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student activism...

the pigs and the army are stepping up thier attempts to rucruit all the poor
kids into thier fuking ss shit...
as students we must rise up to oppose this
for our own sake
student activism...
student activism...
Gov't Steps Up Campus Recruiting

Wednesday November 20, 2002 7:20 PM

Before getting her bachelor's degree in business and accounting last June
from the College of Charleston, Alicia Valentino took a look at the
private-sector job market - and opted for graduate school.

But barely six months later, Valentino may change course. With federal
agencies stepping up campus recruiting because of openings in the Homeland
Security agency and an anticipated wave of retirements, Valentino is
considering getting a job with the government while pursuing her degree.

``The pay is not that bad with the federal government, and with the private
sector being what it is, I think I'd rather have a stable job, especially in
accounting, where you could wind up working for a WorldCom or Enron,''
said Valentino, who interviewed with four federal agencies at a recent job

Despite complaints about the length of the application process, many
students are giving government employment a serious look.

The Partnership for Public Service, a nonprofit group that promotes civil
service careers, said that with at least 50 percent of the existing federal
work force eligible for retirement by 2007, there should be more than
enough positions to go around. The partnership estimates the government
needs to fill 250,000 jobs.

Students and career counselors - hurting from consecutive years of sub-par
hiring - are happy to see the government on campus.

``The poor students in college this year, everything changed during their
college education. They came in at a high, economically, and they're leaving
with all the rules changed,'' said Nancy Cathcart, a career counselor with
Champlain College in Burlington, Vt.

Recruiters from federal law enforcement agencies showed up at Champlain
to interview criminal justice majors at an October job fair. Other schools
that have held career fairs this fall, including Charleston and Drake
University in Des Moines, Iowa, report government interest in students
with an array of majors.

The State Department has intensified its recruiting since the Bush
administration took over, said Diane Castiglione, director of recruiting.

``In the Foreign Service we change our positions every couple of years, so it
gives you the best of both worlds: You can get a new job without losing a
job,'' Castiglione said. ``You have that stimulus of change, excitement and
new challenges and interesting work with the stability of not having to go out
and find a new employer every couple of years.''

The government is getting help in its recruiting effort from the Partnership
for Public Service, seeded last year with a $25 million contribution from a
private lawyer grateful for past work with the Justice Department.

So far, the partnership has brought 380 colleges and universities together
with 60 agencies.

The group's president, Max Stier, said that in addition to providing
long-term stability, government jobs - 85 percent of which are outside of
Washington - also appeal to a mindset created by the terrorist attacks.

``Young people today are looking for an opportunity to make a difference
rather than to make a dollar,'' he said.

But for the government to appeal to more young people, it must shorten the
application process and the time from the hiring date to the start of work,
said Brenda Davis, director of career development at Alabama A&M
University in Normal, Ala. Civil service examinations and security checks
slow down the process, she said.

Shirley Lecque, a senior at Charleston interested in an accounting career
with the Air Force Auditing Agency, agreed with Davis.

``The application is so long, it's like reading a book,'' said Lecque, drawn to a
government job by tales of classmates with accounting degrees now working
as bank tellers.

Acknowledging that gaps of up to six months between a job offer and the start
of employment pose a ``tremendous problem,'' Stier said the partnership is
working with the government to accelerate the process.

Stier said the partnership hopes to remove the stigma attached to
government service.

``It's been a bipartisan sport to run down the federal government for some
time,'' he said. ``We have an opportunity to change that.''

^--- the pigs and the

Relax 20.Nov.2002 13:16


when I turned 18, I started receiving a bunch of literature from the Military trying to recruit me. It really pissed me off and I wrote some very nasty things on their applications and sent them back. Now that I am a grownup I realize that I didnt need to anything at all. I made the choice not to sign up. So whats with the call to rise up? Just dont sign up if you dont want to participate.

S-ecret S-tudents 20.Nov.2002 15:36

faces painted black like coalers

at least the feds are confident about their budget for the future.

who needs 'freedom' when you can have money and gruel for breakfast--and *maybe* dinner--everyday?

hell, i'd work for the government, i think my soul can rot no further, so i should feel no sorrow or disgrace at being a human that thinks and acts like a machine.
the cool trick will be making these suckers--uh, students of tomorrow think that such govt jobs are not just for them but for their country as well, that it's their DUTY to show up to work (or else)? (i'd hate to know the person that owns the mind-brain that works in such a way that makes the meat puppet go to work everyday because it feels it *has* to)

as for student awareness on campus--i've known a lot of idiots who would love nothing more than to be a junior G-man (though a lot don't have the aptitude). if someone want to be a govt lackey because they are spiteful and evil and the govt is welcoming them with open arms, what can you do?

i think a more important awareness to have is one where you take note of that "new buddy" (ya know, the one that hangs around your 'hood and then pops up on campus, tries to spy you out on the downlow, positions himself in the same room so that you are in view, then hangs around outside after the building closes just "waitin' around" and after seeing you flashes a goofy smile and tries to approach you for conversation as you threaten you kick his ass if he says anything else to you...) that you just made.

paranoid or not, sometimes things just don't seem right :)
(...of course, you don't have to give your heart and soul to a job--you can just fake it. take the money and use the job to understand as much as you can about the evil workings of the associated agencies/departments of the govt)

good job 20.Nov.2002 18:50

john paul cupp anti_perialist_solidarity@yahoo.com

to the students that resist military recruitment. i support you,and fell it is perfectly justified to fight them. military recruiters are the worse kind of pimp, at least the convential kind does not have his "whores" (a very offensive term, i know.) attack,murder and slaghter each other and committ acts of genocide. yes we need a culture of resistance to militayr recruiter so tha the young and poor ones in reservations, ghettos and trailer parks resist gi bill mercanary activity. have any of you ever takenserious thought about going to colombia, palestine, north korea, libya, zimbabwe, philippines,a nd even irq, were we can stand in solidarity with people actively fighting imperialism. this is what the che-leila youth brigades do,along with linking up national liberation activiest throughout the united sates, for speaking engagements. it is ufair to harshly critize the youth and studnets, or else they will not hear valid material criticism. i agree a lot about the huge mistakes the blakc bloc are making, but hting that criticism self criticism must refrain form rudeness when adrressing th youth who have so much fire. we do not need to put that fire out.we need oly make it more tactic councious.let me,know if you are continuing activites against poverty pimp blood sucker baby killer mercanariy military recruiters.i iwll help you,perhaps. i burnt my selective service card,a nd then i stuck it is a chewing toabcco spit tune. i do not regret it. i set an example for my young sisters. this is good. it is right to rebel agaisnt poverty and genocide.being a revolutionary is a process of growth and maturity, but ultimately we all must start somewere.
revolutionary greetings,
jp cupp

right on 20.Nov.2002 19:59


To the anti-recruitment fighters: I think you're totally on point. I mean, what is it we're up against? The largest military force in the world. I heard recruitment alone has a budget of something like 2.5 BILLION dollars, which to be honest I can't even imagine. How many times the national school budget is that?

Frankly, I'm really grateful that highschools are starting to have some counter-as well as pro recruitment voices because there's a f*ckload of force backing up the military. As a person between the ages of 18 and 22, I and my family and friends are all impacted by recruitment, and I will potentially feel the effects of two bills that are being tossed around by the suits in Washington...

there was one, which I heard passed the house and senate, that requires all public highschools to give the military lists of names, addresses, and phone numbers of all the students. Personally, it seems insulting that you can block telemarketers from calling you during dinner, but not the army, especially because the army is trying to sell you the worst deal of your life.
"so, if you give us JUST A FEW YEARS of your life, and a few more as a reservist, we'll give you FREE COLLEGE MONEY, and SKILLS! AND A BANGIN LIMO! <if, of course, you happen to be in the 1/2 of 1% that we give the college money to, and of course exceptions apply in every case...we're not really giving you a car, dumbass>"

And then, there's the bill (not yet in congress) that should really scare everyone, because what it basically says is that every male between 18-22 has to serve in the military. Even if you fit the bill of a "consciencious objector" (and that's a tough one to pull anyways) you'd still be required to go to bootcamp. It's not just a draft, it's a militarized people. Isreal has the mandatory, right? And look at what they do to their "consciencious objectors. And look at what they do to Palestinian towns, The concept of that coming home without a fight makes me pissed off. What are our choices here? A choice isn't a choice if it's the only choice!

Basically, I'm trying to say that bush and his cronies aren't arguing over strategy, although they might be arguing over the wording of a new and improved draft. If my generation is going to survive the next Bush war(s), we've got to get some strategy together for ourselves, and to me it makes a lot of sense to start with what the war's plans are for US...our blood, our health, our time, and our sanity. Props for highschoolers doing anti-recruitment.

budget 21.Nov.2002 15:00

faces painted black like coalers

"US Education Spending: 1999-2000" (2002 report, heading gives data source)

it seems to me that children are being "left behind" not just because of the reported lack of funding, but because it seems like adults care more about themselves than they do about the children.

sorry kids, you're on your own (which ain't necessarily a bad way to be)