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Welcome to the Police State

Kind of infuriating - but a useful summary of how far we have come down the wrong road. Gives a better idea of what we must oppose.
Welcome to the Police State;
Now shut up and do as you're told.
November 19, 2002
TIPS Update

Carl Bussjaeger

Enforcing a 'copyright' on digital material openly posted on the Internet is pointless. But it would be polite to inform the author of any re-posting. Donations would be welcome - especially if you intend to make commercial use of his work - and would encourage the author to keep on working at this.


How can anyone doubt it anymore?

* Federal checkpoints in downtown Detroit.
* A secret appellate review courts determines that an acknowledged violation of the Bill of Rights is legally acceptable.
* Official acknowledgment that the feds have created a list of people - not accused of crimes - who are not allowed to fly. Another list - again, of people not accused of a crime - to be singled out for harassment if they're foolish enough to try flying.
* The Pentagon's Information Awareness Office and , in turn, its Total Information Awareness data-miner, meant to snoop on citizens not accused of crimes.
* No-warrant placement of keystroke bugs on suspects' computers.
* Public strip searches in airports, with dissenters arrested and sentenced to public humiliation.
* Secret military trials for US citizens.
* Hundreds of people arrested, and held incommunicado in secret, without criminal charges.
* Congress abdicates its responsibility to control the declaration of war.
* The President issues a continuous stream of lies to justify a war.
* The FBI creates an national climate of fear by releasing vague, baseless warnings of imminent attacks by nameless, invisible foes.
* Secret fishing expeditions in libraries by the FBI, to see if anyone is reading unapproved books.
* Republican declarations of a "mandate" from the people, when little more than a third of those _allowed_ to vote even did so.
* The US Attorney General accuses his critics of terrorism.
* A high-level DOD official declares that freedom is not a right.
* The TSA prepares rules for internal travel documents.
* The Supreme Court rules that there is no right to privacy.
* Congress considers bills to require identity papers for all citizens.
* Cell phones are required to incorporate tracking devices.
* Telephone companies are required to install equipment that allows remote tapping of all telephones in the country by the feds.
* DCS1000/Carnivore.
* Police patrol the streets in battle gear.
* Congress considers new legislation to put federal military troops on the streets.
* The President signs yet another order declaring a national emergency.
* TIPS gets a new lease on life in the Homeland Security bill(1), and New York implements a state version.
* Anonymous informer hotlines, violating the Sixth Amendment, are the norm in "law enforcement."

Welcome to the police state; now shut up and do as you're told, tovarisch.


November 20, 2002: At the time of the original writing, I had been informed that TIPS had slipped back into the Senate version of HSA. But in reviewing the final text of the bill approved by the treasonous Senate, I found this:


Any and all activities of the Federal Government to implement the proposed component program of the Citizen Corps known as Operation TIPS (Terrorism Information and Prevention System) are hereby prohibited."

Note that this bans a specific program under a specific name, run by a specific agency. Nothing in this prevents the creation of a functionally identical program with a different name, or run run by a different agency.

In fact, the Citizen Corps website has deleted past references to TIPS, but this is found on its Neighborhood Watch page:

"... the Neighborhood Watch Program will be taking on a new significance. Community residents will be provided with information which will enable them to recognize signs of potential terrorist activity, and to know how to report that activity, making these residents a critical element in the detection, prevention and disruption of terrorism."

A rose by another name...
Dont Let it Get This Far His Eyes Tell Me 22.Nov.2002 14:16

taphtartarath mined

my dad just finished his army stint as a DI when I was born. it was like boot camp and the reformation with the catholicks still scaring it's sheep with the angry jealous biblegod that read your every thought.
darpa may be working on that now , we recovering non-molested alter boy types have a lead on them, we think in code and can "blank".
having been brainwashed into someone's in your head, makes being spyed on almost normal. I do outrageous things on the net. send my history to the white house and most of my rants too, if they want me I would be honored.
this regime is so tight it squeeks. not one outlay of humanitarian funds yet.
 http://portland.indymedia.org/front.php3?article_id=35174&group=webcast shows some extent

where i dwell , take a bite out a crime has been around for years, and neighborhood watch. bushitco might use it to ID snitches or use them and not pay, or bust someone based on an anonamous tip. they've had that since flagburning.

as i said CHEAP. STINGY. scaring us with the terrorism they use and threatening war and starting rumors and other militant acts is cheaper than actually doing something.
They will employ Dyncorp's huge info base to cross referance and mine all data. old taxes, parking tickets, student loans, will cost those caught a fortune. access to mental records will ad to the list of the soon to be departed, and really hard core freedom truth and honor people will be martyred as examples.
I never thought I'd live to see this, maybe I wont want to when it's crunchtime. see it that is.

Go kicking and screaming. remember the look in the mans eyes. He was a vip. took his suit and top coat with him. I see him saying dont let it get to this. Run fight do something.

under surveilance
Dont Let it Get This Far  His Eyes Tell Me
Dont Let it Get This Far His Eyes Tell Me