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Thank you for nothing

Youth is wasted on the young
I took a lot of vids of "nathan's" detainment, some of it is rather good. I contacted "nathan's" people(a group of highschoolers) and I realized that nomater what,no one deserves their shoulders dislocated. I don't care that he was rather boneheaded in his actions. I want his people, his cause to know, that some of us actually suffered because of his inexperience. I have an appointment tomorrow for a tetnus shot for my right knee that has a puncture wound-might have been from the cops that rolled us over at the "Justice Dept.".
I don't know, but I'm tired of medic care and a lack of soledarity for all the people all the time. This was promoted as a 'family and senior' friendly event. How is it that "nathan" is not a part of a family? He's a junior in the movement and I hope he becomes tenored eventually. Thanks,
I agree 20.Nov.2002 23:57


I agree, we all should have jumped on the police cars. Can you imagine? 10,000 people, young kids, retired grandmas, students and professors, all bouncing up and down on the roofs of police cars. I guess that would get the message out.

i agree, (i think) 21.Nov.2002 01:55

video witness

i don't really understand if you are chiding the kid for his 'inexperience', for which you somehow suffered, or if you are expressing a desire for solidarity in the face of excessive use of force, and selective detainment, by the police.

either way, it's all good...

from the video i saw, there were a great many people loudly expressing their solidarity with the kid, for a sustained period of time. in fact, people ultimately took the lobby of the justice center in solidarity.

i think that is a good sign. i think it is not such a good sign that, for a variety of reasons, almost all wrong, a lot of people in portland think that 'demonstrations' or 'protest' mean violence. (more than one person i encountered around town before heading to the n17 rally had a look of concern on their face when i told them where i was going.)

i think the guy is welcome any time. his energy is needed in the movement to change our nation.

jumping 21.Nov.2002 10:23


thousands of people jumping on cop cars would send a mssg for sure, perhaps just as effectively as flipping them over and setting them on fire. as for inclusiveness, in Bolivia "grandmas," teachers, and how many others built the barricades for the youth to hide behind while throwing things at the police. don't tell me such means are exclusive.

POINTING OUT A SHILL 21.Nov.2002 12:34


Please not "solidamos" above. Advocating action that would discredit the movement.

Fe Fi Fo Fum
I smell the blood of a Republican

This a typical COINTELPRO type post. Give SOLIDAMNOS' post all the notice it is due. NONE.

get real 22.Nov.2002 16:20


Do you really think that you're discrediting solidarnos when call them a republican? I've met republicans that are activly against the war. I've met republicans that have done serious economic damage to corperations that produce geneticly modified crops. Efectivly ending the viability of said products.
To call someone a republican, to imply that someone is an agent of the state with no factual basis for your assertion seems to reveal your fear. It seems to me your afraid that someone could posibly make chage in ways that you might not be able to control. Democrats supported the war as well. Bill clinton sold us the WTO and under his watch funding for animal based medical reaserch doubled. Every year shows a marked raise in corperate subsidies approved by both wings of the government.
Violence has had a succsessful role previous social justice movements. This can be demonstrated historicly. There have been succsessfull slave revolts, unions have militantly fought for thier families, the vietcong cast of imperialist aggressors, jamaca's independance was won by slaves, the IRA, the people's response to the confederates.
I can name a multitude of struggles that were lost because the people were not militantly prepaired. Tibet is just one example.
To pronounce that somone is a fed simply because they advocate property destruction is to cripple social justice movements of meaningfull and demonstratably effective tactics for achieving political goals. My expierence has been that the most vocal advocates of pacifism and electorial reform have been the cops and thier supporters. I watch as countless protests are herded around the city and managed by organizers in direct contact with the pigs . Do us all a favor, don't let the government manage our movements, and stop the slander.