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BD Looks Under His Skirt by B. Meade

Ready and go!
Why that's proud John Dryden's Ithaca!
Why that's proud John Dryden's Israel!
Foreward: Ezekiel 13:26

My Daddy said that all who look under Bush Daddy's Skirt should beware the evil that lurks there. Now suppose you saw that picture of Mrs. Alletta George (200807) and were convinced that you didn't need to look under her dress to know that was Capt. Calvin Bush dressed in drag. Well you don't have to go to Dryden to see what the Gad-damnned Gar Gan Tribe has wrought "widening proud John Dryden's famed cycles", which just might be Nazism (174299). Ithaca is apparently a showcase for the social upheaval (82678) that comes from living too close to a "closeted" reform school like George Junior Republic, which Dryden has smartly placed next door in Freeville. Since I am now required to research my "bogus landlord" case history for a discrimination complaint, I pray that this close-up of Ithaca real estate will serve as a "look under Bush Daddy's dress.

Just like the "loathed branch" (203337) that is Bush Daddy, preying on people who have acknowledged "Israel, A Kingdom That Cannot Be Shaken" (93509), crooked rental and real estate practices abound, making renting an apartment a matter of life and death in this Dickenesque town gone awry via the criminal stupidity of the dummkopf Nazis of Bush Daddy Tribe:

"Best of Bob" Comment (51320)

"....(Town Messiah)has been trying to get a wayward real estate agent to let him into my apartment when I am not there. Since I apparently lost some papers and deluxe ski gloves from such a visit a year and a half ago, I've had a heck of time convincing them that it is illegal for them to enter the apartment unannounced unless it is an emergency. Last night around sunset I found a pair of "Trust Mark" (Ithaca Police Dept., "Incident - Complaint Report Card # 01 8224 - Cuffs # 026812 Reporting Officer allegedly matched with another Officer and turned them over to him), police handcuffs attached to some brush that I had cut behind my house a few days before. I turned them in at the station after one officer tried to get me to forget about it, saying that anyone can buy such handcuffs. I bet these handcuffs figured in oft-repeated scene where a drugged victim wakes up handcuffed to this fence. He or she starts yelling. When they finally release the victim, he or she is taken to the hospital with reports that they found him or her yelling out behind this house. The lawless ones seem to want my apartment back so they can continue this old game of theirs, for the neighborhood seems to be set up to support what they were doing there before. If the victims aren't eliminated, I bet that they are terrified to the point where they agree to do whatever the lawless ones want them to do and to never mention what was done to them at the hospital; plus they probably also end up as medicated clients at county mental health. A few years ago I was slipped enough of something in a drink in Norm's Hooterville to force me to hold onto something for 10 minutes before I could shake it off. Now I understand that they would probably inject anyone who succumbed to such drugging, so that they could get him or her to a place like that fence before he or she woke up, then stage a bogus pickup when the yelling started.......(85389).... though there may have been hundreds of people more or less legally abducted as a result of waking up cuffed to a fence in a junglelike setting, yelling about it, and being brought out, cuffed again, and taken away. Those who survived have apparently been terrorized to the point where they would never mention what happened to them. My landlord also probably raised my rent $35 without notice
because I had cut all the dead wood and weeds. He even admitted that he wanted it to be a junglelike setting. Meanwhile the town Messiah; i.e. the illiterate social worker who abducted me, seems to have wrangled control of a real estate company in order for it to serve as a front for his family's bogus real estate endeavors. They posted a sign out front in the middle of the night and left a letter saying that "we have a key and will let ourselves in if you are not home"."

"Messiahs in the Making" (43985)

"This town Messiah-wannabe is apparently into real estate also, for the lawless Jacob tells me that he is the secret owner of the abandoned house that I was living at when he had me abducted by State Police in 8/98 (see "Justice New York Style" Id=25099). Now I know this alleged social worker from his narcotic-saturated roots in Ft. Lauderdale in the '60s, and he and his family seem to be behind the practice of the local real estate offices intentionally depreciating properties so that they can buy them for a "song". I figured this out when I spent Memorial Day cutting dead wood and weeds in honor of the people who planted the trees that grace my dwelling. The real estate people won't cut or pull a weed ever, they will mow them or prune them within the hedge. When the hedges die, they leave them there as they do with any other dead wood. They also apparently discourage anyone who the owners send to care for the places. The trick seems to be to get the city to condemn the places so they can sell them to their friends at a lot less than cost. Minimal maintenance seems to be the game plan to plunder the owners. I can't imagine what they feel they are gaining if they destroy a property to obtain it."

"Bush Daddy Scene" (128276)

".... While I was trying to obtain a Section 8 housing voucher, my house "changed hands", and I probably witnessed how one bogus real estate business becomes another bogus real estate business in this town with the employees trying to cover up illegalities by moving from one business to another(see "Report on Lawlessness" Id=85389). The truth of the matter is that a lot of the listed owners of these properties are probably former owners and that someone like "Messiah Exarchou" Id=62371 probably owns all of them. This laxity in real estate probably originated in the 1950s as a result of the universities requesting it in order to alleviate housing shortages for students."

"Bush Daddy Closet" (171618)

"Lets take a look at how BDT behaves in the closet. Look at how Bush Daddy reveals sordid details about himself to me and uses my repeating that information as an excuse to throw chemicals at me. In other words Bush Daddy is trifling with himself to make it look like someone is trifling with him in order to justify his criminality. They conceal the fact that I am deaf and behave like I have a problem, but they don't know what it is. They tell people to be snotty, rude, and obnoxious to me no matter what I say. This is apparently so that they can say that I make people behave like poopheads. This all tops off their slandering me at Cornell for 30 years (109956)."

"Abduction at Cornell" (180797); featuring Town Messiah, Terry Garahan:

"This article is pertinent now because the named characters were among those that rushed to the WTC site on 9/11/01. Since the foreknowledge of WTC disaster has become an issue, it would be worth finding out what kind of services these guys were providing. You might remember Garahan from 9/6/00 NY Times front page on Ithaca's "jumpout medication squad" or from the recent NY Daily News "Justice Story" with him wearing a badge and bringing in one of the Weathermen. I bet that some rogue organization in DC gave him that badge.

Prelude to Central Florida IMC post: This article is pertinent to Florida in that I suspect that Terry Garahan probably claims that he attended and/or graduated from Nova High School in Ft. Lauderdale. Well my Cornell transcript says that I graduated from Nova High School, and I swear that I never saw Terry Garahan attend a class. He used to live down below Jordan Marsh on Intercoastal Drive I believe also. I have seen a member or a former member of the Ft. Lauderdale Police in my neighborhood; but it remains to be seen if he is one of the niggardly asinine Zionist idiots (179472). Here's "Abduction at Cornell:

This is an editted version of "The Beast Raises Its Head Again" (Ps. 83:2: 108404), which I wrote on 12/18/01, the day that I was abducted at Cornell. This happened after my being on that campus practically every day for two years, using the pools and the libraries. I have since revealed that most of this lawlessness arises from the migration of immigrants of the Third Reich (174299) to this area. This was my fourth false arrest in Tompkins County, for I have never been convicted when arrested. It seems as if every time that I start writing good, they go out and abduct me again. Two weeks ago I posted "Ithaca Coal-Gas Fiasco Continues?" (93606) on Ithaca IMC, and they have since completely erased the Ithaca newswire it seems. Plus they are saying that coal-gas contamination is a minor problem in a probable attempt to get people to come out and oppose their falsehoods. I will continue to contend that there are millions of tons of destructively distilled coke several feet below the flat portion of Ithaca and that there is tar in that coke even if they didn't dump tar on top of it. I estimate that there were probably 8-15 tons of coke being produced every day for close to a hundred years. Evil such as covering up the coal-gas fiasco will always continue to engender evil; thus read on for what happened to me at my alma mater.

(12/18/01) My Daddy said that I have to expect things like that which happened today when I write about the probable truth; and it turns out to be true. Two university police confronted me at Olin Library today, saying that I was not allowed to go in there because it was trespassing. I informed both of them that I was deaf, and one would not identify himself while the other was Daniel Gonzalez who is also a Dryden Officer; i.e. "the cop from another town chasing me around" in 96 & 97. He also tried to have me declared Persona Non Grata in 97 for wearing a sign with pictures of Sarah Hajney and Jennifer Bolduc on campus; but the Chief Randy Hausner told him to forget about it. Today after they told me that I couldn't go into the library, I told them that I was going to Day Hall Administration to get written permission, for I have an athletic facility pass; and an alumni should be able to go anyplace on campus. I heard that was the deal that Erza Cornell left for alumni. Well they fingerprinted me five times today, handcuffed me for four hours, and held me nine hours, taking me to the City Police and then the Sheriff. Now I am due to face a host charges in court at 10:30 AM 12/19/01.

They falsely claim that they warned me not to enter Day Hall. They claim that I was violent when they came at me with handcuffs, and I started yelling that I had the right to be there. They even wrestled me to the ground in the myrtle to make it look like they had had quite a tussle. Even though I contend that it was a totally unlawful arrest, they claim that resisting arrest is one of the charges. They claim that I fought with them when I was merely trying to walk away from the madness. At the office they would not let me make a phone call even though they have a TTY. Not until late afternoon was I able to reach my brother. When he came and posted bail, he said that alleged mental health personnel, Terry Garahan had called him twice, saying that I was going to be taken up to Mental Health for an evaluation. I bet that they still don't have a legitimate doctor up there. I told the arraigning judge what had happened to me up there when Terry Garahan abducted me in 98, i.e. how they had thrown cyanic gas in my room every half hour until I spoke out, then kept me locked up 14 more months for having delusions. In those 15 months of unlawful hospitalization, I probably never saw a legitimate doctor. When I was standing cuffed before the judge, explaining my situation; I was later to learn that Off. Daniel Gonzalez was standing behind me, refuting my version of what happened without me hearing him.

In general it looks like Off. Daniel Gonzalez told the second officer to show up without his name tag because he was expecting a confrontation. While I was being booked, Terry Garahan was in the university police station at some kind of a meeting, which included a man uniformed as a Secret Service Agent. I met the alleged new Chief, Curt Ostrander and I suspect that he formerely worked with Secret Service at the White House in DC, for I was frequently there in the 13 years that I lived in DC. I showed him the probable forged pickup notice that Terry Garaham used to abduct me in 98, and he acted like he couldn't care less, even though I told him that most abductees never get to keep such notices and that many students had probably been abducted. On the basis of my landed immigrant status of 1976 SIN 469 941 264; I pray that someone in Canada can ascertain that nothing more tragic than that which has already happened occurs tomorrow in court and that I retain my right to walk freely on that campus. Furthermore if there are Canadians on campus, I am sure that they are concerned about their well-being also.

PS: So that is more or less what I wrote the day that they abducted me up there. The charges were dropped; but I am still banned from that campus even though I have an "Faculty/Staff" facility pass that is good until August. I suspect that the alleged retirement of Capt. Randy Hausner is something that they are trying to cover up. Maybe they rubbed him out. Contrary to what I revealed in "Suicide America Style" (98219); the deaths of Joe Linder and Janet Breslin may have also been related to the disappearance of Capt. Randy Hausner. Of course you know how lawless they can get when they declare a suicide for the body found on Beebe Lake with no mention of the cause of death. As always, the best recourse is to get them to defend their criminality, for they will confess to crimes without knowing it. In short, if I hadn't known enough to go to Day Hall and start yelling, they would have probably never tried to do anything legal with me. "And the beat goes on""

"Bush Daddy Religion" (204463)

"..9/20/02: It seems like one of the objectives of self-governing reform schools like George Junior Republic is to teach the residents to impersonate police officers. If there is a way to become a police officer without an education, BDT will make it happen. Since I was told that Cornell Police were a security force, the whole lot of them may be impersonating police officers. It seems like many illiterate police were hired in Tompkins County because the former sheriff, Emery Guest vouched for them. These illiterate police make up the core of Zion's Secret Police in this area (104469 (Chicago IMC=6818), 109956, 132033, 136536, & 200807). Since they are still loyal to the former sheriff, he is the Chief of Zion's Secret Police in this area even if he doesn't know it, and his illiterate spawn will do his bidding. The lawless police are told that they can continue with their lawlessness until they are taken to court, thus anyone who tries to take them to court is probably killed. Since BDT concentrates on bestowing commendations and awards on the lawless police, BDT will berate or kill you for desecrating decorated officers if you complain. "

"Bush Daddy Detachment" (205811)

"As you should know, the SA was the Storm Troopers, Hitler's private army (174299). SA stood for Sturmabteilung, which meant "storm detachment". A failed objective was to eventually make the "thugs, hooligans, and brawlers" of the Storm Troopers into a department of the military; however this failure enabled the Storm Troopers to immigrate here and elsewhere. The current Bush Administration is contemplating a similar measure of unifying certain police agencies with the military in order to fight this bogus war on terrorism. Although there are honest police in the Sheriff Association, they have been programmed to ignore the chemical-mongering activities of those who are terrorizing the populace a la "Wisconsin Death Trip" (80050); thus it comes as no surprise that with a word, the godless holy-wannabes of BDT can declare a man guilty (Is. 29:21) and say, "Take my car and run that guy down!" In this case the righteous are "..silent when the wicked swallow up the man more righteous than he" (Hab. 1:13) because the owners are not traceable. Have you seen cars with license plates with letters like "ZYX" that you can link to no specific locality? Well Bush Daddy says that BDT has set it up so that no one can trace the owners of such cars, for they target anyone who attempts a "trace". These plates are probably never recorded, and registrations and proof of insurance are not necessary. The cars of murder victims are used in this way (24603), and morons think that it is legal to drive this way because BDT backs them up. Would you drive a car because some moron said, "You can use it if you want to"? "There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death" (Prov. 14:12)....."

"Bush Daddy Worms" (206845)

"My Daddy said that out of the primordial acidic sulfurous atmosphere of Tompkins County will come the Beast that is the godless spawn of "proud John Dryden.......proud John Dryden" (200807, 201796, & 204463). Believing that they had made the toxic "coal-tar landfill" that is a Ithaca a thing of the past, Bush Daddy Tribe has created a landscape of plant life that survives the acidic onslaught and now claims that Ithaca is a "Gorge-ous" place. Although the still-green maple leaves show acid damage on the perimeter of the leaves, BDT has staffed Plant Science with flunkies who will blame this acid damage on a virus, which I have named the Gad-damnned Gar-Gan Virus (43985). This Gad-damnned Gar-Gan Virus has also eaten the leaves off my 20 foot tomato vines to a height of 6-8 feet. The City comes and removes any branches with badly-burned leaves, and that is about all they do for pruning. Last weekend in response to "Report on Lawlessness in Ithaca" in the Postscript to "Bush Daddy Detachment" (205811), there was "Anthrax Attack, Downtown Ithaca" when the poopheads of BDT put the chemicals or spores on the roofs of their cars and drove through the neighborhoods (166317). In addition to what I have already mentioned about Anthrax (82672 & 156007), I would like to add that the fever induced by Anthrax seems to increase in proportion to the number of spores inhaled. Plus the aches and pains of the flu are apparently the response of the body to Anthrax Poisoning. BDT did this in Ithaca on the dying winds of the last rainstorm just before a drop in humidity; thus they probably feel like "chemical engineers" for having pinpointed the conditions that will result in maximum distribution of the spores; i.e. humidity, wind, etc. Have you had your flu shot? Write and describe any symptoms. Heavy doses of Anthrax are likely to cause fever and affect the lungs; thus the morons of BDT count spores, play chemistry, and try to predict how severe the "flu outbreak" is going to be. "Look! This one has a fever!" While they have yet to prove that AIDS is a virus, BDT believes that they can convince you that there is a Temperate outbreak of West Nile Virus, a more or less Tropical disease (30273 & 203357). "You look like you could have West Nile Virus!" It's all the Gad-damnned Gar-Gan Virus! This Gad-damnned Gar-Gan Virus has been so universally manifested that it is time for Bush Daddy to come out of the darkness as the "shining one" "Son of Dawn" (Is. 14:12; 102423 & 189161) like a "knight in shining armor" to save the doofus poopheads. Bush Daddy must be cast down that he might emerge as the second Beast of Revelation 13. The uncrowned king of Babylon of Isaiah 14, the "King of All the Earth" of the Protocols, the King of the bottomless pit, and the "lion beast" of Daniel's Dream of Four Beasts will emerge as the leader of the godless offspring of proud John Dryden and his Niggardly Asinine Zionist Idiots."

"Bush Daddy Death Trip" (211500)

"Speaking of computer crimes, Cornell is probably bragging that they have the best computer hackers on earth. Since computer hacking requires extremely low intelligence, flunk-outs, drop-outs, and leaseless apartments abound in this town; thus I expected BDT to start sacrificing their computer hackers, blaming everything on them or trying to get you to pity their stupidity. Instead the dummkopf Nazis of BDT have probably made the mistake of their lives in shooting Linda Franklin. The great falling away from BDT has probably started (2 Thess. 2:3); and this sniper spree was probably BDT killing those who tried to quit BDT.

10/19/02: BDT is really obsessed with macing me wherever I go, it seems. They seem to think that the second degree burns of mace are a joke. Maybe they will get the chance to prove how harmless that stuff is in Hooterville(216006).

The Cornell Sun had an article this week about a student whose E-mail was hacked while he was typing it. The student tracked the hackers to the United Kingdom. I bet the local hackers are covering the UK while the UK is covering this area. Hackers are alerted to any targets via chat room windows or signals on their computers. This also explains why I am always being blocked from posting on UK IMC by hackers on line 1113.

9/28/02 - Report on Ithaca Lawlessness

Since school started there have been numerous reports on rowdy behavior in collegetown. Bush Daddy brags that this has been an attempt to promote a police state in Ithaca. Like the security guards who would trash a place in order to be hired as security guards (33468), this is a "power play" of the lying lawless punk rogue police of Cornell. The bogus students or poopheads of Bush Daddy Tribe are apparently throwing bottles everywhere in collegetown. If a genuine student tries to report a bottle-thrower, the punk rogue police claim that they can't file a report unless they saw the act themselves; plus they probably target those who report bottle-throwers. So the lying lawless punk rogue police are saying that they are the only reliable witnesses. If anything happens to these bogus students or poopheads, the paper says that they have no known address, for a lot of them are living in collegetown without leases; thus the landlords are probably in on this "power play". The apparent solution is to tell these bottle-throwers that bottles are dangerous and record their response. Bottle-throwing endangers the public, and anyone in the public is probably justified in acting in self-defense (192800 & 200807).

Having observed several people who claim to be studying law at Cornell, I suspect that Cornell Law School is producing lawyers a la "Morons America Style" (46750 & 79546). Since the lawyer who was assigned to handle my "Abduction at Cornell" case behaved in a more or less criminal manner towards me on the chance that I would respond in kind, I suspect that 30-40% of Cornell law graduates are passing the bar exam by getting the exams in advance (124412 & 128276). The solution is to force any lawyer with questionable grades to take the bar exam again. Maybe these bogus lawyers will find out what law was all about."

"Bush Daddy Pardons" (212672)

"The word-of-mouth "good" cops of "Bush Daddy Detachment" (205811) have apparently been watching too much TV; plus they believe that they need a gun to back up their Humphrey Bogart impersonations. I live in a town where they believe that autospies are performed by defective goosesteppers, "looking" at dead bodies through their stethoscopes. A town where athletes routinely die young of enlarged hearts. A town where "Big Bird Kills" and "Big Fish Kills" from the Anthrax and other chemicals broadcasted (156007) are attributed to some Gad-damned Gar-Gan Virus. A town where parents let their children be abducted by punk rogue police to take them to the pseudo-reform school, George Junior Republic (200807) on the chance that their wayward children will return in a hot new car, dripping coca-dollars, made moving "suitcases" of narcotics for the Storm Trooper New World Order Narcotic Operation (26851 & 27490), not unlike the Gad-damned Gar-Gan Organization that thrives in Tompkins County. What is the jurisdiction of the Sheriff Association? Efforts are underway to determine if the Star of the Sheriff Association is in fact the "Star of David" (Num. 24:17; Amos 5:26; Jer. 17:25; 203337), being further proof of the holy pursuits of the godless spawn of Proud John Dryden, Israelite-wannabes from way back! Unless you want to be besieged by roving bands of dummkopf Nazi poopheads (166317), you have to send them to Hooterville, which should by now be a genuine religiously-sanctioned religious festival (29190 & 102423). More often than not, these bushy-mustached Nazi poopheads are reform school graduates, kids from hell! Ask them where in hell they went to grade school!

PS: Bush Daddy claims that they decorate a--holes in BDT by having the murderers call up the punk rogue police of BDT who get decorated for doing investigations. Ideally they murder the companion of a drunk, place the murder weapon in the drunk's hand, and get the drunk to admit that he could have done it in his stupified state.

Bush Daddy also claims that my friend, "this guy" who lives over a bar is one of those who help keep the modern medicine racket running. Once they get these alcoholics into a hospital, they strap them to a bed, deny them visitors, and torture them with neglect, intravenous feeds, and respirators for the rest of their lives. Since it costs 100,000s of dollars per year to keep these alcoholics confined, this is what finances the bulk of most hospitals. Now is the time to free these prisoners, for the hospitals will just eliminate them even though this treatment has been recorded (Is. 42:22; 49:9)."

"Bush Daddy Ramification" (214413)

"And that's how I won the war. However you still have to go thru a poophead gauntlet, a punk rogue cop gauntlet, and a dummkopf Nazi gauntlet in order to graduate from the school on the hill. This ramification of the Bush Daddy Tribe has been brought to you by the criminal stupidity of Bush Daddy and all of his followers. Furthermore this ramification is backed up by the Word of God, which will not return to Him empty (Is. 55:11). Until the criminally stupid are no more, I am His witness, I am His messenger (Rev. 11; Is. 42:19)....."

You can be sure that anyplace where Bush Daddy Tribe thrives, you can lift up Bush Daddy's dress and find a lot of happenings similar to those that Bush Daddy has revealed about this town. All of these poopheads in leaseless apartments are dispensable to Bush Daddy Tribe. They engage in lawless behavior, attempting to incite targetted tenants to break the lease, law, etc. Most targetted victims do not have the patience to deal with lawlessness in a lawful manner; plus the rogue police that support lawlessness will support undocumented accounts of alleged tenancy infractions if they have a lot of poopheads in leaseless apartments to back them up. In this way the bogus students, hacking at Cornell, were able to get the Cornell Police to embrace stupidity by abducting me. How many poopheads does it take to make a false statement true? In the past thirty years it seems like apartment rentals has become a "killing field" here. What rules does a non-leasing tenant have to obey? Pressurizing the walls and fumigating targetted tenants is probably only used when other traps have failed (Jer. 5:26). Most of these tenants without leases are dummkopf Nazi poopheads of BDT. They live in these apartments without leases and trust their lives to BDT, doing evil for them, especially when they are threatened. Many are living under assumed names, driving the cars of victims of the "Murder Epidemic" (24603), and busy doing evil all day long, whether it is hacking on campus or tormenting students or other tenants. It is all their little evil idiosyncracies that compel targetted tenants or victims to say or do something that will allow the punk rogue authorities to be called for an abduction. Among the hardcore landlords that support this "killing field", you can imagine the talk: "The poopheads have been saying bad stuff about Josh in Apt. 6 there! How many poophead witnesses do you think we'll need to get him picked up?" BDT is like "Hotel California": "You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave!" These leaseless tenants have assumed aliases to be part of BDT, and they couldn't prove who they are to save their lives; neither could they prove where they live. These are latecomers to BDT, losers who they would send on suicide missions, for they are preprogrammed to die for the chemical-mongering dummkopf Nazi movement that is BDT; i.e. "the revolt of Jacob" (Mic. 1:5). When they stop destroying, they will be destroyed. When they stop betraying, they will be betrayed (Is. 33:1). It is simple to turn their own tongues against them (Ps. 64:8), but this is a religious matter, a prophetic matter! Hooterville (29190) is where it is at! Israel, the Kingdom of the Lord of Sarah and Jennifer will be made manifest by those at the watchfires and/or the Love Festivals of Hooterville. Bush Daddy claims that this housing is corrupt all the way through! Many owners are forced to leave their houses in the care of bogus landlords who want to use them as death traps. Many owners are victims of the modern medicine racket; thus BDT can torment them if they try to influence what is happening to their properties in Ithaca. Many houses are kept in names that provide tax shelters more or less. On the other hand this whole area is probably a tax shelter for those who are part of BDT.

This town has practically proclaimed that rampant stupidity is invincible and that "Crazy Asinine Lowdown Fool" (120932), Bush Daddy is uncrowned king of "Babylon on the Potomac" (Is. 14). It is as though a "closeted" "Proud John Dryden Kingdom" has been made manifest by mouthy morons, talking like "fedya guvmint" thugs or sweet caring know-nothings. Since this "seat of Nazism" has long been under the protection of Zion's Secret Police, much of the wealth has never been taxed, and this place has used this untaxed wealth to set up a "Gorge-ous" death trap that will always be a death trap to those who question the power of stupidity in this town. You are never supposed to stay in this town long enough to figure out what makes it tick unless you are part of what makes it tick. If you really want to succeed in this town, you have to look under Bush Daddy's dress, stick your head up his ass, and love every minute of it. "Living is easy with eyes closed!"

The dummkopf Nazis of BDT will be easy to identify because the "rebellion" (2 Thess. 2:3) against BDT will probably put that "look" (Is. 3:9) on their faces. Don't forget that most of these dummkopf Nazis do not know that they are Nazis. God has promised to raise up a nation or people against the godless BDT (Jer. 5:15), and that could be any nation as far as nations that are fed-up with BDT goes, for many nations shall be joined to the Lord in that day (Zech. 2:11). From the West they shall proclaim the Lord's majesty (Is. 24:14), and the fool shall be called noble no more (Is. 32:5).

Shall I relay all that we found under Bush Daddy's dress to the State Human Rights Division investigator, assigned to investigate my discrimination complaint? Is it worth throwing this stupid "Serpent" (132033) in the "lap" of an investigator. Who could oppose such stupidity? This is a religious matter! A country in a moment! A nation in a day! Dummkopf Nazi? Right this way! Ready and go! (This has been recognized as a decree of some sort from proud John Dryden's Israel 11/16/02)

Referenced (numbers) are for articles on www.indymedia.org.; i.e. Global IMC Open Newswire. To access via Id#, access any article, change the Id=# in the address bar, and press "Enter".

Respectfully yours, Robert Meade "Israel" Deaf Messenger