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ban lamet plz

Do you need help on how to do this? I'd be happy to automate the process to temp. blackhole any host he connects from.
Do you need help on how to do this? I'd be happy to automate the process to temp. blackhole any host he connects from.

Please respond in thread if you would like free tech assistance.
yes please ban the LAME one 15.Nov.2002 21:15

GRINGO STARS gringo_stars@attbi.com

Ban his azz. by any means necessary.

Virus him, spam him out, ANYTHING.

His toddler-like ways annoy me & disrupt this IMC.

Anyone else?

how about me gringo, :-) 15.Nov.2002 21:20

just wondering...

would you want to get ride of your dear sweet friend Fat White Republican too???


Bite me, gringo! 15.Nov.2002 21:22


why not encourage the IMC editors to stop censoring. I'm getting tired of this anyway. Don't be such a fucking sheep. Baaaaa.

Ban Lamet 15.Nov.2002 21:34


The image floating in my mind is that of the mighty Oak Tree under which the Village Smithy labors. The rest of the image I will leave to your imaginings.

fuck trolls 15.Nov.2002 22:38


i am fucking sik and fed up with these god dam shit heds who fucking spend all thier time spamming the imc somebody shud track them down and kik thie r fucking arses

PROBLEM SOLVED 16.Nov.2002 00:12

indymedia volunteer

We win again.

fuck trollz 16.Nov.2002 00:14


anti-idiot brigade: can you email  openyoureyes23@yahoo.com ?

...a few hours later 16.Nov.2002 00:16

matchboy matchboy@tearitalldown.com

Hopefully we'll be able to get on these situations sooner in t he future. When we got everything organized, it was a matter of a few minutes to clean everything up.

In the future... you should send emails to the technical group so they can work on this... when you post to the newswire you only slow down the process of cleanup. :-p

technical email 16.Nov.2002 00:22

matchboy matchboy@tearitalldown.com

for future reference... here is the technical email address
web technical:  technical@pdximc.org

We win again?? 16.Nov.2002 06:49

viva la france..

what are you talking about?

its like a french victory parade, they are sort of few and far between...


Ban them?!? (FWR et lamet vali) 16.Nov.2002 09:19


Shoot them both.

is that a threat, louis 16.Nov.2002 09:27


does this look familiar?
is that a threat, louis
is that a threat, louis

...ok 16.Nov.2002 09:30

matchboy matchboy@tearitalldown.com

you're only wasting the tech peoples time by doing this.

I have better things to do than sit here and delete your spam.... what article of yours was removed'hid?

I'd like to see what you were originally talking about.

FWR/Lamet ... whatever 16.Nov.2002 13:29


Here's a little example. Do a little search on the site, and you'll find a wide variety of BA/FWR/LAMET bullshit.

FWR IS A TIME-SUCKING TROLL 7:45pm Thu Nov 14 '02

comment #33222
"responding to you???

Who said that was my goal.

I achieve my goal almost everytime I post.

I'm flypaper. I spend twenty seconds posting, and you spend 45 minutes responding..

As far as defeats, I'll take all the defeats like last Tuesday I can get.



Wrong again Marmot 16.Nov.2002 15:12

Mr. Butae

Sorry marmot, wrong again. FWR and LWV are at least two different people. If you want to make a point about Lamet, quote Lamet, otherwise you risk appearing like the ADHD, chump, punk, retard, loser I've heard you are.

And it was your mother who gave me that low-down, so it's got to be true.

Hell, I'm half the people on this site 16.Nov.2002 21:23


I'm half the people on this site, I post, then I argue with the post..

It makes it look like there are alot more people here than really are..

didn't you ever see beau jest?

Read Warfare rules. ((make the enemy thing you are strong when you are weak), and weak when you are strong)

I'm a time sucking troll, or a DNC operative, or a CIA coffee slurping cubical spook and langley. I'm whatever you want me to be.

I'm here to please..


That's not me 16.Nov.2002 22:23


I didn't write that!