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Unprecendented - Interview of producer of doc. film on 2000 elections

interview of 1 of producers of documentary film, "Unprecedented."

The full radio summary is below. Here are the handy links to fire-up the radio program:

Steppin' Out of Babylon":
"Unprecedented"-a film about the 2000 elections in Florida
Length: 28:10
Subtitle:learn about corruption in voting
Summary:Joan Sekler & Richard Perez produced this enlightening documentary about the details of how people (half of them black) were illegally taken off the voter roles in Florida if they were likely to vote democratic
Type:Regular Show
Recorded At:Berkeley, CA
Producer:Sue Supriano
Uploaded By:Sue Supriano
Uploaded On:11/14/2002
Keywords:voting fraud, 2000 Presidential Elections
Restrictions:For non-profit use only.

self-contained half hour radio show

I'm no techie 16.Nov.2002 16:42


... so, maybe I'm doing something wrong or don't know my systems capabilities, but I'm unable to access anything with either link.

but after the 2nd or 3rd attempt 16.Nov.2002 16:51


... at EACH link, I finally accessed the program through BOTH of them. Go figure. (I wish all my failures only took one or two more tries.)

the link for Unprecendented / Doc 16.Nov.2002 17:02

archive man

Hi Dance,

Do you have a RealMedia player installed, or Microsoft's Media Player? I kind of take it for granted and not say much when posting stuff like the above because nearlly all Microsoft-based systems have their media player as a default.

The streaming link points to a streaming version of the MP3 file and it should play if you have your media player set to permit the playing of MP3's. You can also do a "right click" on the download link and select the option to save to your hard drive and then open the MP3 file with whatever player you like that can play MP3s.

You can get the realmedia player here (look at the lower right corner of the page once there -- don't need to buy their premium one)


Hope that helps,

archive man

might have been just web traffic 16.Nov.2002 17:05

archive man

Not sure what happened, but it might have just been that the server hosting the file was down when you attempted the first time.

Glad you got it working (and our messages crossed, my writing while you wrote the above)


archive man

Having trouble? 16.Nov.2002 17:12

More info here...

Dubya? I pitty the fool!

I was able to listen to the streaming audio link. I did not try the download.

On it, is an interview with one of the makers of a new movie which is described as a detailed doccumentary of the Florida election fraud of 2000.

Here is more information on tjhe film:


Unprecedented: The 2000 Presidential Election is the riveting story about the battle for the Presidency in Florida and the undermining of democracy in America. Filmmakers Richard Ray Pérez and Joan Sekler examine modern America's most controversial political contest: the lection of George W. Bush.

What emerges is a disturbing picture of an election marred by suspicious irregularities, electoral injustices, and sinister voter purges in a state governed by the winning candidate's brother. George W. Bush stole the presidency of the United States... and got away with it.

"... the movie highlights those on the front lines—from the African-Americans who were turned away from the polling booths for assorted reasons. ... In one memorable scene the filmmakers freeze-frame a 'protest' against the ballot recount, identifying participants as staff members of Republican elected officials."

--Elaine Dutka, Los Angeles Times

Purchase Information

To purchase a copy of this video send a $30 check or money order payable to:

LA Independent Media Center
Post Office Box 1107
Santa Monica. Ca. 90406-1107

Please indicate at the bottom of the check:

'for election doc'


For more information email  info@unprecedented.org.

Portland Indy editors: small correction 16.Nov.2002 22:06

archive man

The name of the movie is "Unprecedented: The 2000 Presidential Election" (Unprecedented for shot)

The feature write-up noted, instead, the name of the radio program, "Steppin out of Babylon." It was easy to get confused given the formatting of the blurb I took from the a-infos radio project site. My apology. I'll be more clear in the future.

The pic attached is the poster for the movie if you want it.
Portland Indy editors:  small correction
Portland Indy editors: small correction