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Deter commercial media excuses for not covering November 17th protests

An e-mail list of local TV reporters and reporters for the Oregonian. Please inform them all that the November 17th protest are extremely important local news and that they need to cover it. Please remind them of the August 22nd police brutality and ask them to document the event fairly. They are mainly corporate sellouts, but let them know that you will hold them accountable if they ignore the march.
Some links about the November 17th protest:


Local commercial media reporters:

Deanna Connell -- KATU Reporter

Eric Mason -- KATU Reporter

Ed Teachout -- KATU Reporter

Anna Song -- KATU Reporter

Dan Christopher -- KATU Reporter

Bob Heye -- KATU Reporter

Dan Tilkin -- KATU Reporter

Paul Bukta -- KATU Reporter

Shellie Bailey-Shah -- KATU Reporter

Corinna Allen -- KATU Reporter

Helen Raptis -- KATU Reporter

Jim Long -- Oregonian Investigative Reporter

Julie Sullivan-Springhetti -- Oregonian Investigative Reporter

Kim Christensen -- Oregonian Investigative Reporter

Brent Walth -- Oregonian Investigative Reporter

Angie Chuang -- Oregonian Portland Team

Bill Stewart -- Oregonian Portland Team

Gordon Oliver -- Oregonian Portland Team

Fred Leeson -- Oregonian Portland Team
503-294-5988 (City Hall)
503-294-4088 (Multnomah County)

Scott Learn -- Oregonian Portland Team

Spencer Heinz -- Oregonian Portland Team

Janet Christ -- Oregonian Portland Team

Anna Studenny -- Oregonian Portland Team

Dee Lane -- Oregonian Portland Team

Nicole Chvatal -- Oregonian Portland Team

Bruce Sussman -- KGW Reporter

Randy Neves -- KGW Reporter

Krista Vasquez -- KGW Reporter

Joe Smith -- KGW Reporter

John Becker -- KGW Reporter

Kyle Iboshi -- KGW Reporter

John Flick -- KGW Reporter

Stephanie Stricklen -- KGW Reporter

Vince Patton -- KGW Reporter

Dave Northfield -- KGW Reporter

Mike Donahue -- KOIN Reporter

Joel Iwanaga -- KOIN Reporter

Margy Lynch -- KOIN Reporter

Drew Mikkelsen -- KOIN Reporter

Christine Miles -- KOIN Reporter

David Okarski -- KOIN Reporter

Warren Petrie -- KOIN Reporter

Laurie Shilling -- KOIN Reporter

Ray Summers -- KOIN Reporter

Eric Taylor -- KOIN Reporter


And, certainly, keep your senses open this Sunday and record your own news as well. The mainstream media is a shill for corporate propaganda, but it is still possible to use them to get the word out if you give some thought to your e-mail.

here 16.Nov.2002 14:04

alittle easier

 dconnell@katu.com < dconnell@katu.com>;  emason@katu.com < emason@katu.com>;  edt@katu.com < edt@katu.com>; . asong@katu.com <. asong@katu.com>;  danc@katu.com < danc@katu.com>;  bobh@katu.com < bobh@katu.com>;  dant@katu.com < dant@katu.com>;  paulb@katu.com < paulb@katu.com>;  SBaileyShah@katu.com < SBaileyShah@katu.com>;  callen@katu.com < callen@katu.com>;  helenr@katu.com < helenr@katu.com>;  jimlong@news.oregonian.com < jimlong@news.oregonian.com>;  juliesullivan@news.oregonian.com < juliesullivan@news.oregonian.com>;  brentwalth@aol.com < brentwalth@aol.com>;  angiechuang@news.oregonian.com < angiechuang@news.oregonian.com>;  billstewart@news.oregonian.com < billstewart@news.oregonian.com>;  gordonoliver@news.oregonian.com < gordonoliver@news.oregonian.com>;  fredleeson@news.oregonian.com < fredleeson@news.oregonian.com>;  scottlearn@news.oregonian.com < scottlearn@news.oregonian.com>;  spencerheinz@news.oregonian.com < spencerheinz@news.oregonian.com>;  janetchrist@news.oregonian.com < janetchrist@news.oregonian.com>;  annastudenny@news.oregonian.com < annastudenny@news.oregonian.com>;  deelane@news.oregonian.com < deelane@news.oregonian.com>;  nicolechvatal@news.oregonian.com < nicolechvatal@news.oregonian.com>;  bsussman@kgw.com < bsussman@kgw.com>;  rneves@kgw.com < rneves@kgw.com>;  kvasquez@kgw.com < kvasquez@kgw.com>;  jsmith@kgw.com < jsmith@kgw.com>;  jbecker@kgw.com < jbecker@kgw.com>;  kiboshi@kgw.com < kiboshi@kgw.com>;  jflick@kgw.com < jflick@kgw.com>;  sstricklen@kgw.com < sstricklen@kgw.com>;  vpatton@kgw.com < vpatton@kgw.com>;  dnorthfield@kgw.com < dnorthfield@kgw.com>;  mdonahue@koin.com < mdonahue@koin.com>;  jiwanaga@koin.com < jiwanaga@koin.com>;  mlynch@koin.com < mlynch@koin.com>;  dmikkelsen@koin.com < dmikkelsen@koin.com>;  clmiles@koin.com < clmiles@koin.com>;  dokarski@koin.com < dokarski@koin.com>;  rsummers@koin.com < rsummers@koin.com>;  etaylor@koin.com < etaylor@koin.com>

Dear all:

I am moved to write all of you as I found the news coverage of August 22nd anti-war demonstration to be incorrect and biased. Tomorrow, Sunday November 17th, there will be another massive anti-war demonstration and I am hoping that the news media in Portland will strive to one, cover the story and two, cover the story fairly.

I am a married 37 year old male who works full time as a social worker and am strongly against the manipulative and imperialist policy of the Bush Administration. Often the media attempts to marginalize the demonstrators by showing the dramatic and freaky anarchists that also attend these demonstrations. Yes, it sells more advertisement, drama always does but this is dishonest. Why focus on the 1% when 99% are honest hardworking Americans that are shocked and appalled by war and sheepish nationalism.

I will be attending the Sunday demonstration as I am outraged that George Bush intentionally distracted the American voters with a war on Iraq. It was not coincidence it was strategy! A strategy of warmongering to win an election is nothing new but it is horribly unfair to our soldiers. They are not cannon fodder. Additionally it completely invalidates the Bush Administrations argument this is a preemptive war to protect Americans.

So I urge you to get good interviews. A war in Iraq could kill as many as 500,000 soldiers and innocent Iraqis. Likely, they will not be Americans just people unlucky enough to be born in another part of the world.


Hooray for alittle easier 16.Nov.2002 14:15


Great letter!

A letter sent 16.Nov.2002 14:40


Dear Portland reporters,

There is a very large march in protest of the U.S. international policies which are leading towards a war with Iraq as well as oppressing millions of people throughout the world. This march and rally will begin at 1:00 PM Tomorrow (Sunday 17th) afternoon.

When thousands upon thousands of local people organize together to protest political wrongdoings it merits reporting in a news conduits purporting to serve the local populace. Please, provide fair and accurate coverage of this event if at all possible.

On August 22nd, when a protest was organized in response to an appearance of Bush Jr. in town, police brutalized many non-violent protesters including a 10 month old baby who was pepper sprayed. (  http://portland.indymedia.org:8081/a22/ ) If such actions occur again, please publicize them so that the public may express a just and informed response towards militarization against protesters.

Journalism is one of the most foundational and influential professions in a democracy. Please, provide the seriously crucial function within our society of researching and reporting information crucial to our civic (as well as extranational) responsibilities as democratic citizens.

A partial list of sponsors and endorsers of the march:
Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility (503-274-2720)
Portland Peaceful Response Coalition (503-471-1535)
Families for Peace (503-227-0748)
Oregon Peace Institute
Oregon PeaceWorks
Jews for Global Justice (503-299-4772)
Women in Black
Women's International League for Peace and Freedom
East Timor Action Network/Portland (503-235-4986)
the Palestine Action Group (503 450 9910)
War Resisters League Portland
Peace and Social Concerns Committee of Multnomah Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)
Freedom Socialist Party
Radical Women
Unitarian Universalists Economic Justice Action Group
Student Activist Alliance
Portland Buddhist Peace Fellowship
Americans United for Palestinian Human Rights
Peace & Justice Works Iraq Affinity Group
the Portland Metro Chapter of the Pacific Green Party
et al

Thank you.