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Database errors with articles - email editorial w/ pertinent number

No articles are being censored. This site has been experiencing errors, and it sometimes reacts poorly even in the best of times. Of course under times of great use there is a correspondent decrease in performance.
No articles are being sensored (if they are composted they go in a specific place for later perusal). No, sadly there are database errors that seem to be occuring.

There are ways to fix the glitches, just email the editorial litserve the number of the article in question that seems to have disappeared and it may be recalled from the database.

we need to organize a training for editor to 17.Nov.2002 18:11

deal with this problem

cuz i don't know how to do it.

Were not that dumb 17.Nov.2002 19:03

conspiracy theorist

Its a ruse, FWR. Dont e-mail them, they want to find you out.

then do it anonymously 17.Nov.2002 22:59


If you don't want your name recorded on some litserve then just make up an account at yahoo and send the info from there.

No articles are being sensored 17.Nov.2002 23:01


What about the Jeffery Jones article? Where is it?


What about all the posts from IMC editors 18.Nov.2002 20:28


There have been a ton of posts from IMC editors explaining a lot of different censorship policies. They're not in the memory hole...er, compost bin. Explain censor-boy!