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West Marin women strip for peace (photo)

Wearing nothing but afternoon rain
West Marin women strip for peace (photo)
West Marin women strip for peace (photo)
MAKING THEIR BODIES FIGURES OF SPEECH - West Marin women are serious enough about PEACE to spell it out. Wearing nothing but afternoon rain, 50 determined women lay down on Love Field near the Green Bridge Tuesday afternoon to literally embody PEACE and "show solidarity with the people of Iraq," said the organizers. "Women from all ages and walks of life took off their clothes, not because they are exhibitionists but because they felt it was imperative to do so," the organizers added. "They wanted to unveil the truth about the horrors of war, to commune in their nudity with the vulnerability of Iraqi innocents, and to shock a seemingly indifferent Bush Administration into paying attention." The coordinators, who came up with the idea only a day earlier, said that the coming together of this group on short notice was a testament to the seriousness with which the women view the threat of war with Iraq. "Remembering that tens of thousands of civilians have already died in Iraq as a result of US bombing and sanctions, these women are not convinced by Bush Administration fear mongering that one more person should die," organizers said. They hope the president and news media take notice. (Photo by Art Rogers 2002 Pt. Reyes)

West Marin women strip for peace

Camaraderie among West Marin women in au naturel protest against war

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Yeah! 19.Nov.2002 20:19


I'm all for this kind of protest. Keep it up ladies!

Letter E 19.Nov.2002 21:07

truetype fonts

the font size on the bottom part of the letter E looks a little large...

Applause 19.Nov.2002 23:32

the faceless bare no names

I would just like to applaud these women on their style...a very interesting, beautiful, and somehow fitting way to voice opposition to all that goes on amongst us right now. Well done.

Why is it? 20.Nov.2002 09:12

a liberal

If 50 guys took off their clothes and made human letters in a field, people would call them fags.

What kind of Media coverage 20.Nov.2002 10:20


What kind of media coverage did you get? Do you have other plans for raising the issues again in the near future? Hope it was a warm day there...

passive resistance 20.Nov.2002 13:45

above the smoke

This a hard thing to see. Even harder to understand. the eistanzgrupen were 3000 students, tailors, shop keepers, and run of the mill guys who weren't regular army. With one bullet at a time, they murdered 2 million people.
Indoctrination (brain washing) apparently convinced them it was the right thing to do. If dubya's foray into history pits a billion muslims against euro and judeo groups, how hard would it be to find 3000 who heard jerry falwell call the the founder of islam a terrorist on 60 minutesCBS.?

It was a business plan. A corporate model enforced with military might. Nothing personal you didn't make the cut. No need of clothing where you are going, the plan says strip. If you lived and your misery made profit you would suffer. corporate models for animal farming are as cruel as any camp and worse. Do you think a corporate prison factory will do what it can for it's slaves or reduce comfort down to a near death point and then tweek it up. real slaves have value. Prisoners have little or none.

there is much more to prepare for, the coming corporate america. The click that owns the inmate phone systems in all jails and prisons gets 3-4$ a minute for a collect only call to the people left behind. The greedy who are already rich will squeeze every drop of profit out of anyone and anything they can. Believe it people.
passive resistance
passive resistance

So What?? truetype 20.Nov.2002 17:55

16pt Arial

You have a problem because one part of the letter E isn't anorexic, huh? If they were all men I bet you wouldn't have one word to say about their "font" size.

everything looks alright tuh me! 20.Nov.2002 18:10

faces painted black like coalers

well "above the smoke", why when i step outside i see an america that "works"; i see the garbage and recycling (yes, i recycle!) trucks balleting to help keep the place clean; i see the Tri-Met people working away daily, a well-oiled machine that Tri-Met is.

i see that rush hour goes off "as planned (for?)" 5-earth days a week..yeah, a few people might die on the way to and from work each day but as the french say, that's life! i'm sure one of us in this loving mass of americans will miss them dearly.

i see tiny women being manhandled by big buck SUVs everyday--hell, almost got hit by one the other day!--and those big rigs seem to always have a carwash clean shine all the time (i'm just thankful we've got the water to wash these behemoths, with all the water getting slowly evaporated in the streams around Portland and all. i'm also thankful for perfectlly functioning water treatment facilities).

what's with all this doomsaying and corporate bad-mouthing? why can't you just let me be happy with my life, now? if it's the kids you're worried about, i'm sure they'll be alright in the future, after all, there is always hope for the future.

maybe you just need to collect all the corporate ad slogans you can (Mazda "it just feels right", or Archer Daniels Midland's (ADM) "the nature of what's to come?"..see, doesn't this one give you that happy hope feeling? %D.. ) and read them to yourself, enjoying that warm and positive feeling you get from doing so--i know this helps me!

font size? 21.Nov.2002 05:53

Duncan gypsytrader@yahoo.com

That is the kind of stupid comment that I would expect on a yahoo chat group. All those women stood up (metaphoricly) for their beliefs. Their size has nothing to do with it. I think that a thread about American body image would be interesting but it not a relevent discussion here.

Hmmm, once again, the Indy Censorship 500 22.Nov.2002 02:53


I noticed that you took my little sarcastic jibe at these Marin County Matriarchs down after a few days. It wasn't even deemed fit for the compost heap. What's the matter ? Did I threaten the self-righteous sense of entitlement that the people who run the show here seem to feel ? Did one of the hairy-underarmed fat Womyn whose fishily foul scent I mocked indeed pull the ol' emotional strings on her stringbean puppet of a pussywhipped Linux wannabe webmaster ? Huh ?

Like I said originally, in my earlier commment that you deleted or were emotionally manipulated into deleting by your passive/agressive dominant better half, I would be willing to lay down money that any men with half a brain cell rattling around in their heads would get far, far away from these Marin County Matriarchs of Peace after this gratuitous display of impotent, self-aggrandizing nonsense. Oh jeez...just take a deep breath. Visualize the stench in the back of the Volkswagen. Fantasize the immediate deportation of these rich, fat, spoiled NoCal society ladies to Iraq...the landscape finally unspoiled by their shrill whining about our terrible country. The looks on the faces of these womyn as their open, fleshy, never-worked-a-day-in-their-lives arms of welcome are greeted by the opressed Iraqis with hails of chunks of torn-up pavement and a swift death.

Print this if you, ahem, have access to your own testicles.