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Michael Jackson supportive of Homeland Security

King of Pop, Michael Jackson, has shown his support for President Bush's call for a new Departmenr of Homeland Security.
Michael Jackson supportive of Homeland Security
Michael Jackson supportive of Homeland Security
Creepy suspected pedophile Michael Jackson has joined the "war on Terror" by suggesting that babies and small children could be used as delivery vehicles for bombs or other weapons.

"A terrorist could easily hide a bomb or biological or chemical weapon inside a baby. People aren'r as supicious of children as they should be," said Jackson during a news conference in Berlin Tuesday.
. 20.Nov.2002 08:58



It's Not Murder 20.Nov.2002 10:35


Its an abortion in the 34th trimester,

photo of terror incident 20.Nov.2002 17:42

faces painted black like coalers

so can Mike be tried for child endangerment? or can we just call him a terrorizer of children and bomb his Neverneverland ranch?

would GW Bush endanger the lives of children? if so, how, and could he be considered to be a terrorist?

a photo with caption similar to the one in this "article"

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