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A woman in debt following her shopping sprees, panhandles on the Internet. My thoughts on this as I try once more to save InterNation, the one thing I seem to be able to do in this world.
Story: Web panhandler pays off $20,000 debt.?? NEW YORK (AP) -- After an 18-month bacchanal shopping spree buying Manolo Blahnik, Gucci and Prada, Karyn Bosnak found herself unemployed and more than $20,000 in credit card debt.?? When the 29-year-old spotted a sign in a supermarket with an urgent request -- "Wanted: $7,000 To Pay Off Debt" -- it made perfect sense. The television producer launched a similar appeal to a much larger audience: the World Wide Web. Internet panhandling was born. Now, more than 31/2 months after launching www.savekaryn.com, Bosnak has received more than $13,300 from hundreds of donors worldwide. Coupled with the online auction of the high-ticket items that drove her into debt, plus earnings from a new job, she's finally broken even.
An American shopper goes into debt buying Gucci bags, and the whole International community comes around to bail her out! Meanwhile, I have spoken of the URGENT need for help here at InterNation since January of this year.
Last week I nearly lost the domain for InterNation as I could not come up with the $12.00 to renew it when my bank account is already in the minus. I can no longer afford to take the six to 10 hours per day, refreshing the news, yet - because of all the encouraging letters I continued to risk all I had to find ways to keep InterNation going.?
I appreciated Gerald's encouraging words several months ago, saying, "Thanks for giving us something beyond the filtered news that is everywhere else in the media." Or the lady, Ms. Hassen in Saudi Arabia who wrote, "You are so few," and "if there were more more Americans like you I guarantee you most Arabs would love everything American."
I lay it on the table. InterNation needs your help. I need your help. Despite months of looking for work, I am unemployed. My problem? Can I admit it? I have trouble maintaining a normal livelihood since leaving university. My university studies waned, and I walked the streets conversing with voices I heard - which I took to be real.
I heard voices saying (which I believed to be the voice of God, mainly) to the effect that I would in my lifetime help to bring peace in this world! Is this deluded, or what?
I spent the latter end of my twenties in asylums. I finally broke out of Moccasin Bend asylum, in Tennessee. I was apprehended and placed in a cell for a week, without a toilet, or food. That was my punishment. After another couple years in asylums, I lived in special homes for the insane. Slowly, despite the diagnosis - as an acute schizophrenic - I came around. But so long as I was medicated, I could not write nor feel passionately about anything.
Despite the well meaning advice of doctors and family, I refused to take meds, deciding that I would rather have a delusion here and there than participate in the "normal madness," a condition in which so many people seem to function fine in society, but otherwise remain at a level, i.e. numb. But lately, with imminent eviction and the street only a step away, I am anxious and sometimes afraid I might fall into another schizophrenic relapse.
I have found something I can do. And if you help me? Unlike the lady following her "bacchanal shopping spree," offering nothing in return for asking people to bail her out of her debt, I promise that InterNation will grow to become one of the best Independent Media sources in the world.
Who knows? Maybe, in an ironic sense I can fulfill the order of those voices and ultimately help others work for peace in this violent world. Please help me to keep up this work. Thank you.

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phone: phone: 727-417-1407
address: address: InterNation, 118 E. Tarpon Ave. , Suite 200, Tarpon Springs, FL 34689 USA

Now THIS is spam 16.Nov.2002 22:54

Lamet W Vali

And I didn't have anything to do with it!

(as far as you know)

maybe 17.Nov.2002 11:36


Maybe you are not really schizophrenic? Seriously, consider it.

For skeptics out there, ever read Dostoyevsky?

Wouldn't he qualify for federal aid as a schizophrenic by some well-meaning social worker out there? (And wouldn't he be inclined to take the money/diagnosis, given how poor and antibureaucratic he was??)