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Tyranny is for Overthrowing

The case for revolution.

Tyranny is for Overthrowing

Author: Stephen DeVoy, Rebel
November 21, 2002

Our founding fathers rose up against tyrants far less oppressive than our current masters and threw off the yoke of the King to found the world's first constitutional democratic republic. They constructed for their descendents and those who would come to be known as Americans a system designed to resist the centralization of power, the pervasive interference of government in the personal lives of citizens, and the designs of the powerful to dominate. The founding fathers divided the government into separate parts with intrinsic and independent powers. This, they believed, would make it unlikely that any interest could subvert any one part of the system without the others acting to right the subversion.

They were right. The events leading to our current state of illegitimate government were improbable. Improbable sequences of events, however, are not impossible. I cannot believe that our founding fathers would support the notion that the rights of the people should be held secondary to the mechanics of a system, when the system has been subverted, however improbable that may have seemed to them at the beginning.

We stand at a point in history where the accumulated actions of one segment of society has succeeded in corrupting all three branches of our republic. The presidency has been undemocratically seized. The judicial branch has been systematically infiltrated with political judges aligned with this same segment. The legislative branch has been captured through a sequence of strange actions which include an attempted assassination of two Democratic senators through military grade anthrax derived from American military strains and the death of America's only truly leftist Senator just days before the elections that tilted the balance of power to the Republican Party. The US Military, forever banished by our founding fathers to play no political role within the US, has now become an active player in spying upon Americans and preventing dissidents from being employed in technological fields where the endless tentacles of the DoD wend. US Marines are now involved in law enforcement and National Guard swagger about our airports and train stations.

Our founding fathers, despite the great physically difference between themselves and their oppressor, included the Fourth Amendment in the Bill of Rights in order to keep government out of the personal lives of Americans, for only in privacy can a human develop his nature unmolested. In the time of our founding fathers, there were no databases, computers, and electronic communications. The oppressive King relied upon the only means at his disposal to invade the privacy of his subjects - the search. It being inconceivable to the founding fathers that technology would be developed whereby the same intrusions could be made without the physical violation of a person's property, our founding fathers set forth the Fourth Amendment in terms of the existing implementation of privacy invasion: the search. Despite their specific prohibition against unwarranted searches, it is clear that their intent was to guarantee the privacy of the individual and the liberty to live one's personal life without the ever present and oppressive eye of the state.

The philosophy of rights upon which our founding fathers set forth the Bill of Rights is based on the notion of a priori rights inherent in the nature of the human individual. These rights are not bestowed upon the individual by the state but exist independently of the state. The American republic would be superior to her contemporaries not in granting these rights, but in recognizing their independent existence. As independent properties of an individual, these rights cannot be deprived by any event less than the termination of the life of the individual. Thus, our founding fathers never imagined that the government would require individuals to register in order to enjoy their rights. Much less did they imagine that background checks would be made before rights were acknowledged. Thus the deterioration of the Second Amendment through the process of background checks and registration is a blatant violation of the Constitution. Furthermore, as our rights are our by nature qua human nature, they are rights to be enjoyed by all individual humans, whether citizens of the United States or not. While such rights may not be recognized by other states, the do continue to exist. Thus, upon arriving in the United States, each an every immigrant or visitor brings with him these rights. When the United States of America violates these rights, it denies its founding principles and violates the Constitution.

From the above we can see that our government has been transformed. The social contract that once could be used to support the argument that American citizens are bound by loyalty to the United States and its laws has been violated by the imposter currently assuming the identity of the United States Government. As such, it can no longer be argued that Americans are bound to obey or respect the authority of the United States Government nor are they bound to its laws. The United States Government has become a rogue apparatus, devoid of legitimacy, and condemned to opposition by all freedom loving Americans. In a phrase, it is no longer patriotic to support the United States Government. In fact, supporting the monstrosity that pretends to be our government is an act of treason against the real Government of the People that now exists only in concept and not in practice.

It is unfortunate, but not surprising, that the majority of Americans fail to understand the basis of their rights, the source of governmental legitimacy, and the nature of the usurpations that have occurred. Being in the minority, however, did not discourage our founding fathers, nor should it discourage us. The first American revolution, like all successful revolutions, was the product of the good will, vision, and determination of but a small percentage of the people from which it emerged. So too shall the second American Revolution be the child of the few who believe truly in the principles of democracy and liberty. Let not the words and actions of the many sheep dampen your impulses. Listen to your heart and stand up against the tyrants. Do not wait for guarantees of success, for the only guarantee before us is that inaction will give birth to oppression.

homepage: homepage: http://www.stop-fascism.org/november_21,_2002.htm

i must live responsibly 21.Nov.2002 19:48

underground stormdrain

i do not know if i can stop tyranny, but i do know that i can stop myself from being a tyrant.

resist big brother 21.Nov.2002 19:54

max von smartt

surfing various west coast indymedia sites now that vancouver seems to be down. noticably fewer comments on the american side. if it's any consolation big brother is monitoring site visitors and attempting to hack into pc's of traitors even in canada. so like when they consolidate this list of subversives the krauts will know who to round up in due time, just like indonesia '65, chile, vietnam etc. but hey can this happen in amerika? a million pot smokers locked up already. gonna need some big concentration camps eh? i've been traced too but lotsa hills up here.

and in the end the oil plutocracy will be dumped. so keep up the spirit.

Don't Believe The Hype - just SMASH THE STATE 21.Nov.2002 20:58

GRINGO STARS gringo_stars@attbi.com

Stephen, I appreciate your call for revolution and your stance against fascism. But I have a suggestion: read Howard Zinn's "A People's History of the United States." Especially chapter 5: "A Kind of Revolution." In it, we find that the Founding Father$ are not all that our elementary school teachers told us they were. In fact, they were the local ruling elite fighting the colonial British ruling elite, all for control over the colonies. It is true that for the first time ever, the rhetoric of the PEOPLE being sovereign was a good thing. But we must realize that "the people" in the context of the constitution meant no black slaves, no women at all, no native-americans, no white servants - only property-owning white men. To lionize the filthy-rich, slave-owning Founding Father$ is to forget that their revolution was to benefit themselves mainly. They spoke with the language of populism, but only to get enough support from middle-class armed white men, but not populist enough to agitate people against the local ruling class (the Founding Father$).

"The fact that the lower ranks were involved in the contest should not obscure the fact that the contest itself was generally a struggle between members of an upper class: the new against the established."
-- Edmund Morgan, on the class nature of the Revolution

So the new upper class (The Founding Father$) won out over the old ruling class (The British Empire) and the new rulers proceeded to act, even during the Revolution, not any less oppressive than the British. This set the tone for the rest of the history of the U.S.

There is no doubt that the current political elite of the U.S. are remarkably totalitarian, authoritarian, elitist, and ulta-violently greedy, genocidal even. But don't labor under any false assumptions that the Founding Father$ were any different. They weren't. They just talked a new game, but it was merely talk, no matter how inspiring.

Their establishment of a representative government was designed to halt any real change from their system of enjoying their elite status. With all the appearances of being "for the people," representative republicanism was meant to siphon rebellious activity into the realm of voting and petitioning and other non-threatening, non-revolutionary methods. They proceeded to violently put down any signs of revolution wherever they happened. They knew the effectiveness of revolution, which is why they pushed voting and petitioning so much, and why they discouraged revolution.

Many of the Founding Father$ were against the Constitution, and more still were against the Bill of Rights, but the judicial non-observance of these laws let them still oppress the locals while enjoying the luxury of their ill-gotten wealth. The "Seditious Libel Act" was the revolutionary version of today's "USA PATRIOT Act" and free speech was stifled then as now. Most Founding Father$ were for a life-long Presidency, and life-long Senatorship as well, butthey settled for life-long Supreme Court Judge appointments (which continues to this day).

The state must be smashed, there is no question of that. But the economic system that was in place even before the Revolution, which allowed the Founding Father$ to oppress people in a kinder, gentler, more-friendly-rhetoric way, must also be smashed. Capitalism=Constant War. Just imagine if we had a real democracy, socialism, communism, or anarcho-syndicalism -- ANYTHING is better than the U.S.'s plutocracy that the World now suffers under.

hmm 21.Nov.2002 21:00

underground stormdrain.

yep, you may be on to something "von smartt" (heh, yeah)

:) you don't strike me as a 'terrorist' max, so i don't know why you'd be worried...
yeah, i can only suggest that we keep on keepin' on, no matter what it looks like, no matter what the odds may appear to be...

(also study some philo/metaphyics stuff to fortify your mind--they haven't banned books yet :)