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OHSU Primate Center Expanding

On Nov 1. the Oregonian reported on OHSU's plan to expand their primate research in, "Primate Center files building plans." The full text can be viewed online at:  http://www.boycottohsu.com/bldg.html
The new facility would house 900 rhesus monkeys and although the article is full of public relations rhetoric about social housing, it ultimately it means adding at least another 450 rhesus macaques to the 3,100 monkeys already incarcerated at the center.

The article states, "Most research in the new building will consist of behavioral studies, observing monkeys to see which have anxiety and depression and how that relates to human mental health." This will be more of the same junk science wasting precious resources in the same vein as experiments being conducted by OHSU primate researcher Judy Cameron. In previous studies, Cameron has sewn a heart monitor and transmitter under the backs of juvenile rhesus macaques to later release them into outdoor enclosures to scare them and watch their heart rate go up. This, Cameron purports, is to help kids with anxiety and depression.


Please write POLITE letters to:
City of Hillsboro Planning and Zoning Hearings Board
Planning Department
123 West Main St. Suite 250
Hillsboro, OR 97123-3999
Phone 503-681-6153
Fax 503-681-6245

The public comment period is only open until 5:00 p.m. Friday Nov. 22, 2002 . Comments must be received by this time in order to be considered in this matter. Direct letters to the Planning Director and refer to the proposed development action of an addition to the existing Animal Services Building at OHSU's West Campus, 505 NW 185th Ave. Let the Planning Director know you are ethically opposed to having your tax dollars support animal abuse on experiments that do not advance human health. The development review application and all related criteria are available for public inspection at no cost/ and copies can be obtained for a small fee by calling Bruce Bieri at their office 503 681 6209.

Also, please write (or copy your previous) POLITE letter to:
OHSU Oregon Opportunity/Ethics Task Force
3181 SW Sam Jackson Park Road- L101
Portland, OR 97201
Phone 503 494 6629
Fax 503 494 7778

[NOTE: To ensure your letters are received, you may want to direct them through the chair of the committee and ask that your letter be distributed to all 13 committee members and the staff. Some members of this committee are not OHSU employees. This committee has a specific charge to make sure that the animals in OHSU labs are treated in "an ethical and humane manner." It was formed through Senate Bill 832 which gave OHSU 200 million dollars of Oregon's Tobacco Settlement to expand their private research ventures.]

OHSU Oregon Opportunity/Ethics Task Force Chair
Senator Tom Hartung
900 Court St. NE S-212
Salem, OR 97301
Phone 503 986 1703

~Let them know that, as a tax-payer, you are scientifically and ethically opposed the expansion of this publicly funded primate research facility.
~Current scientific evidence favors clinical research over outdated animal experiments which waste limited resources.
~Alarming local news stories have revealed mistreatment of monkeys at this OHSU facility. ~Recently reported in the Oregonian and Willamette Week, another primate technician, Tom Larimer, has come forward to blow the whistle on OHSU's primate care.
~The behavioral studies planned for this new facility have been strongly denounced by the clinical psychological community. Dr. Malgosia Cegielski, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist specializing in child and adolescent depression, harshly criticized these primate experiments in a recent KATU Channel 2 investigative 3-part series, "Inside the Cage". Cegielski likened them to "the dark ages" and described their primate subjects as, "mentally ill primates" and "contrived manipulations" who are in such unnatural, stressful environments as to never reveal anything useful for her human patients.
~New human brain mapping technologies make these animal behavioral experiments obsolete.

Also, LETTERS TO THE EDITOR will help keep the issue in the public eye.
Elaine Close recently had her letter, "Primate research is useless", printed‹read it online at:  http://www.boycottohsu.com/letter1.html

You can submit your Letter to the Editor to the Oregonian at:
The Oregonian
Letters to the Editor
1320 S.W. Broadway
Portland, OR, 97201
FAX: (503) 294-4193

homepage: homepage: http://www.boycottohsu.com/bldg.html

more info about the $$$ 22.Nov.2002 01:19

syn o. nym

Tobacco Settlement To Be Wasted by OHSU
Oregon Legislators Decide No Means Yes:  http://www.ohsukillsprimates.com/CAATHOME.htm

Measure 11, passed in 2002, allowed OHSU to get that money in general bond form, meaning Oregon taxpayers have to foot the bill no matter what. The tobacco money is still likely to be paying for the bond, since it is just rolled into the General Fund.

More info about the Heist:

more specific link to the Big Tobacco Irony 22.Nov.2002 01:24

aunty mnym