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The sense of war on terror

It happens now and we all look on paralyzed!
Let a assassination happen

Give your nation a foe image

Give your folk fear

Create panic by hidden enemies (Anthrax)

A nation in fear and panic is a crowd without mind

Leave them no choice "either with us or against us"

Satisfy the need of protection

Customize your nation to an fascistic language use

Break international rules

Wage wars of aggression without proofs

Generate an high collateral damage

Replace foreign dictatorships with own one


Terror is the weapon of the poor man, war is the weapon of the rich man

The outcome of this is a giant potential of powerlessness, anger and desperation

powerlessness, anger and desperation = terror

Don't get involved with discussion about results and wage the next first strike

Compromise other states to vassals because you need rear cover

Let the new terror come in to your country and your folk will beg for total control!

Now you can strike for compromise, exclude and

prosecute big organisations without resistance

Your dictatorship stand on hard ground now and your folk even wished itself!

homepage: homepage: http://www.strike-free.net

yes, the twin towers are still there.. 15.Nov.2002 16:48


The twin towers are still standing in NYC, they just hired david copperfield to create an illusion they are gone.

they used mirrors...