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Did IMC Report Protest?

Almost ten thousand people descended on downtown Portland to protest the war and demand peace. But you wouldn't know if you didn't live in Portland. I found no report of the demonstration on any of the other north american IMC sites.
Our local capitalist-tool papers covered the story. But I was hoping for more accurate reporting than is found in the bOregonian. These days, you really depend on IMC to make certain that, indeed, 'the whole world is watching.' Fifty organizations and ten thousand demonstrators look to IMC to get the story out there.
n17? it's all over this site 21.Nov.2002 11:32

just saying

feel free to repost to other imc's if you have the time.

WAAHH Where's my bottle? 21.Nov.2002 11:42


Why is is always "somebody else should....".

Why not just do it yourself? Who's stopping you?

community 21.Nov.2002 11:57


good observations

imc is a concept, an idea of empowerment for individuals to activate themselves. imc works because many people take initiative to do something, to take some action. if a person sees a blank spot in the coverage, they can help cover it.

imc is not an organization that feeds info to passive consumers, rather it is a means of community action such that the community informs itself

fundamentally it is everyones responsibility to contribute to the common story and unfolding cultural vision. that is how we build community and move towards personal fulfillment