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Crowds at Pioneer Sq. music still happening (as of 4:00 pm)

The protest was still continuing as I left and it seemed like quite a crowd
had participated - it is now breaking up
There are protestors and signs everywhere downtown after the march ended
as of 3:30 pm the protest is still continuing with speeches from within the Courthouse Square.

Someone just got back and said the music was still going on.

Tons of familys and elder folks.
Success of today's rally 17.Nov.2002 22:30

Betsy Toll

Building the numbers, the movement, for peace is greatly supported by well-organized rallies such as this one. While strategies involving direct action and non-violent civil disobedience are also effective, it is wise to keep some breathing space between those edgier actions and those that aim to draw the "mainstream" population.

The numbers will grow as long as suburbanites, parents with children, seniors, etc. know that they will be reasonably safe. Growing numbers are what will make headlines, and get the attention of people in positions of power. It also requires a greater degree of patience. We're trying to stop WW III and stave off the implosion of the Roman Empire, so honoring all strategies, and respecting the boundaries, integrity, and goals of all, is of paramount importance.

A minority want to push the edge, and are willing to provoke reaction and risk harm, and that can be an effective tool for making certain points. This intentional courting of risk needs to be undertaken with a great sense of responsibility, as it can easily backfire, and serve to marginalize the movement and keep more people away from the next mainstream rally.

We need all good hearts and creative strategies, but keeping some space between actions -- not creating arrest scenarios where there are folks not expecting to be put in that position, for example -- respects the intentions, the intelligence and the rights of each of us.

Great work today, folks, by all who were on hand.