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Social Exorcism of Fed Bldg. Draws Crowd

Clergy from a number of local Christian congregations gathered on Wednesday, Nov. 20th to perform an outdoor, public social exorcism of the Executive Branch of the federal government. (article 1)
Social Exorcism of Fed Bldg. Draws Crowd
Social Exorcism of Fed Bldg. Draws Crowd
Social Exorcism of Fed Bldg. Draws Crowd
Social Exorcism of Fed Bldg. Draws Crowd
Social Exorcism of Fed Bldg. Draws Crowd
Social Exorcism of Fed Bldg. Draws Crowd
Clergy from a number of local pro-peace Christian organizations gathered at Terry Schrunk Plaza in downtown Portland today to conduct a rite of social exorcism directed toward the Executive Branch of the US Government.

Local pastors and reverends from Christ the Healer UCC, Lake Oswego UCC, Metanoia Peace Community, Reedwood Friends Church, Milwaukie Presbyterian Church, and Lutheran-Episcopal Campus Ministries at P.S.U. were among those participants listed on the program guide.

The event, which began with a call for "radical change in the spiritual condition of our federal government," was attended by 30 or more members of the public. The "Prayer of Deliverance" included reference to the deluded Executive Branch in the following terms: "War, greed, mass consumption, destruction of life and the excuse that 'I'm just doing my job' are all symptoms of a deeper deception influenced by these deadened spirits." Clergy members recited a number of short prayers for an end to separation, ignorance, self-righteousness, greed, fear, and arrogance, with participants responding to each with the word "Amen."

The group of clergy and laypeople processed around the Federal Building, with the Lord's Prayer recited at each corner, and holy water sprinkled on the brickwork, and ended with singing "Joy to the World."

It was good to see a powerful showing of peace activist Christian groups doing their thing in such a public, direct way.
Chapter2 20.Nov.2002 14:06


That Is Until....

Indeed, it was a beautiful event. Marred only by the bizarre appearance of two law officers inexplicably demanding cameras. "Someone has a camera! Where's the camera. We want to see the camera! Give me the camera." ??? Oh, right. the Homeland Security Bill again.


How on earth did these two crack investigators miss MY camera? I mean, I walked right up to them with it in my hand before I realized what they were after and got more discreet. Even then I was standing right next to them and was not exactly able to conceal it.

Knowing that the law has been increasingly agitated over actual free speech in this town, I was sweating some. Then I looked around and realized that the clergy folk were praying for us. Yes! Several were looking right at me, knowing smiles on their faces, hands open, praying.

Moments later, the police marched away like little wooden soldiers. My camera and I exited the scene, but not before a whispered, "We're praying for you" came my direction. Man. Peace pastors ROCK.

Yes, yes they do 20.Nov.2002 14:19


thank you peace pastors for planning this great event and for your strong spirits.

next time bring an extra decoy camera 20.Nov.2002 15:18


bring an extra camera (disposable or Goodwill camera, but have film in it, because they will probably want to open it and dump the contents

Or get a "squirt" camera from a novelty shop in addition to your real camera. When they ask for your camera, give them the "squirt" camera.

Or a chocoloate camera

Or a view-master with a reel of police brutality pictures in it. Point and click with the view-master as if you are taking pictures.

Eye Witness 20.Nov.2002 17:42

Deep Reacher

Hey! I was there. It was awsome. Commitment in action. Agree with their worldview or not, for these folks this was a real statement and no jive. We all know something is real sick deep in the soul of the government. These people were not afraid to say so in the strongest possible words and then call for a change.

Christianity...WHOA! 21.Nov.2002 04:00


This is all great, and its good to see some anti-war solidarity....but i think its necessary to look at the rich blood and money soaked history of major christian groups....shortly after being coopted by the ROMAN EMPIRE many wars and acts of genocide (crusades ,spanish inquisition, manifest destiny--god wants white people to infect the entire earth) no to mention the more recent support given to the Spanish Nationalists (the fascists fighting under Franco, Hitler) by the catholic church during the the Spanish Civil War (research events like Guernica, the first use of carpet bombing of civilian populations) and also the non-stance taken during the genocidal rampage hitler carried out.... we also have the inherent sexism in the judeo-christian faiths, which promotes the entire infrastructure of patriarchy. looking at all these its hard to imagine the world being on the brink of total war and ecological collapse if the christian faith had never spread its claws across the globe. Even today most major christian sects (excluding catholocism) believe that all non protestant christians will burn in hell (this includes jews, muslims, buddists, etc...). On some level this validates the not just this war, but every conflict that divides to humanity into sides....I do realize that popes and others have made apologies for their religions in the past...too bad
forgiveness denied

the problem is authority 21.Nov.2002 11:16

gots faith

reply to "littlebastard": it is myopic to judge people of faith by the leaders of religious organizations, or by the structures of those religious organizations. this is like saying all u.s. citizens are evil because g.w. bush and the u.s. government are. certainly, u.s. citizens have a responsibility to overthrow their evil gov't, and people of faith have a responsibility to rid their religions of their bad leaders and structures, but the continued existence of the gov't and those religious organizations does not make the people themselves evil. it just means they haven't succeeded yet in overcoming authoritarianism, which is a big job, as i'm sure you've noticed. :)

i'll go so far as to say that it is prejudice to reject people of faith because of religion, or people because of gov't. "but," you might say, "a person of faith could just leave their religion." yes, i answer, and you could just leave the u.s., but that's not the only solution to these problems.

having spiritual faith is not the same as approving of religion. the realities of people's lives are far more nuanced than that. please take some time to recognize that for some people, their faith is the source of their energy and inspiration for fighting injustice in the world. faith is often an effective motivator. to reject people of faith for their faith is to reject a whole lot of allies in our common struggle.