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maybe I spoke too soon

about a minute after I defended the Friday night spam attack as sort of justified considering the IMC editors seemingly random censorship policy (some of the articles I've seen disappear were not, as is claimed, the work of right wing trolls) it starts back.
If this is what we can expect from IMC from now on, the editors should give in to Lamet's demands and shut him up. Really, what's the difference between breaking stuff at Niketown over sweatshop labor and hoplessly bogging down the IMC over censorship. Seems fair enough to me. :-)
:) 16.Nov.2002 12:40


it's the difference between bopping GW on the head with a pretzel an assaulting MLK Jr. One is a powerful fascist asshole motivated only by greed; the other is a less powerful agent working for social justice.

Please think more carefully before dropping in your two cents.

If you want "fair," that's a fair request.

you can have your 2 cents back. 16.Nov.2002 12:47

johnny on the spotz

Your comparison is sooo lame. One is a group of people acting out in civil disobedience in defense of a sustainable and peacful civilization and the other is abusive hognobbing and nose pinching by those who represent the mainstream on those who represent the repressed.

you arent doing anyone anyone any favors by defending the bully side.

soooo lame? 16.Nov.2002 13:03


... ooo. that hurts. glad you set me straight. oh, but wait, you're not the last word on analogies? ... i would have never guessed. you sure seem to think you are.

the fact is, your underlying assumption that imc is not an agent for social change is the the only thing between you and a clue. it's all subjective, but your "sooo lame" analysis indicates you won't be finding your way out of that paper bag any time soon.

blah blah blah 16.Nov.2002 14:30


blah blah blah blahblah blah ....blah.

blahblahblah blah blahblah blah blah! blahblahblah? blahblahblah.

blahblah -blahblahblah,


a question 16.Nov.2002 15:04

Mr, Vali

So why is it you little shits get to whine and rant like this and I get censored for making poignant observations?

"blah blah blah", Um...what's your point? Do you have one? Take off your mask and change your diaper (do us all a favor).


Oh, I can answer my own question. The IMC "editors" identify with your foolishness and are intimidated by my knowledge and wit.

Suck on it!

Its simple, they are nazi wanta-bees 16.Nov.2002 19:48

Gen. Patton...

eco nazis, green SS, whatever..

you give a no account jackoff a small amount of power for the first time, and see which way he runs with it.

be it a little racist Bavarian corporal in need of lithium, or some bearded tree-monkey with is prick stuck in a knot-hole, playing sys-admin for the night...

The scale of their twisted wet-dream is much different, but their goals are quite similar. They both want everyone to agree with them to the point of disappearing their enemies, so the only ones who are left do agree..

Personally, I've learned a direct frontal assault doesn't work on this website, there are much better ways of defeating those tyrannical larvae that so want to blossom into a fully fledged Ober-bastards.

1st. Rule of warfare, make your enemy see what he wants to see and believe what he wants to believe about you.. It makes easy to follow rule 2.

2nd. Rule, lead your enemy where you want him to go, not where he wants to go. In other words, make him think he really wants to go where you want him to go. (read Napoleon )

3rd Rule, Make him think you are strong when you are weak, and weak when you are strong. (the liberals know this, thats why that act like they have great numbers, but we know that if you look under the blankets, there is really only a few dozen people visting this website per day)

There are more rules, read Suz-Tzu, the art of war..

Learn from your enemy. Look what the Israelis learned from the Germans, and applied Blitz-kreig against the Arabs in the 6 day war..

why do you thing I am at this website? Paid by the hour troll? who would waste that kind of money on this stale socialist fart of an excuse for a website.

That's right I want you to think it is stupid when you are really very effective! Or do I just want you to believe you are really effective when you aren't so you keep making the same stupid mistakes, and lead you where I want you to go, or stay in this case?

I guess last Tuesday would answer your question...

Learn, Learn Learn...


FWR, you and I are NOT the same 16.Nov.2002 20:11

Lamet W Vali

I completely understand what you are doing. I've read Sun Tzu. It is unfortunate that these "larvae" are so behind the curve.

The problem is that they are MY larvae, while you take advantage of their childlike inexperience I am encouraging them to grow up. Apart from possibly GRINGO (did you hear he made love to a chicken?) I think you and I are the only ones who get it.

FWR a bit of advice 17.Nov.2002 00:18


gee FWR you know. The internet is a vaste place. There are a lot of places to vent your hatred. Me I just post a few things and get shot at by small minds.
OK. I can live with it.
But why bother? You got nothing better to do with your time than annoy people?
Go post somewhere else. Stop wasting people's time.
Or maybe you're afraid of something. Maybe your afraid there is something significant going on here?

Do I have anything better to do? 17.Nov.2002 20:19


Does anybody have any serious questions to ask?

Yes, I'm very afraid, you guys are so powerful, you demonstrate your might every minute. I am in shock at tactical strokes brilliance.

keep up the good work..