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Repost and more on the Infernal Noise Brigade and TCHKUNG! tonight with repost of comments in the last few days. A Gathering of the tribes!

Worth Repeating...

Infernal Noise Brigade/TCHKUNG! to appear in Portland November 15th

address: Plan B/Medicine Hat 1834 NE Alberta, Portland,

About 9:00 PM...

Tchkung! and the Infernal Noise Brigade will be appearing in Portland this Friday and Eugene this Saturday. The notorious musical groups will be appearing in Portland at Plan B (aka Medicine Hat), 1834 N.E.Alberta, on Friday, November 15th. $9 for a 21+ show.

Eugene appearance is at WOW Hall on Saturday, November 16th. All ages show, $8-10. This is a rare opportunity to see the Brigade without cops hitting you.

A chance to hear Infernal Noise Brigade without getting pepper-sprayed or arrested.

Infernal Noise Brigade has brought the percussion, inspiration and (all too often) the direction to actions and protests across the continent, including many in Portland, for several years. This is a rare opportunity to see and hear them without a police escort. This will also be one of the last times to hear Tchkung!, a group that is famous in its own right.

Bring your earplugs, dancing shoes and flowers.



Ed Harley 10:31pm Wed Nov 13 '02

Nine bucks to watch an anarchist drum corps? I guess you have to be loaded with cash to participate in this particular revolution.

Why not?
Den Mark 5:25am Thu Nov 14 '02

Like, an anarchist drum corps does not have expenses? Like, they don't need to eat & stuff? Like, they don't need to be paid for their work sometimes? I expect to be paid for my work sometimes. INB's percussive genre is not just for rallying the troops. It's also an art form & worthy of performance, ..... with admission, thank you very much.

vote with your $ and energy
streetghost 7:58am Thu Nov 14 '02

The only vote I have left is to make sure what little money I have left after paying the rent goes to people whose energy it is to free the people. I will use my actions as a vote.

I will not eat for two days to be able to be in a room with these radical drummers. They call the tribes. When they show up they call us together - the ones who are still awake. I am fed with the energy of the freedom fighters around me. There are few opportunities for me to be with those who are courageous.

I go into the streets each day and experience the walking dead, the cowered masses who are acting like if they just stay real quiet and keep doing the same thing day in and day out that the threat will go away and we will get back to "normal". We will have our jobs back. We will have health care. We will have affordable food. They will not lose thier place to live. They pretend we are not mass murdering people so we can have gas for our cars. They pretend that the present administration is not stealing all our resources, is not gutting social security, is not stealing our taxes for thier war that will build up their empire coffers.

I will not go to sleep and pretend the world is safe. I will take what little money I have and drop it in the hat at the door. I will support these ones who are loud and in your face..I will learn the stance so other will not go to sleep...and I will stand before the drums of peace in a room full of radical warriors. i will keep the moment for times when things seem hopeless. I will cherish moment and wrap myself from the winter about to descend upon us.

I will also attend the march on this Sunday. I will take the energy of the drums of peace and stow myself against the lies.

a 9:01am Thu Nov 14 '02

sure, but...u gotta admit. it's a little weird for a radical anarchist drum corps to charge admission. a donation, maybe, but...admission.

Tchkung is a band
-- 9:24am Thu Nov 14 '02

Well you know Tchkung is a band that just reunited after a while so just consider your admission being to see them.


Show some respect
No-Doz Bukowski 4:47pm Thu Nov 14 '02

Jesus, man - Infernal Noise Brigade travels all over the world in support of the cause and never asks for a dime. They were in the front lines at Genoa, Seattle, everywhere. You can hear them for free by risking your life in a radical demonstration, or you can come watch them in a safe and cozy performance space for EIGHT dollars.

Besides, like the guy said, it's Tchkung's show. Most bands as famous as Tchkung! charge more than that. It's just that a guy's got to eat, and pay for travel expenses when on the road. There are, like, ten people in Tchkung! and at least as many in the I.N.B.

I believe Soriah is playing that night too, who is an incredible throat singer and should not be missed.

5000. - N.

so concerned bout money, what time is it?
andrew 2:44am Fri Nov 15 '02

anyone know what time the performance begins?

Around 9:00
No-Doz Bukowski 9:57am Fri Nov 15 '02

I'm supposed to be there at 8:00 to start getting dressed up, so the show can't be too much later than that.

Make sure and hit the after-party too, if you're of a mind to hang out with the musicians and make some crazy music. It's at PSWhat?, 1968 SW 5th, after the show is over. Bring musical instruments.

5000. - N.

homepage: homepage: http://www.postworldindustries.org

What time is the all ages show in eugine? 16.Nov.2002 01:12

Heck mbthink@hotmail.com

What time is the all ages show in eugine?