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True Diversity Includes Everyone

Isn't lack of openmindedness one of the Left's chronic complaints about the Right?
While I find objectionable the childish and petulant behavior of this SPAM attack (how appropriate - unedible sodium laced death meat) - there is a kernel of an argument here.
For IndyMedia to be a true alternative to the Mainstream Media Whores (again I apologize to honest Whores for the comparison) it should be a place where intelligent thought running the full spectrum is welcome.
Inbred self congratulating paradigms is not healthy. If an idea is valid it must be able to withstand challenge. Just as the right has been, to some degree, forced to accept that the actions of the U.S. Government are not always ethical or humane so the left must be open to, and answer intelligently, just criticism of their paradigm.
However, Lamet - you are earning no friends.

I know this is irritating 16.Nov.2002 09:32


Thank you for being one of the few reasonable people around these parts. I recognize that I'm making no friends effectively shutting the news wire down, but a little DA was in order to remind the IMC folks that they have a responsibility not to turn into power hungry fascists. They have repeatedly censored articles which are pertinent and inoffensive (to normal people, lacking the chip on their shoulder). They continually remove comments, wrecking threads, for no better reason than that they can. I am reminding them that what they are doing is very dangerous. Hopefully some of them will wake from their fantasies of domination.

Silence of the Lambs 16.Nov.2002 10:37

sometime editor

"Say uncle"

"Sir can I have some more spam please,"

"Don't blame me I am just the messenger"

And something to the effect of - I will show up unnounced at the Red and Black and and fix everything.

Lamet Va is only interested in control

This individual has lost the forum as well as earning a handy profile that would not look out of place on a stalker's rap sheet.

All the little Nazis 16.Nov.2002 10:57


I don't think Lamet is the control freak here. You IMC fascists need to learn to respect diversity.

I never saw any of that 16.Nov.2002 11:00


Either sometime editor is making stuff up, or IMC censored Lamet's posts before I read them. Hmmm. :-)

Side Note to IMC Staff 16.Nov.2002 11:14


I do not know if it is possible, or even desirable, but could a kind of "chat" section be created for IMC sites. I understand that this would imply an overhaul of the procedures that govern the newswire, but it seems to me that the majority of people posting comments, and a good portion of those posting stories, are really participating in a (YAWN...) long chat room-style "debate". Perhaps the newswire could be devoted to informative, and current stories, while another section is devoted to commentary.
Well, I am ignorent in these subjects...only a silly idea.

a fly in the ointment 16.Nov.2002 11:14


Since it seems that Lamet and the IMC editors are all hardheaded. I have trouble taking sides. But normally I would side AGAINST censorship. I think I can make up my own mind if given all the information.

The trolls don't get to me. Sometimes they're the best laugh I have all day. I don't laugh about champions of censorship, though.

I found it! 16.Nov.2002 11:22


here is the original quote from Lamet:

"The censorship ends now, or I fuck the open publishing for good, every day, until the site is useless. In addition, I will start attending the IMC meetings, unannounced, at the R&B, get ahold of the reigns here and fix things myself. Until then I will spam the site until PDX IMC officially backs off on the censorship. You got it?"

It would appear that "sometime editor" was exaggerating a bit huh? Ths doesn't sound like a stalker, so much as a person who is willing to put the effort into seeing positive change. "sometime editor" should probably be careful misrepresenting other people's statements if he/she want any respect. I'd suggest the same for all the IMC staff. :-)

My take 16.Nov.2002 11:23

I think it's interesting that...

It seems lamet is engaging in the very punk-phreak-anarcho work that he'she'it tends to spend so much time trying to deconstruct.

Thepunk approach is useful, isn't it, Lamet?

I keep tellin' you 16.Nov.2002 11:34


I'm not a right winger. I fuckin' invented the "punk-phreak-anarcho work" you speak of. I simply critique others behavior and get censored for it.


Lamet W Vali

Silence of the Lambs part 2 16.Nov.2002 12:07

back again

What part of "I will fuck the open publishing for good, every day, until the site is useless" don't you understand?

There is a lot to be said for desensitization and getting used to abuse.

"fix things" of couse can taken many different ways
but one thing is certain that if someone is willing to destroy something they also won't mind taking you with it.

Keep yer diaper on 16.Nov.2002 12:18


Keep yer diaper on. It is obvious this isn't a threat.

idiocy. 16.Nov.2002 12:56


Before he wrote this even, I and others were saying that to censor the indyline would just make this worse. Has it? It seems to me that the most effective response to spam is to not give it props by calling attention to it. This seems contrary to what indy editorial and the indy postership has done. Shit! we've even given them a permanent place on the newswire "compost bin". What other news gets a permanent place on the newswire? Especially news that in my honest estamation isn't news. When someone writes graf on a wall and the owner of that wall paints over the place they wrote that graf they are advertising to other graf writers to write there. People have a tendancy to respond to challenges. What I find alarming is that indy patrons have born no small part in escalating this circle jerk conflict. P.S.
Stop posting articles about spam. They outnuber spam posts to the newswire and are just as stupid as the original spam. The only difference bieng the spam is funny and talking about it isn't.

so, your post is an exception to this idiocy? 16.Nov.2002 13:33


or are you just claiming your rank in it?

and, to all of you who think lamet and co. has anything of their own to say and that the spam hasn't become destructive (in a short-term rash sort of way) ... you're not paying attention. Lamet, BA and FWR may all be the same person tailoring their dittohead butt-spatter to the optimal *distract, disrupt and still have a right to use this forum* channel.

To those who would like a chat room and find spammers funny: go find a chat room.

Call yourself to accountability before you call others out.

I love America 16.Nov.2002 14:07

viva la communicacion

So Lamet, what ARE you about, now that we are here.

So Lamet, What are you about? 16.Nov.2002 15:49

Lamet W Vali

I'm glad you asked that, but lord knows I hear it enough from the ladies.

I, Lamet, am about radical social change. I want to see a world which corporations do not rule. In fact I want to see no corporations aside from anarcho-syndicalist collectives. Responsible self organization is the only way for humans to stop wrecking the planet.

I want to see a sustainable human culture form. While I am sympathetic to some of the primitivist clap-trap, I suspect that any reversion to tribalism would also see a return of the small scale blood feuds which tend to accompany tribalism. This certainly doesn't always occur, but not every tribe will be able to occupy the "gravy" land, and some will inevitably suffer and try to take from their neighbors.

Sustainably industrialized syndicalist culture would be able to provide basic necessities for all the public without infringing too terribly on the liberty of individuals. It is possible for this world to be built, but not by protests or dance parties or sipping mate'. Only through the formation of business collectives and radical labor organizing will corporate control of our culture be crushed.

So what do the stinky hippies and childish little "anarchists" think? Were you able to understand the words alright, or do vocabulary skills compromise "desire" too much for you. Don't tip over your "bong" writing a reply.

Censorship along with racism, sexism and "hate" in any form are counterproductive. Censorship is itself "hate"...the hatred of ideas. Many hippies do stink and many "anarchists" do have an infantile disorder. To pretend that this is not the case is to intentionally distort reality. It is no one's responsibility to manipulate the mental landscape of others. IMC "editors" should spend more time learning how to write and less scrutinizing the writing of others. Some "news" coverage on this site is very good. Some stinks like shit. Don't get your feelings hurt when I point out your flaws, how else will you ever learn.

(the last sentence was sarcastic you thin skinned little whiny diapered toddler)

Fan Mail 16.Nov.2002 20:51


Dear Lamet,
I may not be in complete agreement with you but I admire your spirt.

"Anyone who is not a rebel at 20 has no heart. Anyone who is not bourgeois by 40 has no brains."
- Anatole France (French Writer and Social Critic.)

Although my favorite France quote is:

"The law in it's infininte majesty forbids both rich and poor alike from begging in the streets and sleeping under Bridges." (Or words to that effect - it was from memory so you critics - bite me.)

40 no brains.. 16.Nov.2002 22:05

# 4

that is at least the fourth author I have seen credited with that quote.

actually it was Bismark who said it..

Just fucking with the liberal establishment o 16.Nov.2002 22:32

Just fucking with the liberal establishment o

Just fucking with the liberal establishment on this site...

lamet having conversations with yours 16.Nov.2002 23:48

thinly veiled

Lamer Valet, it's rather obvious that you're using multiple psuedonyms. Noone gives a shit. Have fun talking to yourself.

Hmmm... 17.Nov.2002 00:00


"Anyone who is not a rebel at 20 has no heart. Anyone who is not bourgeois by 40 has no brains."

I don't know, Deva has to be pushing 40. I've seen some grey in that beard of his. He's not bourgie in the least. He's probably not the petty IMC censor tyrant either even though I suspect he was involved with cleaning up my mess last night.

Sorry about that.

who cares? 17.Nov.2002 18:33

marshall forloveoflife76@hotmail.com

honestly, do other people read newswires differently than I do? I just scan them to see what speaks to my interests. I don't mind right wing or corporate stuff, so long as there's not very much of it, it's often important to read. i know there have been some cases of sabo-spamming filling up the newswire, but are people wanting every single post to be a valuable read? maybe we should treat it like gleaning, or harvestng wild edibles, tasty treats are hidden amongst rocks and piles of poo, but the web of relationships between it all makes up the lay of the land.