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Charges dropped against Indy Reporter - Camera and belongings still kidnapped

Charges dropped against Indy Reporter - Camera and belongings still kidnapped
Went to the arraignment yesterday and learned that the bogus charges are dropped. The uniformed and armed thugs who kidnapped me on Oct 26th at a street action, also stole my camera, video tapes, backpack and other stuff.

After being forcibly held for 6 hours, I was released that day but the belongings were held captive. The thieves and kidnappers still have the camera, tapes and other belongings held against their will. There are ongoing legal efforts to have them released.

The more I've seen of this institution that is supposed to represent fairness and justice, the more clear it is that it does not and has no interest to do so. There may be some individual officers who are decent people, but the institution itself is a big malignant bureaucratic machine that threatens the principles that it allegedly stands for. Such vast and essentially unchecked power has become a grave threat to the forward progress of human culture and individual creative expression.
Perhaps your questions will be answered... 21.Nov.2002 12:45


Perhaps your questions about "this institution that is supposed to represent fairness and justice" will be answered when the police start to put corporate advertisements on their cars, allegedly to raise money in a poor economic environment, erasing the last thin veil between the police and their corporate masters.

See, e.g.:




I am saddened by this occurrence and I strongly urge the PPB to give back your stolen property ASAMFP, like yesterday!

Good luck!

The world's smallest fiddle 21.Nov.2002 13:00

The Libertarian

you cant kidnap things, Arrest and detainment are not the same as kidnapping, Confiscation is not theft.
The police do not represent Justice or fairness. Thats the courts Perview....Cops are Executive, Courts are Judicial. when will you people take a Political Science class?
Ganted ther is unlawful arrest, but this was not deemed so. Stop whining about the stupid stuff you probably did wrong but want to blame on the cops. Whine about something significant, such as taxation.

mentally non-liberated 21.Nov.2002 14:15

underground windstorm

...do 'slaves' pay taxes "The Libertarian", that you know of? some people can't even be taxed because they don't have jobs...are they prime candidates for slaves? (do slaves pay taxes "The Liberatarian"?)...

as for insisting that the article suggests that *things* were "kidnapped", i have read it and i do not make the same interpretation. (maybe focus on the non noun facet of the term "captive")

Machinists become Machines 21.Nov.2002 14:32

marc mbatko@lycos.com

The weaver becomes the web and the machinest becomes the machine. Technology (cf. Gerd Winter) isn't a neutral eggbeater but a world-view that envelops and possesses the possessors.
The police in the crossfire of corporate and state power ought to defend workers and citizens, not only investors and financiers.
As peace is our nature, so resistance is our nature. The antibodies in our bodies establish our right and duty of resistance.We are called to the dreation of a new language and a new mathematics, to challenging definitional power.
Self-righteousness is the grand delusion. The part confuses itself with the whole and the end is confused with the means.
Law and justice, legality and legitimacy are in constant tension. The free moral state is threatened by the national security state, the police state. In Hitler Germany, darkness descended for 12 years. Soldiers were the only model of courage.
With a simple shout,`the Asian hordes are about to cross the border', all power was transferred to the Fuhrer on account of the state of emergency. Now war or the perversion of endless war is used to divert from inflated Halliburton profits.
The police are humanized when they return cameras, when they arm the bears and not only bear arms.
The sovereignty of human rights could supersede the sovereignty of nation-states. The present is more than the present since it includes the promise. The future ought to be anticipated and protected in the present, giving everyone access and subject nature, not merely extrapolated from the present. Deva and Indymedia represent the promise in our crisis of over-accumulation, the promise of access not excess!

KIDNAPPED! 21.Nov.2002 14:44

cynically amused

your stuff has been kidnapped! we should all take up a collection and put together a legal defense fund for your backpack. and i will keep the relatives of your camera in my prayers tonight.

seriously, i applaud you for sacrificing your freedom and your belongings for what you believe in. but don't give away your credibility by grossly exaggerating what's been done. you have a legitimate gripe but don't try to characterize your stuff as political prisoners.

?? 21.Nov.2002 16:21


i think the original poster was trying to convey a sense of humor about a situation that still sucks. the person i know behind that backpack would never say a thing is as important as a living being. i'm not gonna say "lighten up" because i loathe that phrase ... but please have your levity sensor tuned up ... mine's in the shop but i'm looking forward to seeing all the humor i miss when it's sluggish.

I saw yer stuff...... 21.Nov.2002 16:41

stuff burgler!!

on the back of a milk carton! oh dear me!

A more important point that is missed... 21.Nov.2002 21:56

Not on tape

A more important point that is being missed here is that the videotape that was seized was of the October 26th demonstration, which included a spontaneous visit to the military recruiting center.

How much of the march and visit was on the tape?

Is there anyone who still claims, as some people initially did, that this videotape could not be viewed and copied by the local Joint Terrorism Task Force, i.e., the FBI and Portland police?

I am glad that no criminal charges are pending against Deva. But the more important point is that the state is building its information catalog. Allowing videotapes to be seized is a little sloppy, since many media folks have developed ways to keep such items out of the state's hands.

Please keep the pressure on to get the tapes, backpack and videocamera returned.

Lookin like fascism 22.Nov.2002 09:03

the neutral align with the oppressor

Man, it just keeps getting more surreal. The "libertarian" who wrote, "stop whining about the stupid stuff you probably did wrong but want to blame on the cops" epitmozes all that is putrid among liberals as fascism rises in America. With what mighty self righteousness this person leaps to the conclusion that it was the victim who must have done something wrong. Not just something, but something stupid.

In point of fact, the indy reporter did not do anything wrong, but was merely recording an event on videotape. He was falsely charged with a ridiculous accusation, which was dropped because they knew it was false. All they wanted was his camera -- for many reasons. To harass the independent media, to see if they could get any dirt on any activists, perhaps to get some revenge for all the stupid police acts that have recently been captured on videotape by indy journalists.

This doesn't matter to the libertarian poster, or to most bleeding liberals. For them, it will always be the fault of the victim, until they themselves are victimized. Officer friendly is their friend, until his jackboots are kicking at their own comfy doors. Wake up guys, i think i hear something on your front steps.

and anotha thing 22.Nov.2002 09:22

fascism is rising

In fact, the alleged act of the reporter was such a silly thing that, even if it had been true (which it wasn't, and they knew it wasn't, and the charges were dropped), it would NOT have led to an arrest and the confiscation of personal property, especially to the continued incarceration of his camera in any but a fascist state. What they did was a violation of his civil rights, and they get away with this sort of thing every day because, again, THIS AIN'T KANSAS, toto.

I leave it to the reporter in question to reveal the nature of the heinous act with which he was initially charged, if he desires to do so.

All right, he was charged with tearing down a poster. That weirdo guy up in NW does this every day. (U know, the yuppie guy whose mission in life it is to rid NW telephone poles of unsightly posters?) So do the tri-met people. See what i'm saying here? And get this! He didn't even DO it!

Injustice? 22.Nov.2002 23:23


I respect your bravery diva, but I wonder what has been accomplished? Your property has been temporarily held up. The authorities cannot hold it forever. There is such a thing as due process. Obviously I don't believe in Anarchy, but I respect the ongoing struggle for fredom.

You're right... 23.Nov.2002 21:13

Names are Silly

they can't keep his stuff forever. They can only keep it as evidence during the period in which they can decide to reinstate charges against him, which I believe is two years.

I don't know about you, but two years seems like a long time to keep an independent journalist's (expensive) tools of the trade. I personally don't think they'll dare to do it in this case, but look at all the trouble they're putting him through, and of course you can imagine what they might do if Deva were poor, friendless, and without legal resources. Which describes a helluva lot of people out there.