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document censorship or shut up - a call for reasonable discussion

no spam
document censorship or shut up - a call for reasonable discussion
document censorship or shut up - a call for reasonable discussion
There are a number of ways you can document what your browser sees. For example, you can print to an adobe acrobat page, like the attached file. Or, you can hit the "alt" key, hold it down, press "print screen" to store what is on your screen into memory, and then go open any art program (even the Microsoft paint program that's free and on most windows systems will do) and paste and save the screen image. Then, tell us specifically what has been dumped but not saved into the compost bin.

But don't go posting over 10 messages, blasting 50% of what is on the front page headline list totally out of the water. That's called Spam buddy. The documentation of your Spam is in the attached Acrobat file for all to see (after the hard working folks at Portland Indy get around to composting your Spam).

My message is a call for discussion and not Spam. And as such, it will likely remain and not be censored, proof that what you're screaming about is nothing but a hill of beans.
another note on spam vs. censorship 15.Nov.2002 17:51


messages that are nothing but a personal attack, messages that have no political viewpoint of viewpoint of substance and that are clearly meant for disruption and nothing more should be composted. That's my view, only because there are people like the person above that seek to make major disruption. Sure, that position is anything but ideal, but there's really no alternative.

I read posts by folks like FWR (presumably, "Fat White Republican") that are left on the threads, live for all to see. He says that some of his messages get scrubbed. Some of my messages that were on threads that were scrubbed because the original topic was scrubbed were lost, even when the content I posted was material, political and, ironically enough, "left" in perspective. So, before anyone goes thinking that there's some conspiracy theory to kill only "right" messages, understand that things get a little messy when people try to deal with the big attacks undertaken like the author of this thread......

lame-ass 15.Nov.2002 18:08

dont be afraid

dont be afraid of lame-ass
let him/her show its true colors is my opinion

AHEM 15.Nov.2002 18:54


Well it's obvious the Jeffrey Jones post was taken off the site and not put into the compost bin.

Until there is an explanation of this from Indymedia, the ball is in Indymedia's court. i.e., it's up to Indymedia to prove they are not censoring.

I am no fan of the right wing spammers, but in this case there is a smoking gun.

Is there a problem with the software 15.Nov.2002 19:28


It seems to me there are a lot of technical screwups here, I have never seen so many screwups in any other CMS software, such as PostNuke, PHPNuke, or the one that Slashdot uses. Here, a lot of posts don't appear and when I try to post something it is usually INCREDIBLY, INCREDIBLY SLOW!!! Like as not it times out.

Why not change the software?

I have implemented PostNuke sites in as little as 40 minutes. I have NEVER seen a lag time of over 10 seconds when submitting a text-only post.

It's not rocket science. It's download a tarball, untar it, click on a few options, you're done.

What's the big problem?


new tools coming sometime 15.Nov.2002 20:28

one of the many participants

New software is coming sometime to help us out with spam
and other admin functions
It will be less buggy so will be easier for everyone
to post - but not spam.
so no worries

its all good

Even when right wing, DNC, Volksfront plants post it doesnt hurt anyone taking care of (and it is always easy to remove) or reading this forum, only themselves (in my own opinion)
so this will be a viable information source to all concerned.

Got it? 15.Nov.2002 21:35

Got what?

You scratched:

"The censorship ends now, or I fuck the open publishing for good, every day, until the site is useless. In addition, I will start attending the IMC meetings, unannounced, at the R&B, get ahold of the reigns here and fix things myself. Until then I will spam the site until PDX IMC officially backs off on the censorship. You got it?"

I write:

Please. Show up at the meetings. Talk out your issues with other IMC volunteers. Document your grievances, if you can. "Take over" "editorial". Do whatever.

But please stop spamming the site. It is really annoying and one of the most sacrosanct of the loose rules we all live by around here.

Thank you.

dont want your help 16.Nov.2002 17:06

give up lamet


We don't want your help. You are like the Luitenants that get shot by their own troops. You might catch a stray bullet when they're herding us up for being such a dipshit. Your "help" is the kind that none of us wants.