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Robert Fisk, Middle East Reporter for Independent

Robert Fisk, Middle East correspondent for the Independent (UK) newspaper, visited New York on November 18 for a talk and was featured on Democracy Now! with Amy Goodman. I have never heard of him as far as I know, but he shared some of the most provocative thoughts on the Middle East situation, Afghanistan, and 9/11 that I have ever heard.

Among the things that struck me were these:

Fisk was berated on the radio on the evening of September 11 by well-known professor and attorney Alan Dershowitz for daring to ask "why?". This set the tone for what was to follow, i.e. a complete media shutdown of any questions that were at odds with George W. Bush's explanation, "They hate us because we are free."

Fisk noted that the so-called Muslims who attacked America on 9/11 would not know what democracy was 'if it crawled into bed with them', and therefore could not hate us for that reason alone. He also addressed the obvious: that the first thing any detective in the New York police department would try to learn about any crime is the motive.

He also mentioned during the interview that he found it unsurprising that the British, within a period of 18 months after the end of World War 1, created the boundary lines of Northern Ireland, the Middle East, and Yugoslavia.

Finally, Fisk discussed his eyewitness experiences of American forces 'pouring fire' on defenseless Afghan villages. He described how the American military has teamed up with Afghan 'special forces' and local warlords who direct the Americans to assault neighboring villages so survivors can be driven away and their meager property looted.

A comprehensive repository containing many of Fisk's articles and works can be found at  http://www.robert-fisk.com/
John Malkovich wants to kill Robert Fisk 21.Nov.2002 02:30

GRINGO STARS gringo_stars@attbi.com

American movie star John Malkovich gave a speech at a Cambridge Union event. In it, he said he wanted to shoot Robert Fisk in the head. This high-profile death threat lead to many more death threats, and countless online exhortations to kill Fisk. Although this was nothing new to Fisk.

Robert Fisk is a true journalist. He has made enemies on every side of the fence by accurately and fairly reporting the events of the World, mostly in the Middle East. In the case of the public Malkovich death-threat, the famous actor was responding to Fisk's criticisms of Israel's system of apartheid, displacement and genocide against the Palestinians. Apparently Malkovich is a knee-jerk reactionary in favor of the fascist Zionist regime in Israel. Fisk has been beaten and constantly threatened yet continues to report and analyze events all over the World even today.

It's amazing to me that almost no one in the U.S. knows of John Malkovich's murderous side. Chalk it up yet again to the memory hole of the corporate press, sibling to the film industry in the corporate media family. With holdings in both news and entertainment, major media conglomerations want people to buy tickets to Malkovich films, and the fact that John Malkovich wants to murder a journalist and the fact that Malkovich supports a friendly (to the U.S.) fascist apartheid regime in the Middle East - might cut down on the number of tickets sold. And making money is their prime directive.

Check out Robert Fisk's article
"Why Does Malkovich Want To Kill Me?";

Wow. 21.Nov.2002 04:53

The Idol

That's really interesting, and bizarre! I will never see another Malkovich film. What an asshole.

That brings to mind another thing that Robert Fisk said during his interview with Amy Goodman.

Fisk said it quickly became apparent that any view of the US/Israel relationship that is even remotely opposed to the status quo will instantly earn one the mark of anti-semite and Jew hater.

How did it ever come to this?

It's deliberate 21.Nov.2002 09:35


Sharon and the Fundamentalist Christian lobby which have aligned themselves with the International Elites have exploited the invective of "antisemitism" to squelch dissent and create fear to further their own greedy goals of world hegemony.The hell of it is, the Jews will be among those most adversely impacted by this.

John Malkovich is a true American 21.Nov.2002 11:03

The Goat

Here is a news flash for you I WANT TO SHOOT ROBERT FISK IN THE HEAD. Of course this won't make headlines or make RF run sniviling to the FBI, Why? because it doesn't create ink for a overrated, terrorist sympathizing American hating scribbler who blew the whole thing out of proportion just to get his name in the papers, because he can't do it with his writing. If course if I shot him it would be because diranged symbol of an oppresive culture, but if I were a Palistinian then it would be justified due to years of Israeli occupation right?

Gringo and Fisk's policy can be summed up with one thought:

The Middle-East would be a much better place, if Hitler had finished the job

See what I have to deal with, Idol? 21.Nov.2002 12:26

GRINGO STARS gringo_stars@attbi.com

Robert Fisk is right, Idol - just like you said. See what "The Goat" just posted above? He invoked the ol "you jew-hater!" maneuver - on two people who are decidely NOT anti-jewish, Robert Fisk and me. Invoking the Holocaust is ironic since Zionists in Palestine refused refuge to millions of German Jews in WWII, writing to Hitler that it was "best for the Fatherland." Zionists are extremists (a minority within Judaism) yet they (and their apologists) are effective in squelching dissent against the fascist Israeli regime by throwing around the "anti-semite" slur. Actually, the fascists Hitler and Goebbels would be very proud of the fascists Ariel Sharon and David Ben-Gurion. The ethnic apartheid, the genocide, the powerful propaganda machine, door-to-door searches - it's all classic Nazi behavior. Disgusting, considering it is Zionist JEWS doing this. Israel is doing a huge disservice to Jews worldwide because with their actions, they are manufacturing and spreading anti-semitism all over the world.

I love Jews - but I hate what ZIONIST Jews are doing in Israel to Palestinian civilians. Here's a great article on Zionism:

GRINGO STARS hates Jews 21.Nov.2002 14:32


GRINGO STARS hates Jews, no matter how he tries to spin it. He was caught red handed earlier this month, with his postings of articles from matriots.com, a white supremacist site which he states is merely anti-government. This despite the fact that is openly anti-Semitic and has prominent links to the Vanguard News Network, which is obviously where GRINGO STARS gets him commentary on the Middle East. Gringo STARS go play with your Haj Amin al-Husseini doll.

Gringo Stars is really Tom Metzger 21.Nov.2002 14:56

The Goat

How you can even continue to show youself on this sight is beyond me. If I had been caught posting Neo Nazi propaganda and then claiming that "I Love Jews" give me a fucking break at least have the balls to stand up for what you believe in, then I could give you credit for you convictions, but now it is clear that you surf Jewish hating WHITE SUPREMACIST web sites in an attempt to dig up baseless information to support your anti-semetic views. You hate Jews, you hate blacks, you hate gays, fine with me just stand up and admit it stop trying to ride the fence, we all see who you are.

WAR is dead and so are you

Wow 21.Nov.2002 16:16

GRINGO STARS gringo_stars@attbi.com

All the Zionist apologists can do is sputter and attack me personally rather than discuss the issues at hand. The more effective one is at exposing the fascism of Israel, the more invective one gets from them. I don't hate gays, blacks, Jews, or Arabs. But Zionists seem to hate Arabs. I hate what fascists do. I am not remotely a white supremecist, but can Zionists say that they are not Jew Supremecists? No.

See how Zionist apologist disinformationalists can derail a conversation about Robert Fisk into name-calling? You'd think that they would be responding to a different thread - the post entitled "Heroic Palestinian Martyr Kills Eleven Terrorists in Jerusalem" except that they were the ones who posted that, posing as a rabid Arab, so as to make Palestinians seem subhumanly ultraviolent.

GRINGO STARS is a poor baby 21.Nov.2002 21:13


GRINGO STARS, go back to your white supremacist haven matriots.com. You are the one who posted articles from there here, so stop complaining how Zionists have it in for you. You are a pathetic white supremacist who hates Jews. Go play with your doll.

tru american 26.Nov.2002 00:00


according to Goat a true american is someone like John Malkovitch. Since goat is writing ion support of malkovitch in regards to M's threats, has goat decided that a true american is someone who makes death threats against someone he disagrees with?
How does this differ from the fatwa against Rushdie? Are the fatwaists also true americans?