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Buying a Major-Label Artist's Album or Concert Ticket Supports the War Machine

Below is one of countless examples of how people support constant war through participation in an amoral economic system in their everyday lives. I admit: music is my main weakness, but I had to stop and re-evaluate my life-style choices in order to make a decision to not support the war machine. Loss of profit is one of the precious few attacks they actually suffer from. Besides, most every major-label release is marketed to be as bland and boringly inoffensive (hence mass-marketably profitable) as possible.
Buying a Major-Label Artist's Album or Concert Ticket Supports the War Machine
Buying a Major-Label Artist's Album or Concert Ticket Supports the War Machine
The following is the text of the back cover for the new Godspeed You Black Emperor! album, and it illustrates how buying a major label album (or concert ticket) supports the war industry:

AOL Time-Warner is one of the remaining major label record companies and owns Atlantic, Elektra/Sire, Asylum, Reprise, Warner, American, Maverick, and others. It also owns AOL, which is involved in a co-venture with Hughes Electronics Corp called DirecTV. Hughes is owned 100% by General Motors. Hughes merged with Raytheon to form Hughes subsidiary Raytheon Industries. Raytheon Industries makes bombs.

Sony Corporaton is another of the major label companies. Sony is involved in a co-venture with the US Army and University of Southern California to develop advanced training simulations for use by the Army. Sony's face in this venture is known as Future Combat Sytems.

BMG owns Arista, RCA, BMG and other record labels. The Power Corporation of Canada is a significant shareholder in BMG, and in turn has holdings in Pargesa Group and Groupe Bruxelles Lambert. These holding companies own a stake in Totalfina, which owns an interest in the venture between Hutchinson Worldwide and Barry Controls. This venture produces sundry parts used in fighter aircraft and other miltary vehicles.

Vivendi Universal is the fourth and final major label company, counting MCA, Polygram, Motown, Geffen-DGC, Interscope, and Universal among its holdings. It has an arm called Vivendi Environnement, which owns a stake in Fomento De Construcciones Y Contratas, which in turn has a stake in Espelsa. Espelsa works on mission planning systems for the P-3 Orion aircraft (Lockheed Martin), as well as systems for the Typhoon Fighter (or Eurofighter), made by British Aerospace. Espelsa also works with the European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company, which produces military aircarafts and bombs, as well as with Alenia who, together with Boeing, makes bombs.
graphic. 21.Nov.2002 09:00

this thing here

to comment, one corporation can make money off the physical violence of an actual war in which their products are used in combat, AND the subsequent news reporting, pictures, movies, and music based on that very same war. as if the corporation that produced the gulf war movie "courage under fire" also owned majority stakes in the corporations that produce flight controls for the helicopter gunships in that very same war. the only thing worse would be if the corporation who produced the movie also owned the corporations that made our so-called "enemy's" weapons as well. this very event happening in future wars wouldn't surprise me at all.

this is disgusting. simply pure evil. no good can come of it. but money, big money, just doesn't care. if you say it's wrong, they will point to their profits, and claim that makes everything alright. greed and clinical psychopathy have become standard business strategy...

Actually that already happened 21.Nov.2002 09:31

GRINGO STARS gringo_stars@attbi.com

Actually, Prescott Bush (Dubya's grandfather) was heavily invested in BOTH sides of WWII. So was Henry Ford. Many corporations essentially made the German war machines as well as the American ones. When the U.S. demanded that these corporations stop doing business with the enemy, the corporations threatened to cut the U.S. off and keep supplying Hitler, so the U.S. amorally let the companies continue to profit off of both sides of the war. Obviously, money was and still is God to these corporations, and genocide came of it. Only some corporations that did business with the Axis were punished after WWII - that was under the (ill-enforced) Trading With The Enemy Act. Prescott Bush was one of the few who was punished.

Hitler kept a framed portrait of Henry Ford in his office. Hitler also loved to watch Disney films, and watched Snow White (maybe because of its racially pure Bavarian-looking setting) almost daily.

But the major-label music shituation is directly related to the fact that ALL media is owned by fewer and fewer corporations all the time. The four conglomerates in the original post control about 90 percent of all media. Hence the importance of IndyMedia. ANY of the corporations linked to armament manufacturers are supporting the war machine, AOL included.

"You've got war!"

Petty Concerns 21.Nov.2002 12:28

Mary Jane

Not every popular music star has completely sold out to the corporate rulers. I went to the recent Tom Petty concert in stumptown. Petty proudy announced during the show, that he was touring with NO corporate sponsors.

Petty is on WARNER (hence Raytheon) 21.Nov.2002 16:30

GRINGO STARS gringo_stars@attbi.com

When major-label artists say that, they mean no ADDITIONAL corporate sponsors besides their major music label that foots the touring bill, as in "We said no to Coors and MTV and Graffix as sponsors." But Tom Petty's brand new album THE LAST DJ is on WARNER Brothers. Consult the original post above and you'll see that, by making money for Warner, Tom Petty is supporting Raytheon Industries, and they make bombs and rockets, including the ones that recently killed Palestinians and Yemenis and Afghanis and several U.S. citizens. With every Tom Petty album you bought, and the ticket you bought to see Tom Petty, you supported the war machine. Too bad Tom doesn't see his own music label as a corporation, because it is, and they are the ones who underwrote his tour. And back when Tom used to be signed to MCA, he supported Espelsa, Alenia, Lockheed-Martin & Boeing.

Scroll down on the followong page to see who released his albums, and hence, who also profited from his live performances: