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The OSCE in Portugal

Please check our manifesto and subscribe it if you fell it expresses what you feel. Or even best... come to Porto (portugal) by the end of November and stay for a few days. Please feel free to ask for english updates to our mailing list
The Manifesto

Porto Social Alternative

During the mid-seventies, in the peak of the Cold War, an organization was created with the purpose of softening the clash between the two world superpowers (that organization would evolve to become OSCE today). Back then the organization's purposes were established by the Helsinki decalogue:

1.Sovereign equality, respect for the rights inherent in sovereignty;
2.Refraining from the threat or use of force;
3.Inviolability of frontiers;
4.Territorial integrity of States;
5.Peaceful settlement of disputes;
6.Non-intervention in internal affairs;
7.Respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms including
the freedom of thought, conscience, religion or belief;
8.Equal rights and self-determination of peoples;
9.Co-operation among States;
10.Fulfilment in good faith of obligations under international law.

All this is nothing but hypocrisy and colourful yet meaningless words - as was later shown when one of the superpowers disrupted the equilibrium of forces in the world, eventually leading to a fratricidal war in Central Europe (ex-Yugoslavia). Nowadays, with the end of the Cold War and the establishment of a new world order, new priorities have arisen for the OSCE:

1. To consolidate the participating States' common values and help in
building fully democratic civil societies based on the rule of law;
2. To prevent local conflicts, restore stability and bring peace to war-torn
3. To overcome real and perceived security deficits and to avoid the
creation of new political, economic or social divisions by promoting
a co-operative system of security.

Just as the initial priorities of the seventies, these new purposes are nothing but a fašade of respectability (claiming to be ideologically fair and supposingly aimed to defend the universal benefit) when, in reality, their single purpose is to uphold the interest of money and profit over people.
Particularly, in this time period after the September 11th, when the oppression and the threats on the individual freedoms and citizen's fundamental rights are increasing alarmingly, we cannot allow ourselves not to make the representatives of this new world order feel that they are the sole responsible entities for the terror, the economical insecurity, the inequality and the continuous destruction of the planet.

We have come to a moment in time in which the omnipotent and ever-present money appears behind every corner of people's lives. In these tough times, it becomes more and more clear that the choice is between it and us, the human beings trapped in this capitalized world and the all-mighty currency.
In fact, how can they sustain the flag of "upholding the law"(a law which stands above the citizens themselves), if the offences to the remaining human dignity are caused by the law itself? Current legislations predict the positive discrimination in favour of the upper classes and point the finger to the common man as being held responsible for the crisis of the world lords and their system in which we are treated like parts of a machine.
What kind of security and cooperation is this in which legislations will consider us all suspects of terrorism or accuse us of committing some other equally hedious crime just because we dare to think differently from the institutionalised way?
Under the fašade of defending "our civilization", brutality spreads everywhere, insuring that rich get richer and poor get poorer and wars are started because of merely economical and geo-strategical reasons.
Under the fašade of "our freedoms", the label "terrorist" is applied to anyone that might have thought one day: "What we need is a change!"
Under the fašade of protecting "our security", they breakthrough our computers, go through our mail, tap our phones. They know what we do, what we like, on what we spend our money.
Under all this hides the supreme commander - Profit. It's the same old oppressive ideologies with a whole new fresh outlook. Profit is still the supreme reason and purpose, everything else becoming secondary.
Do not doubt. if you get in the way of Profit, you shall not survive!

The representatives of this new world order, under the entity of OSCE, are aiming to gather up in Porto. Being aware of their role, we do not expect good things for Humanity arising from this meeting. So, a group of concerned citizens of this planet has decided to unite and proclaim protest during the OSCE meeting in Porto, next December 4th-5th.
In this way, the Porto Social Alternative is created!

The Porto Social Alternative is a free association of individuals and collective groups that reads under the same basic statement, the above mentioned (namely in 2.) and under the organizing principles here defined (namely in 4.). The Porto Social Alternative intends to manifest an alternative path to capitalist organization, and it intervenes on the occasion of the OSCE meeting in Porto.
The basic statement and the organizing principles of the Porto Social Alternative are to be followed by everyone who decides to join. They can only be changed through absolute consensus.
The Porto Social Alternative is, from the start, an organization with a defined time span.
The Porto Social Alternative organizes itself under the principle of autonomy. Every action organized under its name is to be submitted to consensus. The individuals though, possess the autonomy to take action under their own name, of course.
The Porto Social Alternative is a strictly horizontal organization. Therefore, no individual or collective group is hierarchically placed above others.. Smaller groups can be formed, though, to best carry out the general decisions.
The actions of the specific groups should always be ratified if no other possible form of control is found. No such specific group has a regular existence and can be dissolved and reinstated at any time.

Porto, September 28th 2002

The Porto Social Alternative runs open organizational meetings, to which everyone that agrees with this document is welcome. The public call for these meetings is made through the site www.azine.org. The Porto Social Alternative calls for the citizens from all over the world to step forward in order to coordinate their will with our own. If you agree with this document and want to subscribe it, please write to  forumsocialp@yahoogroups.com manifesting your intention.