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god im sick of being raped by republicans

"They misunderestimated me."
—george w. bush Bentonville, Ark., Nov. 6, 2000
god im sick of being raped by republicans
god im sick of being raped by republicans
No, Im serious republicans will look like assholes to everyone in a few years after the damage is done , it's just too bad we'll all vanish in the middle of the night for speaking up. Remember how they had the war on drugs? and now I can't get high anymore when I want to, because drugs don't exist anymore? Well one day the gop will eliminate terrorism by eliminating the millitary industrial complex. Then they will work on fighting poverty in the u.s. and have the war on domestic issues... one by one they will heal schools, end racism, create more jobs and truly represent the people all of them ..... oh wait no they won't
THAT IS SCARY 17.Nov.2002 01:14

above the smoke

GRROOOSSSS. where did you find that ?? A voodoo shop.

ohhh cute a doggy !!!! 17.Nov.2002 01:34

in god we trust


So What's Your Point 17.Nov.2002 03:31


This is the kind of thing that just gives incentive for the right-wing capitalists like myself.

Nowhere in any of these articles or comments is anything resembling a coherent worldview or outline of a system to replace the current nation-state or capitalist system. You guys jack your jaws endlessly but propose nothing.

Please try to delineate the system you envision. Would it include Free Speech? Even for those who mock and abuse you? Would it include the right of dissent? Even for those who espouse a system that you find repugnant?

You reject the idea of hierarchy. Why then should anyone do as you wish? If no one is in charge, then everyone is free to do as they please, whether or not it meets your approval.

If I choose to sell my products or labor to the highest bidder, how are you going to stop me? Are you going to send your Jackbooted Thugs to my house to beat me up?

If I claim some land as my own and refuse to acknowledge that you have any control of me, what are you going to do about it without violating your non-violent, non-judgmental principles?

You are a pack of yapping Chihuahuas, impressive only to yourselves. The Democrats and the Greens have found you useful in their quest for power. But if you ever got the "revolution" that you so long for, you would be the first against the wall as the less principled and more realistic took charge.

Do yourself a favor. Take a shower, get a job, quit trying to tell others how to live the good life and

i take my time because its mine 17.Nov.2002 07:25


they will represent "the citizens"- the ones living in lock gated communties. the only ones left that they don't incarcerate. but when the rest of us are gone- they will be the new lower class. and oppressors gotta have someone to oppress. its interesting to see it when cops beat up some middle class person who always thought the establishment was there to keep them safe. what a wake-up call! another dissenter of the police state! they illustrate our points better than we ever could.

and ever notice if you have enough money, thet dont consider you a criminal anymore? i'm just talking parking violations, and jaywalking. not the high riding white-collar crimes that oppress millions and degrade the life of our planet. fines for all sorts of shit. if you dont pay- they beat you up. restrainment, confinement, penalties, garnishing, auctions. sometimes evn physically threaten you. especialy if they feel their authority is threatened.

goodness, if i cant pay my rent, im homeless and a criminal. when i couldnt pay a ticket for not being able to move my junker for goddam leaf removal, they threatened me with arrest. our prison system is mostly a debtors jail. if you can post bond and pay your fines, they got no problem with you.

the cops dont work for us. not even most of you republicans. your just a buffer zone beteen the top 5% and the poor people- THE FUCKING MAJORITY!!!!

see you soon.

we gotta look out for and take care of eachother.

we gottsta learn to care fpr our needs instead of
begging for money for food and hearth


the fucking majority 17.Nov.2002 07:51

look at the map..

look and the color coded map of who is the majority and who not on election day. If you don't vote you don't count...

suck on it until 2004...

it's simple. 17.Nov.2002 08:17

this thing here

elections are not won by the amount of territory colored red or blue, dumb shit. they are won by the numbers of people voting red or blue. ooopps, that is, until george w. bush II was appointed president...

oh yeah thats right 17.Nov.2002 08:32

count all the votes, let all the votes count

the florida newspapers counted and counted and recounted them until they couldn't count and more and GW still won..

Senators are based on territory, not population...

suck on it...


an astounding piece of info from FWR. 17.Nov.2002 09:20

this thing here

so senators get elected because of "territory", FWR? that's a new one.

hmmm, i thought it was because they won a majority percentage of the voting populace in a given senate district.

gosh. o.k. FWR, whatever you say. you know something the rest of us sure don't. whatever you say...

FWR, don't spread myths 17.Nov.2002 10:24


Don't spread myths, baby. The Florida papers counted and counted and the final conclusion was that GORE won, not Bush, in something like 6 of their 9 scenarios--including the most legally appropriate ones. However, what did the shit papers like CNN have to say about it? Stuff like "Recount: Bush still wins" That's to say nothing of the 90,000 predominantly Democratic voters scrubbed from the list, or the police checkpoints established in poor neighborhoods late at night, nor of Pat Robertson getting statistically implausible quantities of votes in some of the counties (yeah, I know, how stupid would you have to be to get confused by a voting ballot...). And it's to say nothing of the fact that the Supreme Court decision to appoint George as King suprised even the Republican legal analysts.

suck on it... the lies you seem to have bought into just don't fly.

Who won? 17.Nov.2002 11:34


I'm no Gore defender, by any stretch of the imagination, but the lst poster, but the last poster is correct. Gore won by most of the counting rules. Only by the Bush rules, aided by the Supremes, did Bush win. This does not even account for the thousands who were denied the right to vote or the confusing (to some) ballots. Bush is pResident.

not elected on territory, just based on it. 17.Nov.2002 11:43


Alaska 2 senators
California 2 senators

way more people in california, but the same representation in the senate.

Congress is based on population. That was my point.

As for bush winning, here is my view.

Popular vote in 2000 : Gore Wins

People who went to the polls and voted intending to vote for their canidate : Gore probably wins.

People who went to the polls and voted in total, including those who were to stupid or lazy to read the ballot correctly, no matter how you count it : Bush wins, but by very very little.

People who went to vote, but never made either because a cop standing on a street corner scared them away from the polls, they didn't register correctly, were convicted felons wanting to vote, or showed up to the polls with only a hand written note from Epstein's mother for idenitication, or those tens of thousands of republicans in the panhandle of the state that were told that Gore already was the projected winner an hour before the polls closed and didn't bother to stay in line and vote, or turned their SUV's around and went home : Gore or Bush, we will never know.

As far as my stupid ideas not flying or not facing reality, tell me who is sleeping at the white house, and who is on 20/20 whining about his biggest loss?

That is reality!


Pat Robertson? 17.Nov.2002 11:52

kathy harris...

I think you meant Pat Buchanan, not Pat Robertson, he hasn't ran for president since 1988..

The supreme court just stopped the uneven recount of the recount of the votes, and the newspapers proved that it was the correct decision, even so this past Tuesday, was a conformation of who the people want.

My wife, who grew up in the Soviet Union said during the recount.

"Shit, If a policeman standing on a street corner scares someone away from voting, then that person has no business voting anyway!"

At that point I remembered why I fell in love with her...

Anyway, feel free to spend your time bitching about the 2000 Florida voting mess. It was great winning strategy in 2002 (for us that is)..

Keep up the good work..


Running colours 17.Nov.2002 11:54


My friends, Bush undemocratic stunt two years ago is called coup d´etat. Many fascists (e.g. Franco) before him has done the same shit. Republicans are fascist bastards and democrats are the same. Cowards that hide in gated communities.

I've got a job, I bath, I vote 17.Nov.2002 17:35

You'll never learn

oh god, sacreligous imagry call the police !

why do you favor the elite ruling class?
I've got a job, I bath, I vote
I've got a job, I bath, I vote

I've got a job, I bath, I vote 17.Nov.2002 17:39

You'll never learn

oh god, sacreligous imagry call the police !

why do you favor the elite ruling class?
I've got a job, I bath, I vote
I've got a job, I bath, I vote

Poor little FWR 17.Nov.2002 18:00


Poor little FWR. Not a big enough man to admit that most of the votes in Florida were for Gore. Not big enough to admit that he's wrong--that the results of the recounts concluded that Gore won. It is the results of the vote count that prompted me to question your "reality".

BTW, gimme a break between screwing up the Pat R vs B names. They're both creepy conservative religious goons who've been involved in politics.

Oh yeah, and congradulations on having a wonderful wife who isn't too timid to go to the polls when cops are standing there. Maybe if she were a black male living in Florida she would be.

Did you get your copy yet, FWR? 17.Nov.2002 18:54

Bob Denver A 3 hour tour

In case you missed the ordering information, here it is again:


Unprecedented: The 2000 Presidential Election is the riveting story about the battle for the Presidency in Florida and the undermining of democracy in America. Filmmakers Richard Ray Pérez and Joan Sekler examine modern America's most controversial political contest: the lection of George W. Bush.

What emerges is a disturbing picture of an election marred by suspicious irregularities, electoral injustices, and sinister voter purges in a state governed by the winning candidate's brother. George W. Bush stole the presidency of the United States... and got away with it.

"... the movie highlights those on the front lines—from the African-Americans who were turned away from the polling booths for assorted reasons. ... In one memorable scene the filmmakers freeze-frame a 'protest' against the ballot recount, identifying participants as staff members of Republican elected officials."

--Elaine Dutka, Los Angeles Times

Purchase Information

To purchase a copy of this video send a $30 check or money order payable to:

LA Independent Media Center
Post Office Box 1107
Santa Monica. Ca. 90406-1107

Please indicate at the bottom of the check:
'for election doc'

"It was great winning strategy in 2002 (for us that is).. "

Yes, fraud has been shown to be a winning election strategy. What becomes far more difficult, is maintaining power with a Fortress of Cards. The republicans are amazingly vulnerable on multiple fronts

Is our children learning? No, but YOU could. Order now!

I think you may have misunderestimated the magnitude of the decay. It's not too late to do some soul searching and re-examine your support for what's going on.

Good luck.

http://Tropic Port
None, also no lights
Gilligan's Island

facts are up for grabs on this website 17.Nov.2002 20:02

the corrector

Here you go, read if you dare.

it takes guts to face the truth..

2000 Election: Department Finds No Voters Intentionally Denied Rights

 link to www.click10.com

Bush still wins Florida in newspaper recount

 link to www.cnn.com

MIAMI, Florida (CNN) -- If a recount of Florida's disputed votes in last year's close presidential election had been allowed to proceed by the U.S. Supreme Court, Republican George W. Bush still would have won the White House, two newspapers reported Wednesday.

The Miami Herald and USA Today conducted a comprehensive review of 64,248 "undercounted" ballots in Florida's 67 counties that ended last month.

Their count showed that Bush's razor-thin margin of 537 votes -- certified in December by the Florida Secretary of State's office -- would have tripled to 1,665 votes if counted according to standards advocated by his Democratic rival, former Vice President Al Gore.

"In the end, I think we probably confirmed that President Bush should have been president of the United States," said Mark Seibel, the paper's managing editor. "I think that it was worthwhile because so many people had questions about how the ballots had been handled and how the process had worked."

Ironically, a tougher standard of counting only cleanly punched ballots advocated by many Republicans would have resulted in a Gore lead of just three votes, the newspaper reported.

The newspapers' review also discovered that canvassing boards in Palm Beach and Broward counties threw out hundreds of ballots that had marks that were no different from ballots deemed to be valid.

The papers concluded that Gore would be in the White House today if those ballots had been counted.

The experts assigned by USA Today and the Herald began counting the undervotes -- ballots without presidential votes detected by counting machines -- on December 18, 2000.

They concluded their work on March 13.

Reaction to the verdict of the two newspapers was mixed, but some of the people who were key players in the 36-day recount drama that followed last Election Day agreed Wednesday that the results indicated Florida has a lot of work to do to improve its elections system.

"We have to try to improve the election infrastructure, improve the education of voters," said former Florida elections official and CNN analyst David Cardwell.

Cardwell argued Florida needs to implement a more uniform method of collecting and counting votes across the state, and many localities are in desperate need of updated voting equipment. Many of the counties that logged significant numbers of undervotes were using punch card machines that were more than 30 years old.

Doug Hattaway, a former spokesman for Gore, concurred with Cardwell, saying the federal government should take the initiative to provide money to localities that cannot afford to replace aging and unreliable equipment.

Hattaway told CNN on Wednesday that the Gore camp has accepted Bush as the legitimate president, but there are still lessons to be learned from the efforts of the Miami Herald and USA Today, and other ongoing recount endeavors, including a consortium recount of both undervotes and "overvotes."

"Overvotes" are ballots that displayed more than one mark that might be interpreted as a vote for president. CNN is one of many news organizations participating in that ballot count.

"People understand that this is an academic exercise," Hattaway said. "Hopefully, this will lead to some sort of reform so this does not happen again.

He did level some criticism at the Bush White House, saying the new administration has shown little interest in tackling the problem.

Montana Republican Gov. Mark Racicot, who acted as a spokesman for the Republicans as the Gore and Bush camps tussled in the media through the long November-December recount battle in the courts, said Wednesday that the administration is interested in finding a resolution to counting problems in Florida and other states.

But, he added, this is primarily an issue that the states need to address themselves.

"These are specifically state problems," Racicot said. "You can't wield the power of the federal government on the states."

Racicot said Bush hasn't given much thought to the various recount projects in Florida.

"This shows President Bush wins again," he said. "He won the first count, then the recount, then the manual recounts, and was declared the victor this time by the media.

"What this says is what the American people set in their minds a long time ago," Racicot continued. "This election is over, and President Bush is the victor."

Hattaway, in turn, said Gore is getting on with his life.

"His bottom line was that all the votes should be counted," Hattaway said. "He's following (the count) to see what this says about the system and what we can do to reform it.


FWR... 18.Nov.2002 07:41

this thing here

... are you going to step before us here, and deny the FACT that george w. bush II sits as president in the oval office because of an unprescedented 5-4 supreme court decision? furthermore, are you asserting that george w. bush II sits as president because he clearly won a majority of the votes, and NOT because of the supreme court decision?

gore is a whiner in any case 18.Nov.2002 11:57

Tipper's pal

The argument about the court appointing Bush is a silly one given the fact that both sides benefited from judges. The Gore issue got to the Supreme Court was because the FLA supreme court (democrats) overturned repeated lower court rulings. In all it was a sad day for American courts -

Regarding who actually won the FLA vote - well, it looks like as close to a tie as possible and I think people in Republicans in MO and WI could have screamed if they wanted to.

The end result though is that Gore does look like a whiner. I believe the average American sees him as a whiner each time he mentions FLA. The election was years ago. A lot has happened since then. No special Gore-fairy is going to show up and change the election results. It is argurable that he won but no one can say conclusively that he won and if he wants to win in the next election, he better shut up and move on.

Why in the world are the Demos so eager to get this guy back anyway?

I guess you missed it 19.Nov.2002 01:24

me again, hats off to your blindness!

Poor little guy... I didn't dig up that CNN article since it would take time than I want to spend, but I figured I'd hand over this search result for you...

This page is from someone who seems to be as bitter as I am.

This one calls the bluff on the CNN article you posted.

And here's the 6 of 9 I was referring to. You'll have to trust me when I say I also read this on CNN...

The fact that Bush is in the White House doesn't confer legitimacy. The President is to be elected, and when even Bush's own legal counsel says that the Supreme Court made the wrong call, you know things are messed up. See ya, buddy, and just tell yourself all you want that Bush won fair and square (though I really believe you're smart enough to know he didn't).

the feeling of being raped? 24.May.2006 08:33

RastamanSOS rastamansos@lycos.com

I can agree to the point, that the control is getting out of hand. Too much control isnt good,actually too much of anything. Please know that the Dems & Reps work in coertion.. they colaberate together to cause comotion. Its that good cop/bad cop technique. Neither side really cares or truelly has the power to meet the wishes of the people, only we do. Thats where the parties come in: Dems, Reps, Green , Independent. Its all to divide our mindset, with parties our issues become divided and our perspectives become personal. In the long run, we as a people find it hard to think in a more community type aspect or even nationally. To depend on any group, or party disables us from not only speaking and addressing real issue effectivly but alsonot directing the issue in the right direction. Not having the ability to see threw all of the spin, the confusion of what really matters is the peoples vise. Therfore, the people can't be effective & cant feel effective in OUR nation(citizen wise),welcome to the feeling of being raped, your not alone! Free your minds from the clutter..remember that this is OUR castle & we can storm it,or clean it out any time.