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Who Will Disarm the US?

More than 200 people gathered at Livermore Lab to demand inspections of the huge arsenals of weapons of mass destruction created and stockpiled by the United States. (article 1)
Who Will Disarm the US?
Who Will Disarm the US?
Who Will Disarm the US?
Who Will Disarm the US?
The Citizen's Weapons Inpection Team visited Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories in the upscale suburb of Livermore, California, on November 11, 2002, just days after the United Nations Security Council voted unanimously to require weapons inspections for Iraq. The event was organized by Tri-Valley Citizens Against Radioactive Environments(CAREs), Western States Legal Foundation, Global Exchange, California Peace Action, and many others.

"If we want other countries to have weapons inspections, let us start here at home", said Tara Dorabji of Tri-Valley CAREs.

Lawrence Livermore Lab is involved with developing smaller, "more usable" nuclear weapons, such as the Robust Nuclear Earth Penetrator, and is also developing vaccine-resistant viruses and bacteria.

The lone "war party" protester with the yellow sign, "Craig", said that he believed that Iraq ought to be attacked because it is ruled by the "socialist Baath Party". He said that he felt that "the US spends money on things a lot worse than nuclear weapons".
The Question for This Time 16.Nov.2002 22:57

Lazy Faire

Please focus your mind and your heart - This is the question.
Jesus asked, "How can you remove the speck in the eye of another, when thre is a log sticking out of your own eye?"
The UN vote just shows that other nations have not the power to resist this monstrosity. They would be divided and crushed. Yet they all know who holds the weapons of death, and who has declared itself the unopposed aggressor.
It is only we who can begin the dismantling, begin the elimination, for all time, of this horror of horrors - the US military. We, who have spent our hard-earned dollars, our resources, our life energy, our people, our hopes, our very consciences and human values to build this great killing machine. No one else can begin this task for us.
Do not presume any longer that this task can be evaded. There is no hope for the Earth or for Humanity with this military abomination intact. And, with its demise, there is no end to the promises the future holds.
Thank those who have dared to stand against it.