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I climbed a tree @ broadway & burnside. I counted 4800+ marchers.

I climbed a tree @ broadway & burnside. I counted 4800+ marchers.
I climbed a tree @ broadway & burnside. I counted 4800+ marchers.

I don't really feel like saying a bunch more right now, I'll make a post maybe a comment once someone gets a dissucsion going. :)

"You want stop this war in Iraq?.... Ditch your car and take arms against your government!" -someone on Front street Nov 17th SW Portland, OR, Turtle Island.
i saw you there 17.Nov.2002 18:33

marching fool

that was a lot of counting you were doing . . . though i imagine in the mainstream media the report will be something like "several hundred"

mainstream media 17.Nov.2002 18:45


i don't think i saw a single news station there, except for channel six at about four or four-thirty, when there weren't that many people left in the square.

when i came home, i turned on the news to see if there was any coverage, but they seemed very caught up in a story about a hillsboro couple having quadruplets and something about christmas trees. hmmm...

the mainstream number 17.Nov.2002 18:52

The One True b!X

Actually, the news coverage this evening was giving a police estimate of "over 2,000".

More like 12,000 17.Nov.2002 21:27

peace marcher & rallier

I have been informed that Pioneer Courthouse Square holds
12,000 people. Since there were people spilling out over the square, and the square was full to brimming, it is reasonable to assume that well over 12,000 participated in the rally. Perhaps not all of those participated in the March. However, the event as a whole was Big, that's for sure.

I counted 7 billion! 17.Nov.2002 22:13

the count

I counted 7 billion!!

It was a major success!!

Peace, Love, get high!!

difference between FBI/pros and morons 17.Nov.2002 22:33


the seven billion comment person illustrates the difference between professional cointel types and dumb people with conservative views and no social life...

I think the 7Bil was intended as a joke 17.Nov.2002 22:56


I think the 7Bil was intended as a joke, like a bidding war or something...

One station said "about 50" at rally 17.Nov.2002 23:32

kinda low?

After the march left Pioneer Square (a process that easily took 20 minutes) a news crew from one TV station came to the square and set up their shot.

They said that only about 50 people showed up at the rally and they seemed unimpressed. Then they packed up their equipment and left to shoot a story in the West Hills about a cat nursing an orphaned baby raccoon!

A few minutes after they left, the marchers came up Broadway and refilled the square.

Surprise! 18.Nov.2002 13:21


I doubt your crowd estimate as most leftist scum cannot count past the number of fingers on their hands anyway.