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See footage from Nov. 17 at pdx indymedia video showing on Wed @ Lewis and Clark

don't miss it! wednesday, nov. 20th, at Lewis & Clark College at 7:30! another portland indymedia VIDEO SHOWING. find out what *really* happened at the peace rally on nov. 17.
the oregonian is full of lies. the local tv channels won't show you the truth. 'cept for KBOO, the radio is full of propaganda. what's a person to do if they want to find out what's REALLY going on in these parts?

come to a portland indymedia VIDEO SHOWING.

the last two were at Reed College and Portland State University. next stop: Lewis & Clark College. it's all part of a crazy plan to infiltrate the campuses and radicalize the youth of this country. or else it's a way for the youth of this country to infiltrate and radicalize indymedia! either way, these video showings are turning into great events, covering issues and stories you won't see anywhere else!

featured events will include:

  • Nov. 17 peace march, including the arrest of the young man
  • Oct. 5 peace march
  • Frankenwedding in which $afeway CEO married Betty the Biotech Corn
  • bike messenger strike
  • forest defense
  • "Bush Sees The Light"

Lewis & Clark
Council Chamber in Templeton Student Center
wednesday, the 20th, at 7:30 p.m.

map of lewis & clark:
Templeton is #36, the big one in the middle

download PDF of poster

The bOREGONIAN 20.Nov.2002 16:30

American McPravda

How dare you question the legitimacy of Oregon's finest newspaper, The Oregonian! Everything that The Oregonian prints is the truth. Period.

Anybody who questions The Oregonian is a misfit, freak, and extremist rabble rouser. No patriotic American should listen to what you have to say if you question the Oregonian.

The Oregonian has won many PULITZER prizes. That alone should tell you about the objectivity of The Oregonian.
The Oregonian is the Pacific Northwest's version of the New York Times, a NEWSPAPER OF RECORD.

Oh sure, just because the Oregonian consistently misrepresents the agenda and numbers of your little protest activities, that does not make THE Oregonian any less credible.

And just because The Oregonian never fails to regurgitate the American government's line that our war efforts to liberate the Iraqi people from their oil...er weapons of mass destruction is a noble quest for peace and stability in the Middle East--that does NOT make The Oregonian a propaganda mouthpiece.

And just because THE OREGONIAN has refused to look into all the weird facts surrounding 9-11 itself, such as the fact that many of the 9-11 hijackers were trained both at secure American military bases in Alabama and California and at a Venice, Florida airport with historical connections to CIA covert operations--this does NOT mean you should trust The Oregonian any less than you do now.

I am proud, proud, proud of the Oregonian. It provides all the news that's fits to print. Unlike you traitorous "activist" types at Portland Indymedia, the Oregonian will never question the worldview and conventional wisdom of Mainstream America.

God bless the Oregonian.

And God Bless America!