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Radical Feeder March a Big Success

Today's radical, unpermitted feeder march was all of the above plus a whole lot of fun!
Around 250-300 folks gathered at the North Park Blocks for a little bit of pre-peace rally fun. Lots of young folks in their Sunday black, but also folks from other leftist groups and some unions. The march was led by a "Smash Imperialsim" banner and took to the streets at about 12:45. No official permits were sought or obtained for this march. Folks argued that they already had this right and did not need to ask permission or pay any fees for "free" speech. The march went straight up Broadway, and as it approached a Pioneer Square overflowing with anti-war protestors, many clapped and joined in with the chant "it's bullshit, get off it, the cause of war is profit".

Today's small but powerful action was successful on many fronts: it showed folks who feel a little alienated that by the more mainstream peace movement that there is a place for them, it expressed solidarity with that same mainstream peace movement, and it provided a little bit of an alternative to a fully state-sanctioned event.

Let's hope that BOTH groups continue to grow and work together to fight the real enemies: Bush, Imperialism, Racist Wars, etc. instead of fighting each other.
Can you send us the photo of your banner 18.Nov.2002 09:51

vvaw-ai TheVets@vvawai.org

We would like the graphic (any format) of your banner, we are ant-imperialist vets.

Vietnam Veterans Against The War Anti-Imperialist


glad the rad feeder was there 18.Nov.2002 21:07


I was at the 9,000 (or whaever it was) rally and march and never realized that there WAS as "radical feeder march". I'm glad that people felt it was a success, though. I completely agree that we should NOT be seeking permits, and ESPECIALLY should not be paying fees to march in our own streets!!!!! This ridiculous behavior just demonstrates very clearly how afraid so many Americans are of taking steps to implement true mass dissent. We also seem afraid to go into any other neighborhoods, besides downtown. Who ever said that Pioneer Courthouse Square was the intersection of all of Portland's diversity??? It's not!!! I think we need to be all over the place . . . and demonstrate some real courage and go into East Portland, North/NE Portland, Oregon City, etc. ETC. How 'bout it?