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Madison is the 16th American city to pass an anti-war resolution, including Washington DC, Santa Fe, among others. Other city councils are considering similiar resolutions.
Council urges: Don't attack Iraq
Madison is 16th city to oppose first strike
By Judith Davidoff
November 20, 2002

The Capitol Times

The City Council has gone on record opposing a U.S. offensive against Iraq.

The council's action makes Madison the 16th city to pass a resolution opposing a pre-emptive strike on Iraq, according to a mayoral assistant in Santa Cruz, Calif., which passed a similar resolution in late September.

Ron Schneider, assistant to Santa Cruz Mayor Christopher Krohn, said in a telephone interview Tuesday night that Baltimore, Md., and St. Petersburg, Fla., will be voting on anti-war resolutions Thursday.
16? 21.Nov.2002 15:57

The One True b!X

That's odd. The central Bill of Rights Defense Committee


still only lists fourteen. Where'd they get the number 16 from?

Re: 16? 21.Nov.2002 18:20

A More Careful Reader

You're confusing resolutions against the USA-PATRIOT Act with resolutions against war on Iraq -- but hey, that's understandable since Madison has passed ONE OF EACH in the last five weeks! Go Madison!