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Benefit for anti-HLS trip to New Jersey - Sat. Nov 23 @ Red & Black

If you can't make it to New Jersey for Huntingdon Life Sciences "birthday party." Come out to the Red and Black on Saturday, November 23rd @ 6:30pm to help those who are going. Requested donation $5 and up. No one turned away.
Benefit for anti-HLS trip to New Jersey - Sat. Nov 23 @ Red & Black
Benefit for anti-HLS trip to New Jersey - Sat. Nov 23 @ Red & Black
Huntingdon Life Sciences is an animal testing lab in New Jersey. Primarily they do product and pharmaceutical testing. Some of their favorite victims are beagles, monkeys and mice. Previously based in the UK, they were run out of town by UK activists after 5 undercover investigations showing unbelievable cruelty, such as cutting open a concious monkey from groin to sternum and punching a beagle puppy in the face. So they ran here because they thought the US was a more torture friendly country. Looking at our leaders, you can say they were right. But they weren't counting on the everyday janes and joes.

On the brink of bankrupticy in 1999, they were rescued by a $33 million loan from Stephens Inc., the primary investment partner for Bank of America. Stephens arrogantly insisted this money sinker was a good investment. Activists went to Little Rock to visit Stephens and didn't let Bank of America forget who they were dealing with. Last year, Stephens divested. Companies like Charles Schwab have ceased trading HLS stock (ticket: LSRI) because of pressure from activists, and, one hopes, some lingering ghost of a conscience.

Now, Anti-HLS activists are going home: New Jersey. Where the killing happens. Any support you can give may be instrumental in saving 500 animals a day. After all, isn't 9 million dead enough?

More background from  http://www.december1.net/shacuk/why.html:

WHY DEC 1st?

On December the 1st Huntingdon Life Sciences will have been in business fifty years.

50 years of drug disasters

Nearly every day we see drugs either withdrawn or running into trouble because of serious complications or side-effects. Drugs put on the market by HLS customers have poisoned and killed people. How many peoples' health has HLS damaged over the last 50 years? How many people have been killed by products which they have helped put on the market?

50 years of damaging human health

HLS's own publicity material states that a third of their business is agrochemicals ie. pesticides, herbicides, fungicides etc. All these products have been linked to serious illnesses such as cancer and Parkinson's by scientists worldwide. The average person has between 300-500 man made chemicals in their bodies that were not present at the turn of the last century. How many peoples' lives have been cut short by HLS?

50 years of environmental pollution

All the agrochemicals that HLS produce have devastating effects on the environment. The fact is that all these products are highly toxic, dangerous substances that poison waterways, the soil and all the fauna and flora in the areas that they are used in.

50 years of animal cruelty

Over the last fifty years HLS have killed over 9 million yes 9 million animals. In the last ten years they have been exposed five times by undercover investigations. These have shown shocking animal cruelty in their UK and US labs, the falsification of experiments and data on numerous occasions, drug taking on site. In June 2002 they were criticised by the RSPCA and in 2001 the Chief inspector at the Home Office stated that "..there was unnecessary suffering" during the pig to primate experiments that were uncovered at HLS. Imagine what kind of people these monsters are.

homepage: homepage: http://www.december1.net/shacuk/index.html

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