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Clarification on the "censorship"

just some thoughts from an individual without much authority but some knowledge about this stuff
firstly, nothing is censored. you can access all hidden items in the post called "compost"

secondly, the posts which are composted are such becuase they in some way seek to disrupt the functioning of the site.

ready examples of this are posting the same thing 20 times. By doing so the newswire becomes flooded with useless info that hides the other relevant info that would be seen.

Another example is people merely spouting insults, racist slogans, and other posts which seek to turn the site into a flame-war and thereby render any attempt to have real discussion about the issues useless. an example might be "look at all the smelly hippies"

why care? because this tactic is used at EVERY IMC but people who seek to disrupt indymedia's success in mobilizing the public to fight for social justice. The most populated sites get hit the most. Look at any big story and you will find individuals attempting to water down the information presented so that the site becomes contentless and unreliable.

i want to also that the chat forum idea is great so then people could flame all they want there, but we lack the technical ability right now. i will keep it in mind as i attend meetings and stuff though.

keep in mind, indymedia is a tool for organizing, expressing, and exploring. Others know this, they attack it, and want to bring it down at every turn. If you are interested in trying to keep it alive I suggest you attend an editorial meeting 4pm saturdays at 21st & se division
censorship is a slippery slope 16.Nov.2002 14:54

Dr. Fabulous

somebody probably didn't approve of this guy's opinions either.
censorship is a slippery slope
censorship is a slippery slope

The volunteer is right 16.Nov.2002 15:12


The volunteer is right. Free speech is free exhange of ideas and not mindless insults. Any thinking person would be able to see the difference. But if your aim is to disprupt the exhange of alternative ideas then you will never see this and no amount of explaining will help you.

If government line was true then it would stand on it's own and not need the help of all those little hate mongers. If they want to express their ideas in a semi-intelligent way they can post here. They know this and so does everybody else.

cleaning up spam 16.Nov.2002 15:56

matchboy matchboy@tearitalldown.com

I believe that we deleted over 150+ spam posts within the last day...

We eventually had to trace the person down and notify his or her ISP of the disruption, but no such luck so far.

..I hope the person that was causing this takes a good look at their own actions before making attacks such as this in the future. Don't disrupt the site because you have some personal issues with the editorial group.... you're only discouraging others from using this tool...

I can assure you that there is no "big brother" here... or "book burning" going on around here... just other volunteers cleaning up your disruptive behavior. Your passive agressive retalition has disrupted our site on a short term basis, but you only helped us create a new process for handling future attacks. So, thanks for the wake up call.

Check with SF IMC 16.Nov.2002 17:26

P. Tarquinius Constans

The SF site had a persistent problem with an obsessive guy calling himself "Smash the Left", using some sort of script to post hundreds of copies of the same thing (usually a cut-and-paste from frontpagemag.com with an incoherent rant about how much he hates "leftists" and wants to get violent added at the top) every 15 seconds or so with the declared intention of making the site unusable.

The volunteers there have apparently found effective methods of preventing these script-kiddie DOS attacks, since the newswire has remained pretty undisrupted for some time now.

The Portland crew might want to contact the SF IMC for technical information about blocking spammers and DOSer wannabees.

but the censorship policy is subjective 16.Nov.2002 19:22

Lamet Admirer

Certainly if the lynching photo above had been posted by FWR or Lamet it would have been removed by now. This applies to tons of the stuff around here. Essentially, it is not the content which gets items removed but the assumed name that goes along with it. That's not right. At IMC, it is not the ideas which are censored but individuals.

IMC now lord of the flies? 16.Nov.2002 19:58

lynching time

so basically it doesn't matter what is posted, but who posts it???

I have my stuff DELETED, not composted.


To catch the conscience of the commie.. 16.Nov.2002 20:21

Willie S.

To catch the conscience of the commie..

A liberal may plant a carrot that has't fed of conservative compost, and eat the carrot that fed of that compost..

What does thou mean by this?

Nothing, merely to show how a conservative can progress through the guts of a liberal...

Hamlet, brought to you by the Fat White-Republican players..


Actually... 16.Nov.2002 20:22

Lamet W Vali

I did post the lynch photo under another name, because I knew it would be removed otherwise. The funny thing is that I botched the download somehow, and some kind IMC editor fixed things for me. Now THAT'S teamwork. Too bad you have to delete it now. Sorry to break it to you.

Warfare rule # 5 16.Nov.2002 20:32

the general's general

take a look at indy's new policy, total censorship for everyone.

I love it.

Rule # 5, you become what you fight. If you are fighting fasists, you to must become a fascist to win... Turn their freedoms against them...

#5 16.Nov.2002 21:05


Sorry to burst your bubble, but I posted the new IMC newswire protocol.

I have already seen evidence already of what you describe:

"you become what you fight. If you are fighting fasists, you to must become a fascist to win...

And I recognize that decentralisation, and a hands off editorial policy is the only approach which will save IMC from the petty little playground dictators. As soon as the editors admit that I'm right, and they're ignorant little children, the sooner the lesson will be over. Until then, my work continues.

bummer.. 16.Nov.2002 21:14

faked out again

I guess I shouldn't believe anything on this site.

I thought I could retire for a moment..


You're right about one thing... 16.Nov.2002 21:43


There are only about five people who participate here. You, me, GRINGO (rumored chicken lover), the guy who keeps putting the John Ashcroft songs up and the little IMC tyrant.

The little IMC tyrant needs to stop trying to make the site something it is obviously not and just let it be what it is. For anyone with a sense of humor, PDX IMC is good for at least one laugh a day.

enough. 17.Nov.2002 01:04

cat, disgusted and appalled

omyGOD enough already.

between whoever the chickenshit that calls himself lamet and the other one - fwr, there is enough psychosis, delusional arrogance and glaringly infantile behaviour to get you both nice long stays in the quiet room. you both are beyond pathetic and absolutely beneath any pity however much you need it.

i hear tell there is an editorial meeting for this site every saturday in southeast portland. have either of you been to the thing to voice your concern? if not, then why? did mommy take your car keys? grounded?

so. take your psych meds, clear up your social disease. grow a fucking spine. get that head injury checked out. perhaps then you could contribute something positive to the world for once. try to live long enough to repay all you cost.

or just get a nice heroin addiction. that'll keep you occupied.

Insanity is only a state of mind. 17.Nov.2002 07:35

they are coming to take me away hah hah

Insanity is only a state of mind.

Just consider we are leading an alternative lifestyle and be happy about the chance we are giving you to help spread diversity amongst the eco-nazis.

Some people play golf, this is our hobby..


Hey cat, just admit it... 17.Nov.2002 17:41

Lamet W Vali

You love it. As soon as you admit that you're in love with me, and then get over the rejection, you'll feel much better. Despite what I've been overheard to say in the past, there is, in fact, NOT enought of me to go around. Sorry honey, try FWR.