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Boycott channel 2 with Lars Larson

I plead with the citizen movement to boycott KATU and should they care to let KATU know - the info to get ahold of "the spirit of the northwest" is contained.
For any of you who stood up and voiced your passionate opposition to war with Iraq last week (Nov 17th) it may interest you to know your thoughts are trivial.
Or so KATU channel 2 news would like you (and all it's viewers) to believe.
Conservative Right Wing radio personality Lars Larson enjoys a regular commentary spot on KATU's so called nonbiased media news show.
Last week after channel 2 had done a criminally small spot about the thousands (I heard a count of 9k) of protesters who gathered downtown to march around the city against the war in Iraq.
The next day KATU offered a segment they call "contradictions and common sense with Lars Larson" regarding the protests the day before.
The following contains some of the only words about the protest KATU saw fit to report.:

Thousands protested against war and for peace in downtown Portland yesterday.
Lars Larson gives protesters his contradictions and common sense.
Thousands of people showed up here in Pioneer Courthouse Square yesterday to protest for peace. But their message is a mess of contradictions, with very little common sense.
First contradiction:
They're protesting against war, but the war hasn't started and if Saddam Hussein cooperates, the US won't have to go to war.
I'm not holding my breath.
Second contradiction:
The oil contradiction.
Peaceniks love the argument that we're going to war for oil.
Contradiction. Iraq could produce a lot more oil, but Saddam's been bad for business. Wipe him out, change regime's and guess what... supply goes up and prices go down. That's good for Americans, good for the economy, but bad for the oil business. Why do you think oil stocks have been dropping all summer with all of the war talk?
Third contradiction:
Oregonians see the need to at least threaten war.
KATU's latest poll shows more than 60% of Oregonians support for a war if necessary.
The common sense:
The history of the world includes many stories of peace achieved only after war.
Japan and Germany were always trying to take over their neighbors, untill the U.S. hammered them hard.
Achieving peace comes from strength, not weakness.
With Contradictions and Common Sense, I'm Lars Larson
End story.

So there you have it. . . .The nonbiased media parade that is KATU must be held accountable for continuing to leave the peoples voice out of their broadcast. Or. . . .They could give up their title of "the spirit of the northwest"
I won't even breakdown Larson's story - I'm sure indymedia readers out there know how many outrageous falsities lie within his "news report"
Please write, email - whatever you can do to KATU and let them know you no longer see a reason to support and watch their show.
Here is their mission statement as per their webpage: "KATU is dedicated to providing resources for our viewers and community. At KATU, our viewers come first. In fact, our viewers are the very reason we are here!"
Show them you care. . . .
Street Address: 2153 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland OR 97232
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 2, Portland, OR 97207
Main Phone: (503-)231-4222 or 1-800-777-KATU

Thanks Indymedia for this sight - I will see you all when we meet in the street once again!

Something about Free speech, I forget.. 22.Nov.2002 07:55

I'll have my cake, you can't have yours

Boycott Katu? Over one man's commentary? Ludicrous, I mean Lars is a windbag for sure, but come on folks he still has the right to say what he likes. The piece was labeled a "COMMENTARY" not a News Report. A COMMENTARY is that persons opinion of a situation, it is not presented as the truth persay. We have the right to say what we want as does Lars, if we try and take his rights away we have no right to complain when others try and do the same to us. COMMON SENSE.

Boycott ALL the corporate media 22.Nov.2002 09:39


Fuk em all. they lie, they're nothing more than propaganda for the state. and lars larson is a disgusting greasy hog.

boycotting just supports them 22.Nov.2002 09:53


as we've seen repeatedly, most recently with boycotts against eminem, boycotting is some of the best publicity and actually increases sales of a product.

better, write to the companies that advertise on katu and complain and tell them you won't buy their product and that their product is now associated with war.

Better than a boycott... 22.Nov.2002 10:34

Green Hornet

Boycotts are lame cuz they assume that you would have supported in the first place. Main stream press is your enemy. At the baby bush protest on A22 I saw the KATU news van get tagged and graffited all up. If we wanna stop the lies we gotta stop the liers. Oh yea, I saw the channel six news dude get moshed and slammed about last sunday. The riot pigs had to run in and save him. No matter what we do these "news" sources are tainted by their fat cat owners. Indy media is a start towared non-filtered news, but smashing the lies and those who spread them is a must.

-No justice! No peace!

yeh, lars is a greasy hog 22.Nov.2002 11:42

and he smells like foot odor

But if you're still watching KATU, u haven't been paying attention. The corporate media lies. Lies, lies, lies. Their purpose is to brainwash the masses and serve the interests of their corporate masters. Let lars drone on alone. His overinflated ego and his tiny little penis can have their scary little orgy without an audience.

Think it isn't true? Think the corporate media is "objective"? Watch what happens as the war escalates. Have you seen any victims of the US campaign against Afghanistan? Or just american-flag-waving brown folk all happy to be liberated? Have you seen anything in the corporate media about how many iraqi children have died in the last few days as a result of US actions? Did u see anything more than a video game 10 years ago when bush senior started killing people in iraq? Not me. That's when i gave up on the spineless, propagandist corporate media.

Need more examples? Hey, that guy in washington is NOT the president. He wasn't elected, and we no longer live in a democracy. But the corporate media? "He's my president now" -- Dan Rather.

When the planes started dropping on sept 11th, dubya ran off to a bunker in nebraska and hid like a rabbit. He left his wife, his family, and a room full of grade school children, and HID LIKE A RABBIT. Now that same courageous spirit wants to send YOU and ME and OUR CHILDREN off to fight for him and his cronies in the gulf. Why not? He's safe, HE has a bunker. Again. Where's the corporate media?? Afraid to make waves? Why not point out the contradiction?

Anyway, the point is, the corporate media is propaganda, cannot be counted on to tell the truth, and even the "good" reporters are spineless and unwilling to challenge the party line. By all means, ditch KATU if you haven't done so long ago. But don't stop there. Ditch all corporate media.

Protest Tactics 22.Nov.2002 12:25


First of all, Lars has the right to say what he wants -- and those who don't agree with what he has to say have the right to protest. Don't think for a minute that Larson's fascist followers wouldn't do the same.

I agree with the post that said a boycott of KATU wouldn't work. What MIGHT work is direct action toward KATU's local advertisers. If a local advertiser thinks there might be a bunch of "radicals" show up in front of his store during the Christmas consumption season, then he might get scared and spend his ad dollars elsewhere. If you haven't heard, KATU's parent company, Fisher Communications, overspent during the halcyon days of the dot-com boom. The company is looking for some big-ass conglomerate to buy it out and save it from financial peril. Do with this information what you will.

As for good ol' Lars, well, he has a little talk show on KXL 750 AM from Noon to 4 p.m. each weekday. The show is syndicated to several stations across Oregon. Why not get several friends together and give Lars a little common sense over the phone? Just listen for awhile and tell the call screener that you want to talk about whatever Lars is talking about that day. When you get on the air, politely state your case without using any of the "seven dirty words." That way, Lars will look especially self-serving when he uses the tape delay to cut you off, only to take another call with a similar anti-war message.

is there an email adress for this jack ass? 22.Nov.2002 13:52


Does Lard have an email adress? That could be useful.

Lars E-mail address 22.Nov.2002 14:06


Here is info from the Katu website. http://www.katu.com/news/story.asp?ID=50798 "Portland radio talk show host Lars Larson brings commentary back to KATU News, offering perspective on the news stories that impact residents of the Northwest. We have a simple concept for these commentaries--contradictions and common sense. Larson's opinions do not necessarily represent those of KATU News. If you'd like to contact Lars, e-mail him at lars@larslarson.com Do you see it differently than Lars does? Send your take on the issue to yourturn@katu.com, we'll feature the best responses on the air. "

Clarity with the corn flakes 22.Nov.2002 15:30


My point in posting this was not to say "hey stop watching corp media they suck!" Many of us are at this sight BECAUSE we already know that. I was looking to rally some people to write to KATU (regardless of their "dont like what we say?" clause) and voice thier concern so that by bugging them into perhaps giving some equal time to protesters statements next rally that they do to thier "smells like rush" commentator some more portland folks will see what thier neighbors are doing on the street every week.
My hope is for information to get to your neighbor - NOT to preach more to the chior. We all know how corrupt the main stream is - but it doesn't mean we can't bug them.
Come on People.

LARS LOGIC 22.Nov.2002 21:42

Capitalist New Network

Lars Larson--and the rest of the capitalist media--should be protested because of the way they manipulate and spindoctor the truth.

Reading Lars Larson's little commentary is comical if it weren't so pathetic. Lar's spiel is nothing more than watered down drivel and war propaganda designed to justify American aggression against Iraq. Lars' upside down logic is representative of Mainstream bullshit artists in general. For example:

Lars Logic:
"Thousands of people showed up here in Pioneer Courthouse Square yesterday to protest for peace. But their message is a mess of contradictions, with very little common sense.
First contradiction:
They're protesting against war, but the war hasn't started and if Saddam Hussein cooperates, the US won't have to go to war."

Lars should tell the Iraqi people that America has not been waging war against them the past ten tears. Tell it to the IRaqis who have been bombed by America warplanes for the past decade, and who have been starved by American economic sanctions that have killed over 1.1 million people. If this doesn't count as war, nothing does.

Secondly, the entire United Nations inspection process is a Rigged game to begin with, a charade designed to give the USA a pretext for invading Iraq regardless of what it does. The resolution is sufficiently abstract that the USA will be able to claim any "incident" as an example of Iraqi non-compliance with the UN--and hence, a manufactured trigger for war.

"Second contradiction:
The oil contradiction.
Peaceniks love the argument that we're going to war for oil.
Contradiction. Iraq could produce a lot more oil, but Saddam's been bad for business. Wipe him out, change regime's and guess what... supply goes up and prices go down. That's good for Americans, good for the economy, but bad for the oil business. Why do you think oil stocks have been dropping all summer with all of the war talk?"

Intelligent peace protestors are NOT saying that the American Empire is going to war for the benefit of *individual* American oil companies. They are suggesting that the American Empire is going to war to capture and seize Iraqi oil for the benefit of American Imperialist interests in general. This means not only the ability to control oil prices, but the ending of OPEC as an organization, controlling the spigot of Iraqi oil in particular, and therefore gaining political leverage over other nations such as Europe and Japan who are much more dependent on Middle East oil.

It is not Saddam which has been bad for business. Its America and its refusual to end the sanctions against Iraq which have starved the country in general, and limited its exportation of oil in particular. Currently, Iraq is only technically allowed to sell oil under the "Oil for Food" program.

"Third contradiction:
Oregonians see the need to at least threaten war.
KATU's latest poll shows more than 60% of Oregonians support for a war if necessary."

If that poll is true, it says that 60% of Oregonians are warmongers and killers willing to kill thousands of people around the world--just so they can maintain their profligate way of life.

"The common sense:
The history of the world includes many stories of peace achieved only after war.
Japan and Germany were always trying to take over their neighbors, untill the U.S. hammered them hard.
Achieving peace comes from strength, not weakness."

Lars is right about this one fact--but not in the sense that he claims. Appeasement against aggression and expansionist Empires never works. That is why the people of the planet must oppose and resist the American Empire by any means necessary in order to stop this predatory power from further exploiting and colonzing the planet in the service of its bloodthirsty capitalist system.

What, No "Alias!" 23.Nov.2002 02:42

Jennifer Garnish

Boycott the ABC affiliate in Portland, and not watch "Alias!" No way, dudes. Besides, if you reverse the roles of SD6, the bad guys, and the CIA that's trying to stop them, you get a good dose of what these intelligence community types are actually capable and culpable of. They even have a global society of ruling power elite that could be the Roundtable of Bildebergers, or something. And all those clever gadgets.

Just don't watch KATU news... and leave "Alias" out of this.

What, No "Alias!"
What, No "Alias!"

fight, don't boycott 23.Nov.2002 11:19


I'm usually a passive observer to this site, but had to step in on this one. The reporting on KATU about the protest last week was ETROCIOUS. Forget the commentary, if they feel they get more viewers by airing a conservative voice, so be it. Even the fact that the newscast only devoted a few seconds to the protest might have been because other news stories were perceived to be more important.
However, almost 10K people showed up downtown, and all KATU could do was drive out to Gresham and interview a handful of American Legion folks?? They probably went in there, asked them what they felt about some anarchists parading downtown, and got the "stupid" response out of that woman. Imagine if they had a pro-war protest; would they ask us our opinion? Hell no.
Commentary is commentary. This, however, was commentary shamelessly displayed as news. For years, there has been a perceived increased profitability from voicing the (previously) "niche" conservative viewpoint. That must change. Don't boycott, keep on watching, and call them on every bit of poor reporting we can find. Once we have fair reporting back on local TV--and yes, I absolutely think that this is possible--we can work on the national new media.
my two cents,

You r Side is Losing 23.Nov.2002 11:22

Blue Eyz

I am constantly amazed that a group of individuals that harp and preach about "the rights of the people" and "free speech" seem to think that the only opinion that needs to be heard are there own, even going so far as to drag down a reporter for channel 6 they don't like.
You would harp, scream and throw a fit if someone tagged own of the "IMC" reporters.
I suspect this type of behavior comes from the utter frustration of the inability of your movement to make an effective change in the way things are done.
What has changed since these protests have started? The battle in Afghanistan is still going on, the Republicans were voted in as the majority controlling party by the vote of the people who have real power ( the voters), the cops have made a ton of overtime, the big business's of America are still in business, plans to invade Iraq are going full steam.
Yet the .05% of you that make a lot of noise, scream and yell seem to think you are making real change while in reality all you do is get LAUGHED at by the rest of the normal society.
You are doomed to squander in utter failure for your cause because of your inabiltity to rally and gain strength in true numbers.
Yodling in the street and beating drums while you gyrate your hips and toss pom pons will not change anything, though I suspect you get some satisfaction by your tempory false sense of empowerment.
WAKE UP! You are LOSING BIG TIME !~ (Deep down I suspect you know it)

You are Locked In 23.Nov.2002 11:39


By turning on the TV, you have bought into the lie. Any amount of "watching" instills the ideas of the programmers into your subconscious. Television is a highly sophisticated psych-ops tool. Do no believe for a moment that simply because you are "intelligent" or "discriminating" that you are exempt from being influenced by it.

Television technologies are subsidized by the government to ensure that the poor have the "right" to watch television. Think about it, and please, kill your TV.

far more people are opposed to war on Iraq 23.Nov.2002 19:02


Blue Eyz claims we are but a tiny minority, which must explain how representatives in congress were getting calls opposing war on Iraq at a ratio of about 10 to 1 or 100 to 1 to those supporting war. The major media of course say nothing or next to nothing about this, but it is well documented. Hundreds of thousands of people at a time are gathering, all over the world, to voice opposition, while the numbers are always misrepresented in the media and the protests played down or spun as some kind of radical gathering. Where on earth is there even a few hundred people gathering to say they support war on Iraq?

Lamet Vali and FWR are small fish... 24.Nov.2002 01:00

not lars

...compared to the rush of "nonbelievers" you'll get to the site if Lars and friends get wind of plans to protest him on this website. As they say, be careful what you wish for.

Lose Lars? 24.Nov.2002 16:17


I didn't see any thing wrong with what Lars said. He didn't resort to any of the name calling I saw in posts below that. I've resorted to name calling on this site. It's easy to fall into traps like that.
Do I owe someone an apology?
Mia Kulpa
I'll probably make tha same mistake again.
You really have to try to take a rational viewpoint from time to time. That doesn't mean you can't have passion or heart in the cause you believe in.
As far as the assertion that this peace parade or any kind of peace activity is irrelevant, I disagree. I understand Mr. Larson is a religious man, and believes in God. This God is something that cannot be measured by any instruments of science. The sense of God can only be experienced by the individual, inexpressible in words.
Mr. Larson has a right to believe in God.
I believe in Karma.
4,800 or 10,000 marchers marching in a circle put something out that Lars cannot experience in his office at KATU. He doesn't need it. Others do.

I got yer boycott 24.Nov.2002 17:58


I switched from KGW to KATU when I heard my buddy Lars was going to do commentary. And I never miss his radio show. Do I agree with him? About 2/3 of the time. If you try to boycott the sponsors, I'll double my support of them. Want to call him up and debate him on the air? Knock yourself out. But you are dealing with somebody who could probably teach debate in any university in the country. You won't even know what hit you.

Bring it on 25.Nov.2002 13:41

pretzel pretzelsalt@yahoo.com

A debate with Lars? Let me at it. As for your assertation that the man could teach debate at any university is fitting.
I do believe I could stand up to him - but only because I know that he is a windbag full of not much more then brazen middle aged white man superiority and fierce richousness that only the truly closeminded can flaunt.
Could he best me in a debate? Perhaps - but that is because debate is a silly thing when it caters to the "argument" theory we learned in highschool and college - take a topic present it passionatly and then flip sides and present again. The problem is that with some issues (for example the war in Iraq) - while there are two sides there is only one answer and so even the most skilled debater when faced with the moral question of debatiing something that is wrong and standing up for what is ugly by out verbalizing and artistically rendering a flawed idea with nothing but flawed and made up facts must take responsibility for thier own words.
Lars will not do this - he will continue to use right wing corrupted spin tactics to shoot down the truth presented by the society's weaker standing small voice.
He has the backing of Rush and the white house and media and all that they encompass - we on the street only have the truth.
It is common on right wing (clear channel) radio to hear a caller with a legitimate call be immediatly shouted off the air before the item the caller was trying to bring to light is spoken at all - instead the dj will ask the caller a question that is not pertanant to the conversation to spin the conversation back to "his" forgone conclusion - when the caller tries to speak he/she is cut off and laughed off the air - This caller lost the debate - not because the caller was wrong but because the dj (who loves to say a few "moron" lines at the caller once they are off the air) has the power of the off switch.
I know many people who can outshout me - talk over me so that my words are lost in the drown of their voice - fortunatly I know the difference between right and LOUD.

Fashions himself to be the next Bill O'Reily 25.Nov.2002 22:11

Jimbo Jones

Commentary: Critical Mess

PORTLAND - Commentary by Lars Larson.

Friday night, a large stretch of west Burnside was wall to wall with bike riders. Once a month, Critical Mass makes a critical mess of traffic in downtown Portland during rush hour.

Riders say they want to be treated fairly by auto drivers, and that's reasonable, yet their own behavior contradicts that--they break the rules, violating other people's rights. That's not the way to get people on your side.

Auto drivers pay a lot of taxes that are supposed to build streets and highways, yet, literally millions of dollars have been spent on bike lanes and other facilities for the exclusive use of bicyclists, paid for with gasoline taxes.

Bikers claim they're creating a "car free culture" in Portland. No, they're not. In fact, more than 95 percent of commuters get where they're going by car--not bus, or max or bike, and even the most optimistic studies don't see autos becoming a minority form of transportation during our lifetimes.

"Critical Mass" says getting people on bikes will unclog the streets, yet the picture they create for drivers is of gridlock. Bikers want more city resources for their cause, yet their rides cost thousands in scarce police resources, and result in tickets, arrests, violence and vandalism.

Here's the common sense: Portland Police should insist the riders get a parade permit or face arrest. Bikers should obey the rules and respect the rights of others, and if it sometimes seems like car drivers act like they own the road, it's because they do.