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Article"Environmentalists Never Taken Seriously" Censored!-Along W/the Comments!

It used to be at the link below. I didn't agree with the article either, editors! But not only did you censor the article, but you censored all of our comments we spent time posting. Does this mean I shouldn't waste anymore time refuting an argument here? Are the editors just trying to take care of it for us all? Is that the thing?
the above post was not from me 17.Nov.2002 20:17

GRINGO STARS gringo_stars@attbi.com

WHY the hell would I complain because some corporate stooge propaganda got composted? Don't believe the hype. Shit! I guess I shouldn't use the same damn name all the time, but I don't like being misrepresented. Someone delete this stupid thread. I never even posted on the environmentalist thread, as I am most knowledgable on imperialist wars/privacy issues/violent revolution. I never bitch like a baby when something I pdisagree with disapperars, because the corporate media ALREADY has enough airtime, and often-times, responding to time-sucking airbags only brings you down to their level of stupidity, then they beat you with experience (at being stupid).

In other words: GIVE IT UP LAMET, IT'S OVER.

Am I Everybody's Scapegoat? 17.Nov.2002 22:18

Lamet W Vali

I didn't post the above message. I'll let you know when I start picking on you...CHICKEN LOVER! Oh...I guess I have picked on you before, but not this time.

I have my pleasant hat on today.

it's there now 18.Nov.2002 12:43


This article is available. The database errors have become more frequent as the traffic has increased. Due to the design of the system, these errors can creep in, become cached, and stay for far longer than they should. Hopefully when the site is next upgraded it will be more secure and more scaleable. Until then, we just have to wait it out. No article is deleted (censored) except for those created during a spam attack. When large numbers of articles are being posted in such a way that it is seen to be disruptive, that is, preventing articles from being displayed on the front page, they are composted, that is, hidden from the front page but not deleted (censored) in any way. They are still accessible from the newswire. No individual is being targetted for censure (with the exception of Lamet during Friday's spam attack who's ip I think was eventually blocked). However, since this consituted an attack, and was in violation of editorial policies 2, 3, and 4, this is hardly surprising. Nor does it constitute censorship anymore than blocking a hacker from your machine is censoring them.

That is my understanding anyway.

wrong again someone 18.Nov.2002 18:47


You blocked my IPS? That's the first I've heard of it. Hopefully you ignorant clown IMC tyrants learned something valuable from Friday's "thunderspam".

Regarding the assertion that nothing else is censored; THAT IS A LIE! Anyone else who has had a post disappear and not found it in the memory hole...er, compost bin knows this. Maybe you stinking, petulant tyrants should keep a closer eye on who has access to the edit password because someone is deleting things.

Stop lying you putrid, pig-fucking, tyrants!