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Daniel Sheehan: New Paradigm versus Clash of Civilizations + Context on Politics

History of evolution of differing paradigms under which the Western world has organized itself by; national security state history in the context of Nazi incorporation into the CIA and evolution of covert operations like Iran-Contra; context on figures like George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush; his view on where we are today and where we need to go; 100 minute speech in MP3 download or stream format
<p>This is a meaty speech - likely a mind bender for many, to be sure.</p>

<p>Daniel Sheehan discusses a number of
topics. The primary focus is an examination of the paradigms under which
humanity organizes itself. However, as anyone that knows Sheehan's history
would appreciate, more than half of his talk puts into context the geopolitical
views of those associated with George H. W. Bush, the national security state
and much more. The catalyst for his presentation was September 11, and I
believe the talk was delivered in October, 2001. I don't know the exact
date. It's long, but EXTREMELY thought provoking.</p>
<p>As a social justice lawyer, Daniel Sheehan has worked on some of the biggest
investigative cases in the last few decades, including the Karen Silkwood,
Iran/Contra and Pentagon Papers. </p>

<p>High Quality Audio MP3</p>
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compost this one and keep the other 17.Nov.2002 02:54


Sorry, I screwed up and didn't have "html" selected

Daniel Sheehan 17.Nov.2002 23:05


is an idiot.

thanks for posting that, i'll have to read 18.Nov.2002 02:49

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Btw, awhile back i heard leftists talking about Daniel's Christic Institute becoming "right wing". I figured it was manipulation due to something ideologically-challenged Leftists didn't like, or something. You know anything?

When rigid Leftwing fundamentalists (not that the Rightists are any better, nor the Centrists) fire off words meant to character bash, my ears perk up and figure something in there must be valuable!

email me if you'd like.

seeing behind the looking glass 27.Jul.2005 18:35

studied one

Danny has been on the world stage and exposed villans and will be again .
Send him 10 million dollars and expose the new world orders
" a catastrophe on the order of pearl harbor needs to ocure within the united states in order to galvinize the american people into an imperial mobilization imperialism being inimicable to democracy "
(as appears pnac document and the "grand chess board" book.