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Infernal Noise Bridgade takes to street @ T'chkung show, police arrive promptly.

I had no intention of getting into the 21 and over show last night, but i set up the CFA table in front and sure enough i got the apportunity to sneak in. :) T'chkung is a fucking amazing piece of work. I never danced so senselessly. I felt like I was at some sort of heavy metal concert from like the 80's. But the music was well a little more radical. And well then there's that thing we never did at no metallica show, (except that once) the Infernal Noise Brigade played next and after a couple songs they band left, straight marched right out of the club. Well the crowd came with. Sure enough: street party! Blocakades, flares, music, dancing, fires in steel drums, fire engines, cops, wait where all my friends... what do you mean we can't get back inside the club... 3 at a time?!?!?

I think we should of done it downtown.
Huh? 17.Nov.2002 12:13

!Heck! mbthink@hotmail.com

The Eugine show was the best I'd ever seen. I was there for the whole time. I saw some pigs scoping the shit out, but there were no arrests. I wish we had pictures. I liked the part where bush was inticing saddam with money and saddam got all sexy for it. Then they drenched themselves in oil (molasis i think) and started making out.
Tchung was superfun!
Gocernment issue orchistra deserves a little hell yeah!
Infernal noise brigade was mmmmmmm...

featurepic 17.Nov.2002 21:10

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