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Orchestrating the Oil: History of Taliban, Bush & bin Laden Family Ties.

Explores history of Bush and bin Laden family financial connections; the long history of the geo-strategic colonial power struggles in the Caspian Sea region, and; "controlling history" as a tool of corporate/imperial power.
Orchestrating the Oil
By Marco Zonka
With a symphony of secrets and military tribunals, suppression of information, and with military and covert operations both domestic and international, the Bush Regime is using the "war on terrorism" to gain control of the largest remaining gas and oil reserves on earth.

The End of "The Great Game"?

The ancient Silk Road connecting the empires of northern Europe with the riches of the Orient through central Asia to India and China is suddenly hot news again.
Water and rivers, like horses and mules and people on foot, follow the path of least resistance. The same holds true for oil pipes lines, and the corporate interests that map their course.
The Caspian Sea, Central Asia and the southern ex-Soviet "break-off" Republics of Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan are sitting on the largest untapped reservoir of natural gas and oil on earth. First discovered by Russian geologists, strategic interest in controlling this mother lode of liquid gold has spawned half a century of geopolitical intrigue and human slaughter. Seething with cunning warlords and vicious businessmen, home to squadrons of KGB and CIA spooks, this cauldron of human misery is commonly referred to —among the international interests fueling this epic struggle— as "the great game." And since the breakup of the Soviet Union in 1992, all of the indigenous mineral rights in the region came into free-market play. (1)
Water follows the path of least resistance, but the tortured regions afflicted with the misfortune of mineral wealth coveted by "first-world" nations, imposes convoluted parameters on the simple arithmetic of connecting point a with point b.
Consequently, of the four pipelines proposed by competing international corporations, what seemed the least likely one -four thousand miles along the ancient Silk Road from the Caspian Sea to Northern China— actually seemed the most probable one to be completed first, it's arduous geographical course less complicated by local conflicts. But while the riches of the ancient Orient flowed East to West, the flow of Occidental wealth in this scenario would be distinctly reversed, and the Silk Road to Europe would become the oil-pipe to the Orient.
Pundits like to sagely say, "but something happened on September 11."
Simple conclusions "shrink-wrapping peoples minds" with easy answers about what caused September 11, disguise a complicated reality. A reality that is ulterior and covert by nature, and --by design—involves motives and forces outside the daily preview of popular attention. World conflict is about the wealth accruing to power, and it's power to oppress. Why do dictators, tyrants, and monarchs govern most nations "blessed" by abundant natural resources?
Follow the money.

Sugarland,Texas 1997 ; February 2000, Washington& Islamabad; August 2001, Washington D.C. & New York...
Talking Oil with the Taliban
The Taliban representatives must have felt at home in the hot sun that bakes the Texas desert as dry and deadly as their arid homeland. And the superabundance of American luxury must have been intoxicating to their ascetic temperance, basking in their little moment of glory. Courted by Unocal representatives in December of 1997, about an oil pipeline through Afghanistan, the Texas oilmen outlined the economic advantages the Taliban would enjoy if they would form a power-sharing arrangement with fellow murderers and mercenaries called the "Northern Alliance." (7)
In February 2000, Bush Administration officials "began negotiating with the Taliban immediately after coming into power," said Jean Brisard, who worked for the French secret service studying Al-Qaeda. (4)
Under election day irregularities in the air that would take a Supreme Court juggernaut to fix, the Afghani representatives must have felt downright family among the Bush Team that had just "won" (wink-wink) the election. But the Taliban —who in addition to loosing many arms and legs in the course of their embattled lives, have apparently lost their brains as well— kept stubbornly holding out for a better deal.
"Accept our offer of a carpet of gold," Brisard claimed one US negotiator said, "or we will bury you beneath a carpet of bombs." (4) So they stormed back to Afghanistan without a deal, working off their angst blowing up ancient stone Buddha's, murdering women, and harboring Osama bin Laden. Osama became well versed
--first via family business-- in the fine art of using "black" off-the-books drug trafficking for personal profit. (4.1) Later, he further developed the art of funneling drug money to finance his network with his friend Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, a CIA agent thoroughly schooled via US training in the nefarious arts of black market financing. (13)
Texas was also the setting for Bush family business with associates of the bin Laden family. In 1979 George Jr. obtained $50,000 from James Bath, a close Bush family friend and sole representative for Salem bin Laden, one of Osama's 17 brother, for a 5% stake in Bush's company Arbusto Oil --money long suspected of having come directly from Salem bin Laden. In conflicting statements made after the September 11 attacks, "Bush at first denied ever knowing Bath, then acknowledged his stake in Arbusto, and that he was aware that Bath represented Saudi interests," author Wayne Madsen reported from a September 24 press conference at the White House. (2)
"One cannot really understand the present crisis without understanding the degree to which the flow of narcodollars and petrodollars has corrupted governments, corporations, and social structures around the world," writes Peter Dale Scott: "The influence of these foreign funds is not usually visible. Most people for instance are not aware that until recently the largest shareholder of Chevron, and the second largest shareholder of Chases Manhattan, were both Arabs."(13)
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, George Senior has been busy too.
According to Time reporter Nina Burleigh, hobnobbing with gossiping diplomats and ambassadors at an elite Washington diplomatic event, George the First has been traveling through Uzbekistan and elsewhere in Central Asia prospecting -with friend and fellow oilman Jim Baker-- for oil and military contracts in the former Soviet hinterland for the Carlyle Group --a $12 billion dollar investment firm in which the Bush and the bin Laden families have had substantial shares. (3) What they need is a good pipeline. Afghanistan is in the way.
Russia learned that the hard way.
Curiously, ex-KGB agent and now Russian President Alexander Putin was recently on a public relations tour of US media and corporate giants. Putin used "terrorist" apartment explosions in Moscow and Volgodonsk to seize power in Russia, an old trick dating back to Hitler's use of the Reichstag fire. Is the "war on terrorism" really what is "uniting" the two most militarized nations on earth?
Russia, July 12, 2001

In early July a conference was held at the Russian Duma about economic opportunities in an upcoming "destablization of the world financial system," At those hearings, Dr. Tatyana Koryagina, research fellow for the Russian Ministry of Economic Development, and expert in the "shadow economy," said: "The US has been chosen as the object of financial attack because the financial center of the planet is located there. The effect will be maximal. The strike waves of economic crisis will spread over the planet instantly and remind us of the blast of a huge nuclear bomb," she said. (8)
A July 12th 2001 front page article in Pravda, quoting Dr. Koryagina, was entitled: "Will the dollar and America fall down on August 19th?"
In the months before the "surprise attack" on the World Trade Center, wrote Dr Alexandr Nemets, expert in Chinese-Russian strategic-military alliance, Russian news and national television reports widely discussed an "impending attack against US financial institutions." Russian economists recommended converting US dollars into rubles, because the dollar would soon be devalued after "the attack," and the ruble would become the reserve currency of choice for nervous Asians. With over two months of explicit advanced warning, the US military and intelligence gathering services -with unrivaled "IT-driven" "air power"—failed to protect the three most logical targets on US soil, the world trade center and the two stock markets.(11)
Or is it simply a matter of how "the pieces" line up on "the game" board?

Symphony of Secrets
On November 1 President Bush signed an executive order to prevent the release of 68,000 pages of Reagan's, and his father George Bush's, White House papers, gutting Presidential abuse-of- power limitations put in place in response to Nixon era abuses in Watergate.
"Basically they are attempting to do what Nixon failed to do, and that is take control over access to the papers forever," said Hugh Grahm, Presidential historian at Vanderbilt University. Dozens of Bush Administration officials were also members of the Reagan/Bush White House, and a preponderance of them are former petroleum industry officials.(5)
On September 11 the government did not publish the Presidential Record, a weekly transcript of the Presidents public statements. "This is the first time in memory that this publication has not appeared," said John Prados, senior fellow at the national security archive in D.C. A few days later, "after numerous controversies involving members of the press, White House Press Secretary Ari Fleicher made the threatening statement that 'Americans should watch what they do.'" The White House deleted that statement from the official transcript, Prados wrote. (10) On Friday, October 26, a 19 year old freshman and anti-war activist at Durham Tech, A.J. Brown, was waiting for her boyfriend one evening when there was a knock at the door. According to John Elliston of the Durham NC Independent, two secret service agents were at the door to Browns apartment. One of the agents reportedly said to the teenager, "Maam, we've gotten a report that you have anti-American material," but refused to disclose where they got this information, Elliston wrote. (12)
New restrictions have also been placed on the Freedom of Information Act limiting public access to these vital government records to persons who are prescreened for their reason for wanting to know. President Bush has established offshore "military tribunals" shrouded in secret testimony, and procedurally concluded on the basis of undisclosed evidence, to convict any legal or resident alien. Regarding this "dictatorial seizing of power," William Safire wrote: "[Bush's] kangaroo court can conceal evidence by citing national security, make up its own rules, find a defendant guilty even if a third of the officers disagree, and execute the alien with no review by any civilian court."
Are these measures really intended to protect "us" from terrorism, or to protect Bush from the terror of the truth?
"He who controls the past, controls the future," said George Orwell, avowed enemy of creeping fascism. Perhaps even more prophetically, it was the British father of geopolitical thinking, Halford MacKinder, who —referring to Central Asia as "the Heartland of History— said: "He who controls Central Asia, controls the world." (9)

Connecting the (Oil) Dots
Please peruse the attached links that have provided some of the background information for this tale of escalating aggression and deceit.
And look to future issues of The Vigilance to help uncover the truth being buried beneath a carpet of bombs in this convoluted collusion of world empires being disguised as the "war on terrorism."

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