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Why genetic engineering is advantageous for humankind

genetic engineering with humans is going to occur whether we like it or not
Stephen Hawking
genetic engineering with humans is going to occur whether we like it or not
Stephen Hawking

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Genetic engineering in science-fiction : movies and TV shows - new major movie, where genetic engineering plays central role: Star Wars, Episode 2, Attack of the Clones movie, playing now in cinemas.
Categorized catalog of paper books about genetics and genetic engineering
Paper books: Top 50 Titles in Genetics
Quotations related to genetics, evolution and genetic engineering
Some less or more non-conventional ideas related to genetic engineering
Audio resources related to genetic engineering - listen yourself to lectures and explanations - particularly interesting if you have ADSL or cable modem at home!
Biotech Lexicon - under continuous development (if you will not find a word or phrase there we will add it quickly!)
Quantum Evolution - adaptive mutations, quantum mechanics and life
A quantum-theoretical approach to the phenomenon of directed mutations in bacteria
Digital and nondigital information in genetic language
Why genetic engineering is advantageous for humankind
Viruses: Imported Genetic Software
Life in the Universe
The Meme Machine
The replicator: a misnomer. Conceptual implications for genetics and memetics
Anatomy of a Comparative Gene Expression Study
DNA & RNA - Three-Dimensional (3D) Images and Depictions - with Java applets for dynamic visualization - you can even change speed of rotation and view angle!
Negative influences of genetic engineering on human race
The scientific origin of life - considerations on the evolution of information
The memetic origin of language: modern humans as musical primates - DNA is about language of life, therefore considerations about language placed here - for the sake of analogy
Meta-informational theory of evolution
Paper books and multimedia CD-ROMs about genetics and genetic engineering - for broader public
Software related to genetic engineering for Macintosh (4 programs) and MS Windows (1 program) - ready to download shareware, freeware and demo software
Sequencing of entire human genome
From language to nature - the semiotic metaphor in biology
Language Theory: Consensual Selection of Dynamics
Code-Duality and the Semiotics of Nature
Discovery of double helix
Primer on Molecular Genetics
The new understanding of genes
Very incomplete knowledge of DNA (and also: JUNK DNA - May Not Be Junk After All)
How are genes engineered? A non-technical explanation
What is Genetic Engineering? A simple introduction
Categorized catalog of links about genetic engineering and genetics - the only page with links on this site - all other contain content
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this is what indymedia is? 20.Nov.2002 22:09

confused anarcho kid

this is what independent media is about? its about pimping your stupid fucking website? thats not media. i would personally like to see people who are posting actual NEWS to keep up the good work, everyone else, fuck off.

want to cure cancer 20.Nov.2002 23:31


If you want to cure cancer, why not simply remove its causes. That works much better than treating the disease after it has invaded the body.

you ignorant slut 21.Nov.2002 01:15

atomic frog

can you read? follow the fucking link jerk. If you don't get it ,keep it to yourself. you make anarchy seem like a stupid idea. I loathe you big mouth cyber punks. say that to my face. dont take that as a threat because you wouldn't dare. fuckin clown

Good Job Hitler 21.Nov.2002 08:10

Dr. Szabo

Hey Someone,

since inherited genetic traits are consideded the most influential factor in the development of caneers, I think you might be advocating genocide.

cancer ain't all bad 21.Nov.2002 15:45

mmmm, cancer-like looove...

a "cancer cell" works hard at trying to live..it would seem. (now equating politicians to cancer really gives cancer a black eye)

considered by whom? 26.Nov.2002 18:48


Maybe we're reading different medical journals but my understanding is that genetic predisposition alone accounts for less than 5% of cancer cases in those kinds of cancers that genetics is thought to be a factor. The most important factors in determining whether someone gets cancer are environmental, that is, diet, exercise, exposure to carcinogenic chemicals, radiation (including UV in the case of skin cancer and some others), and other substances. So, what I was advocating was the removal of these environmental factors, not an easy task, but not an impossible one. I hope that clears up your misunderstanding. And, if there are cancers that are known to be primarily caused by genetics I would hope that you would share the information. I cannot see that as likely since it would seem that such a strong causal factor would be so evolutionarily disadvantaged but if I'm wrong feel free to crrect me.