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On Psychological Operations/Warfare

Available in public domain.
Used during peacetime, contingencies and declared war, these activities are not a form of force, but are force multipliers that use nonviolent means. Persuading rather than compelling physically, they rely on logic, fear, desire or other mental factors to promote specific emotions, attitudes or behaviors. The ultimate objective of U.S. military psychological operations is the dissemination of information to audiences in support of U.S. policy and national objectives to convince enemy, neutral, and friendly nations and forces to take action favorable to the United States and its allies.
the ultimate object 21.Nov.2002 20:38

faces painted black like coalers

i disagree. the "ultimate objective of [U.S. military] psychological operations" might just be to create a sort of "accord" among the non-military segment of the populous (any other segment besides this can be labeled "industri(al)-corporate").

just because it is "public domain" (supposedly, you haven't proved that it is) doesn't necessarily mean that it is less dangerous to the american public.

"force multipliers" depend on the constituent pieces that the "force" can be acted upon; this force includes 'the people'. ('non-violent' can be viewed as a relativistic term).

the "force" that need be acted upon is the same one that some how witnesses (as all such forces have) a Democratic senator die in a plane crash, the Republican overthrough of the US congress and the passing of ridiculous legislation that pretty much ensures the enslavement of the majority (upwards of 98%) of the US population; such a force would seem pretty damn evil, IMO.

to multiply such force depends on the individual(s) effected. persuasion is more desirable than compulsion. the funny thing is, if the people they seek to persuade/compel to think how they want them them to think don't think how they want them to think, what then should the tactic be: compel, or persuade, or in a way, both?

(i won't even argue force vs. force multipliers)

as for the dissemination of info, yeah, it would appear that there is so much damn info that tells me that the govts of the world are evil that is being put out that i can't help but come to an understanding that government is, in fact, evil. what effect would this have on the individuals effected by the force of the purported message?

again, i wouldn't suggests that the ultimate objective is to dish out info--i would suggest that this objective can be sub-subjected; in fact, another objective, as i will suggest, might be to "flush out" an anti-US policy and national objectives contingent in order that the pretend "war on terrorism" can be propagated utilizing real-live "enemies of the state" (at least until this tactic is no more necessary) (hope i worded this right).

replace 21.Nov.2002 21:05

faces painted black like coalers

replace "sub-subjected" with "sub-subjective"