values on the right are compatible with Christianity. Unfortunately, though, I have to be cynical, because I think the corrupt ideas of the right fit in quite well with religion. Christianity is a sham, along with every other major religion. We can only go back possibly, and convince these christians that Jesus would be vomiting should he be here to see what is occuring in his name. In the news today are reports of an American shot in Lebanon. I grieve for this person. Yet this was individual was a missionary. Why are missionaries still trying to preach christianity to non christians? This happens all over the world and is very inherent to christianity. Not only is this a dangerous pursuit, it is self righteous. Maybe we should be teaching christians that spiritualiy is not about advertising your faith. It is not a commodity.

This is Class Conflict - jettison capitalism! 22.Nov.2002 15:28

GRINGO STARS gringo_stars@attbi.com

The government is a subsidiary of major, monopolistic U.S.-based multinational corporations. That's why they get all the Pentagon money (so-called "Reasearch & Development") -- and flailing businesses with no purpose other than profit for shareholders are getting corporate welfare. Gore is bought and paid for by corporations, as is Bu$h The Second. If all you reformists MUST save your precious change-fearing representative republic, then try changing election laws. Make it illegal to spend more than a certain amount, and illegal to get ANY contributions of any kind. Then no politicians will be beholden to any interests, and they'll get some state money to run their elections. This is one way to bring other classes into government - classes other than the upper-upper class. Prince ALGOR has flip-flopped on so many issues, at the whim of his financiers (campaign contributors) so as to make him useless. He is ALMOST as amoral as Bu$h. I think getting corporations out of the government is a GREAT idea. But I think you'll need a better understanding of the dynamics of power and politics. Because getting corporations out of government will mean destroying them. Make it legal to revoke corporate charters, as per Paul Cienfuegas' ideas. Except OOPS corporations have put up quite a fight to make corporate personhood a reality. Even the ACLU is guilty - they uphold "freedom of speech" for corporations, which means they can legally lie in advertisements or in contracts. gee thanks, ACLU. Revoking corporate personhood, or making a three-strikes-and-your-corporate-charter-gets-revoked law (like they failed to pass in California) would be effective. Except OOPS in our "representative government" money is God, so corporations will continue to defeat referendums, unfriendly politicians, and any threat of a good example of alternative economic systems.


buddhist reactionary

the laws mean zilch, truth is in the way, right is wrong,
the upsurpers are greed driven to rule us regardless.
Anything I would suggest might be covered in the 400 pages of the kill patriots book or that home wreckers insecurity stalin like paranoid control freak thing.

I say this.. Fluke Bush the Deserter and Dick "the lawless" Checanery, and the rare freaks that run with them and yank their strings for those above, lust and live for one thing alone. greeds fulfillment. Profit and power from control feeds that.
Stop feeding the beast. it cant make you buy at walmart or drive a guzzler, or watch cable tv. think of every way possible to deny them or cost them. They will not hesitate to use excessive force. protesting may fall under the new domestic terror provision when it passes. "trying to affect policy with intimidation"
If you dont have a gun, buy one even if you were anti. greed makes people careless. Rave on