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A poem
We are constantly sailing our boat
Anger and fear
we must not crash
. 15.Nov.2002 10:20


poetry troll!

rise 15.Nov.2002 18:31


rise above anger and fear

they are two sides of the same wave

sailing is to fly in the air

Poetry Troll indeed? 16.Nov.2002 06:32


1. That's just name calling.
2. I frequently post on indymeida pdx, a lot of it isn't poetry.
3. I think my poetry is relevant to the site or I wouldn't post it.
4. I don't patrol sites looking to post poetry.
5. If you want to censor a site, why don't you start your own and censor to your hearts content?

No Reason to give the fascists airspace 16.Nov.2002 19:40

John Paul Cupp Anti_imperialist_solidarity@yahoo.com

I congradulate Indymedia for censoring this fascist garbage. remember this friends, free speech does nto imply that indymedia or anyone is required to provide a forum for that speech or assembly. reactionaries and just plain fools and wreckers can create their forum. indymedia has not said they can not do that. they just simply did not provide these idiots the venue they wanted. good for them. reaction is the enemy. their should be no effort to give it a venue,a nd in fact efforts should go to destroying such venues. the liberatarian definations fo fascism that i ehard are incorrect fascism is not a broad concept. it is a specific definition with specific characterizations. remember this is class war. the idea is not to live in co-existance
it is a dog fight to the death between reaction and revolution. personally i would have most of these idiots removed.also the organization should not be expected to provide a forum to discredit it. we already have the imperialist press for this.why should they help something that directly accomodates imperialism?

Also many people post comments that i agree with, but the are undisciplined and are more like cussing and yelling rants. one who cna not discussin a professional level, should be disregarded. i support liberation movments.her eis an example. when i disputed the labelling of hamas as a terrorist group, with peaceniks. i used good debate skills and took them to school, for their rascist national chauvenism. saying that settlers that know that they are movieng into the former homes of palestinians are legitimate military targets,etc etc, and made a series of arguments. had i just said fuck you peacenik sons of bithches i would have gotten no were. plus humiliateing critisism is hard to take. people will close up.sometimes one cna show another the error in their way and that person show the other the error in theirs, and then the movement and the individuals are both better off for thsi ciritisism self ciriticism.
John Paul Cupp
Che-Leila Youth Brigades USA Chapter