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Scott Ritter on IRAQ, Caltech, Nov 13, 2002 (MP3 / Stream)

Scott Ritter on IRAQ, Caltech, Nov 13, 2002 (MP3 / Stream)
Scott Ritter on IRAQ, Caltech, Nov 13, 2002 (MP3 / Stream)
Scott Ritter spoke at Caltech on Nov. 13th, 2002. He details what the holes are in the UN resolution, and how the Bush Administration will likely play its cards to have war for regime change. The primary policy has always been regime change and therefore, war is the best option in the minds of the Bush Administration, regardless of the spin and obfuscation to the contrary.

You can listen to the entire speech over there:


and the link was added to the DC Indymedia running archive on Ritter, available here:

clinton stooge 16.Nov.2002 19:53

my rep..

He is only trying to save what reputation he has left. when they find everything he didn't he is going to look like a dickhead, and he knows it...

Scott Ritter 16.Nov.2002 21:30


The Caltech speech he gave on the 13th has some damning responses by Ritter to his critics. It's not to be missed and puts in perspective what people like the person above are all about. You really shouldn't take anyone's view as your view folks. Listen to Ritter himself and make up your own mind.

"Clinton Stoodge" is one of the most amusing and new forms of an attempt to discredit Ritter I've ever seen. The author of the remark is so out of touch with reality it deserves no direct response, only a response in the form of an invitation to all others to access direct information from which to make up your own mind about what's going on, about who Ritter (a Republican) is.

did I tell you I'm a registared democrat? 16.Nov.2002 21:40



I'm a registared democrat..

(basically just to vote for the weakest democratic candidiate in the primaries, a little trick I learned living in texas)

so, ridder is a republican, well I'm a democrat..