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this also happened on nov. 17th

chilling cop encounter
i went to the 'solidarity march' that went down to the justice center to support the young man that had been arrested, and to support those that get much too bad of a rap--the "anarchists".

on the way back from the justice center, near pioneer square, some bicycle police rode up behind the crowd of about 50 or 75 people. at this point, everyone was either on or moving onto the sidewalk because we were so near pioneer square, and the "anarchist" group was making room for mass transit to get by. there were 5 or 6 bike cops. i noticed one quietly ride up to a young woman holding a banner and bark something into her ear, loud enough to startle her. another man in the crowd rode his bike between the police and the woman with the banner. i made my way over there to hear what was going on. when i arrived, the officer (who, of course, had no namebadge or id displayed) was taunting the crowd, "who called me a cocksucker? i bet *you* called me a cocksucker! wanna come up and do something about it? wanna prove your tougher than me? let's go!" i never heard anyone call him a cocksucker, although at this point i was tempted. he must have been all of 23 or 24 years old. he was completely out of control, picking people seemingly at random out of the crowd and taunting them, daring them to "take him on." the crowd was irritated but generally he did not succeed in engaging anyone.

all of the other bike cops looked very uncomfortable and nervous about their colleague's actions. i said, quite calmly, to a bike cop immediately behind officer friendly, "maybe you should talk with your colleage, he seems pretty upset."

at first the officer glanced at me, but quickly looked straight ahead. so i continued, "it's just that he's taunting the crowd and trying to provoke something." pause. no glance, no words from the cop.

"could you please try to stop him? this is going to end with more bad publicity for you guys." pause. no words. no response.

"hey, man, i was--" the cop looks at me and says, sarcastically, "i can't hear a word you're saying." and quickly rides off.

at this point, officer friendly turns around and says to me, "oh, are you saying something now? you wanna say it to my face." so i say, "yeah, you're out of control and you need to calm down. you're just trying to provoke people." he responds, "oh, are you gonna calm me down? come on over here, calm me down, i dare you." i kept walking. at this point i was very afraid. he yells after me, "yeah, that's right, just keep walking."

i'd like to submit this to the city, but it is completely empty without officer identification. does anyone have photos of this part of the rally? please contact me at  kurtkabang2002@yahoo.com. i'd like to make this officer's life as difficult as possible.
response 21.Nov.2002 14:24

underground windstorm

officer provoke-0p:"oh, are you gonna calm me down?"

response:"no, that's *your* job to calm you down."

(then gauge the response afterwards..yeah, pigs can be soc-eng'd)

there are other 'good' responses to such behavior. see if you can rationalize them yourself :)

a better idea 21.Nov.2002 16:07

your northern friend

Or better yet-army yourself and shoot him in the head! Yes- shoot him in the head!


armying onesself 21.Nov.2002 16:32

mixmaster white chocolate in the house

two thoughts for my northern friend:

1. your sentiments here expressed are those of a child.

2. you might be able to offset this slightly by learning to proofread.

thanks kurtkabang 21.Nov.2002 17:37

no friend of northern friend

Thanks for the concise reporting, Kurtkabang. The locker room mentality of some cops can get scary. You're right, the cop was trying like hell to provoke something. We need more video cameras! But the dude who calls himself 'your northern friend' sounds like a cop or a right-wing-racist militia thug. Or, not unlikely, both. His comments echo G Gordon Liddy and the volksfront crapola. Nevertheless, you're actions were right on. See you at the next rally.

probably the same thing i witnessed 21.Nov.2002 21:31

not suprised

was this cop wearing a pair of yellow sunglasses? if not then i must have witnessed a remarkably similar event around that same time & place. people around me were making comments that led me to believe that this particular cop had engaged in similar behavior before because they most certainly recognized him and his antics from previous occasions.

"serve and protect"... yeah, um, right...

yes 22.Nov.2002 09:00


yes he was wearing yellow sunglasses. do you have pictures? tell me more about what you know.

masturbating on Portland 22.Nov.2002 14:31


Why aren't you my friend? I simply want to kill people- are you a snob?


Kill Indymedia, too! 22.Nov.2002 14:43

Another Northern Friend

Are you retarded in Portland? Yes. You are retarded in Portland. Someone makes a joke (I think)perhaps out of desperation and you call him/her a cop... a right wing militia member? Pathetic. Marginilization. Who needs the corporate media when we have reactionary, purist pricks overflowing in Portland! Fuck off.

Olympia, WA