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U of O Students Occupy Admininistration Building

University of Oregon Students In Eugene Rally, March For Peace, Briefly Occupy Administration Building
U of O Students Occupy Admininistration Building
U of O Students Occupy Admininistration Building
U of O Administration Building Occupation Photo
U of O Administration Building Occupation Photo
Hundreds of University of Oregon students rallied for peace in Eugene under cold foggy conditions. Warmed by music, speakers and their anger at the great fraud being perpetrated by the powers that be, the protesters debated, shamed, and drowned out the 5-10 Bush supporters that put in a quixotic appearance.

Asked by one of the speakers, who was a veteran, if any of the Bush suppoorters had served their country, none replied. Challenged by another speaker to back up their words of support for the war by enlisting, none complied. After some peaceful discussion with participants, they left long before the end of the rally.

The event continued with a loud, boisterous but peaceful march around the campus, garnering much vocal support from dorm and classroom windows before culminating in brief occupation of the administration building. They left peacefully and voluntarily after after a few minutes and there were no incidents or arrests. Police remained deployed around the perimeter throughout.
100% Fabrication 21.Nov.2002 11:11

Uof O Student

I was in the area when this so called occupation took place, Bullshit.

First of all it was no more than fifty to sixty kids (that is a very liberal estimate too) and they did little more than annoy kids who were trying to get to class or study.

PS. To the kid who was flying the American Flag upsidedown: I see you again, you are a dead muthafucker!

100% Dork 21.Nov.2002 11:45


completly out of line 21.Nov.2002 14:42


Ok, so whatever happened happened, but 100%Fabrication is 100% unacceptable in making threats to a person's life simply for an opinion that he (i'm guessing here) doesn't agree with.

This is a site for freedom of expression. Under NO circumstances, here or anywhere, is it acceptable to threaten someone (especially their life) because of their opinions, political or otherwise.

I'm Behind Him 21.Nov.2002 19:56


I would like to say a few words to 100%! I am one of the organizers, and one of the HUNDREDS of leaders that participated in the organizing, and execution of the march at the U of O yesterday. You are greatly flawed when you say that only sixty showed up. Granted about only sixty people occupied Johnson Hall, but about 300+ marched. This is EPD/DPS estimate.

As for my brother with the flag. We, like you, and all others on campus have the right to use our first amendment. In response to your ignorance however I would like to inform you that the inverted Amerikan flag means "In Distress". Ask any marine. And I ask you also to tell me one thing that does not show that this country is in fact in Distress!!!

"Freedom is something you assume, then wait for someone to try and take away from you. The degree in which you resist is the degree in which you are free!"

We, in solidarity will resist side by side any action you or any of your friends try to use against any one of us. You can make idle threats by email, you can threaten one, but you can not stand against a united front.

We are here to help you to.

dylan (no cowardice here...)

to 100% Fabrication 22.Nov.2002 08:28


Do our beliefs even really matter? Who cares! But why quarrel? Does THAT actually solve anything? Does it make this world a better place? I think not, though, perhaps you disagree. One thing is for sure - I love you. I love you despite your hateful comments towards me. Perhaps if we ever meet I can give you a hug. It hurts to know that some people have so much hatred...