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$100 from everyone for Israeli PEACE efforts

Bush pleged $100 from every child, woman and man in the U.S. for just Military aid alone to Israel
This is really sick: from CNN today.
"WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The United States has promised to increase
military aid to Israel next year, the State Department said Thursday.

After a two-day meeting of the U.S.-Israel Joint Political Military Group, the Bush
administration made the commitments in an exchange of letters, reaffirming its
"commitment to maintaining and enhancing Israel's security and qualitative edge
over any combination of adversaries," the State Department said in a written

"These letters emphasize that this administration fully appreciates the dangers
Israel faces from proliferation and conventional arms build-ups in the region, as well
as acknowledges the substantial risks Israel has taken to pursue peace," the
statement said.

A State Department official told CNN that in addition to the bi-lateral military
relationship between the two countries, the talks addressed the threats posed by
Iraq, Iran and foreign terrorist organizations.

For the 2003 fiscal year the United States is giving Israel $2.04 billion in military aid.
The proposed $2.16 billion for fiscal year 2004 is separate from U.S. economic
support to Israel, which the countries have agreed will decrease and eventually
disappear by 2008, with a commensurate raise in military assistance.."

The basic math is that Bushit and his boys have decided to pledge $100 of our money for military aid to help Israel with it's genocide. Did anyone else read the article published in the Woregonian earlier this week where it was stated that Israel wanted to fill in the areas between their settlements in Palestinian territory for "increased security", in opposition to the desires of the people that are living there who state that it would actually increase the danger to them due to Palistinian hostility to such a move? Israel would love for the real plan of the U.S. to create 2 new countries in the Middle East made up of Jordan and part of Iraq, which would accept the "Plaestinians" and then the other the eastern portion of Iraq so that Texans could connect a pipeline from the Black Sea, through Turkey to the Persian Gulf to help transport their $13/barrel oil for the next 10 years until the earth is sucked dry of oil.

homepage: homepage: http://www.cnn.com/2002/US/11/21/israel.us.aid/index.html