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Virtue 101

A primer for those interested in being good.
Humility is good... because it sees truth regardless of apprehension.

Pride is bad... because it ignores the fact that you are God/god-thingy.

When we move away from pride there are consequences for being dependent on it in the first place, but these consequences will be face-able because it becomes apparent that fear (like anger) is rooted in pride... and all the while love will be inspiring practicality toward happiness.

However stubborn one would wish to be there is no trauma that cannot be seen objectively... and calmness is bigger than any confusion.

Define your environment. Discern for yourself whether or not happiness is real. Then you'll have something to work with.

In love,


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Anger is CRUCIAL for a better world 17.Nov.2002 16:56

GRINGO STARS gringo_stars@attbi.com

Keep loving everyone, David. Dubya loves nothing better than a populace facing inward into their own navels/minds instead of stopping what he is doing to Iraq/US/the world. Dubya will probably give you some kind of award for keeping everyone happy/loving/tripped-out instead of being justifiably angry at what he is doing.

Anger is useful. If more people were angry at our government, it would get away with a lot less. TV is an opiate of the masses, and so are you, David. Contemplate this.